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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

# 9: Lucky Thirteen

A day considered unlucky by many, I wondered why it was so,
The sweetest person I knew, was born on this day many years ago.

When you say your prayers, to keep ill-luck at bay,
I think I'm so lucky to have had her, and I think so till this day.

She went away, but her memories stayed,
We said a 'Happy Birthday'; that's all the respect we paid.

But she never forgot us, she keeps her blessings pouring,
A gush of good news and well-being, we have been receiving since morning.

That is when we notice her again, thinking of us from up above,
We smile and we pray, feeling lucky to have the love of a soul fairer than a dove.

A living fragment of a beautiful soul...


Thank you, grandma! And a very happy birthday! I'll be going home, praying, and baking you a cake. Thank you for always blessing us! We all love you. 


  1. People come and go...but life continues... At the end, only memories remain in the eyes. Cherish those memories.
    Birthday is not the day of her birth...this is the day when she came in 'our' world.

    1. Memories are surely to be cherished. :) I like your idea of birthday being a day someone enters our world, not when they're born. It has a deep meaning if we look at it from a spiritual level.

    2. Of course Ashna ! Life is there...between two deaths.


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