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Thursday, April 7, 2016

#6: A beautiful forever

A part of your beautiful forever...

Childhood ends, you see life,
You see your forevers die out.
You wonder, can I ever have a beautiful one?
Your heart whispers yes, the world says no,
So deep in dreams you go.

There you find your favourite forever,
You climb mountains, soar the skies,
Romp over dry leaves, slide in the snow,
Feel what you read, jump and laugh,
Dance in the rain, sing in halves.

You read in sunshine, write what you may,
Watch butterflies, birds, mountains, rivers,
Watch people you love and people you like,
Watch aurora borealis lighting up the sky,
Watch your life feeling peaceful as time goes by.

You learn to live, you live to love,
You love to live again,
You wish to share that beautiful forever, 
With no one but the one you wish to claim,
The one that survived in all the forevers
That, in the world's recklessness, died.


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  1. This is a hopeful, lovely, imaginative poem. It is keen. I will be reading it again, to go inside it.
    Some good writing you are demonstrating here, isn't it? And 'aurora borealis'? Niceeee!

    P.S: I have no idea what aurora borealis is.

    1. HAHA!! Thanks, man! I think you do know what it is, by another name :) Google it and then tell me if you like what you see. I'm sure you will. And thank you, thank you. I'm enjoying poem-ing more than I thought I would. So cool of you to get me into it.! :D

  2. Let me first laugh on Usama's comment :P

    Okay now, I recently wrote a little something on the same lines. But, your poem is too good and far more vivid and beautiful. Lights some hope there :)

    1. Hey Srishti! I can't tell how happy I feel seeing your comment(s) here after ages! Thank you so much. Lights up hope and happiness for me. :)

      As for the poem, I don't know... If you've ever "been into" writing, you'd realize that things like these (which you find beautiful) often come without much thinking, only opening up your mind and seeing later what it has produced. I, for one, am really excited to see it happen.


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