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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dear Friend, With love (and uncertain hugs) :P

Dearest friend P!

You've been asking me to write about us, college and fun since forever, but I never came down to it. I feel good about very few things in college, and at the topmost place-of-honor, is you! :D 

Remember how initially it was so different? That first day when I passed a smile at you, and you duly ignored it! :P I thought you were haughty, and you thought I was too "not your type", even though we had met before during the entrance exam. It was such a gradual friendship, but when I came to making new friends, you were the most warm and welcoming. When I look at where we stand now, I'm sometimes surprised to notice the long way we've come. We've had our own moments of fun, sharing emotional dialogues, philosophies, funny pictures, solving problems and so many instances of jhanduness, or for want of a better (and our favorite) word, "Katta". :D

1. Even though you get totally pessimistic about things we need to be optimistic about, I still love you. Remember elections? The dramatic throwing down the pen and our 'notes' and saying, "Kuchh bhi kar lo, hum nahi jeet sakte". :P 

2. I love the way you're so confident about everything (don't you dare say you aren't!). It makes me feel like we can do anything we set our minds to. Thankyou for that feeling. :) 

3. I love the way you move your head up and down, along with your arms and hands while speaking during a presentation. It gives us something to look at when we don't want to focus on the booooring ppts. And you make us laugh that way. :P

4. You speak things like it's the most obvious! Even when it isn't. :P I love that too!

5. You care too much for my liking. It's your nature. You love too much, worry about those you love too much, and I feel bad when it hurts you. Too much. I hope my awesome-especially-invented-for-you-magic-spell works and you get some of my qualities of not caring too much. :P I still love you, though! ;)

6. You are among the strongest people I know. Maybe top-of-the-list. I thought maybe you made yourself look strong even though you feel low. Of course you feel low, who doesn't? But you have an amazing capability to cope with it. I mistook your practicality for covering up your feelings, but you're just perfectly balanced. You break down, but you stand up again. Stronger than before. Each time. I love you for that!

7. We went shopping and you forgot your shopping bag in a shop and remembered as soon as we stepped on the "up" escalator. Funny how we went all the way up and then down again to bring back your bag. (At least you remembered! I wouldn't have realized it before reaching home :P ). Then I broke a kurti's string while trying it on and you very helpfully exchanged it with a fresh one. ;) (Thankyou! :P ) You picked up a T-shirt and in the process made the whole shelf fall! We khiskofied while the poor attendant tried to fix it up. :P I love these moments!

8. I love how you promise to help me fulfill my dream of having my hair curled sometime. Even when you know it'll take up a whole day. :D

9. I don't have enough space to write down reasons for why I love you. Maybe there are no reasons. I just do. You're awesome just as you are, with your beautiful smile and your love for crazy item songs I can never like, with your belief that I can't sing in 'sur'. (I can, okay? I'll do it one day when the noise pollution police isn't anywhere near). We're so different in so many ways and yet I love talking to you, connecting with you, just sitting with you (I know you need activity and you get bored. But still. I can be a chaep :P).

*Taking in a huge breath so that my lungs fill up to the brim (or whatever it is that lungs have)* 


Loads of bestest wishes and love to you! May you keep your awesome smile, for real, forever on yourself! May you achieve all your goals and all that you wish for! May you get many chances for participating in awesome stuff to have fun and learn (and also to build up your CV :P ). May we have an awesome second year with lots of happy moments and memorable incidents. I hope we get you the 'gift' you want. ;) (We'll keep an eye out and I won't be selfish. I promise!) 

Even though we're supposed to listen to you on your birthday, I'd still give you a hug! (Yes people. She doesn't like being hugged. Weirdo, she is!) Or wait, if I'm giving one, why not more? ;) Here, many many hugs!! :D 


  1. I can't avoid an "Awww!" on this! :D
    This is one of the best gifts for a friend, and I bet your friend loved every bit of it, even the hugs :D. This is so so sweet!

    P.S.: getting your hair curled, a secret desire? ;)...mine too! :D

    1. Yep! haha! She made a face though, when we hugged her in the Metro too :P

      She liked this. Thanks for your cute comment ^_^
      PS- Hi-5!! :D

  2. Curls would suit you :-)
    Who is his friend BTW ??? A lovely post...a lovely gift for a friend on his/her b'day :)

    1. Thanks Priya! you're the first one to say that with confidence! She's my college friend :)

  3. Lovely post. And a very Happy(belated) Birthday to your friend. She's lucky to have you as a friend and you are lucky to have her, I am sure. :D

    P.S: I loved the small happy moments you described. They are something truly worth recalling and smiling about, those small things. :)

    1. Ya :D We're both lucky. And you're lucky to have read this and I'm lucky to have read your comment. The world is full of goodluck, no? ;)

      PS- Yep. Thanks :D

    2. :P What o.O ? That was such a nicey comment. -_-


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