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Monday, April 4, 2016

#4: Night dreamer

In a timeless place, no awareness of night and day,
The conscious awakens, threads of pictures,
scenes, moments, feelings, breaking through the surface.

Eyes don't open, for threads begin running loose,
Already losing a dream or two,
Quickly recalling the ones that remain,
Thinking them over and over again.

Hands reach out to the spiralled-together paper,
Tucked next to the pillow, pencil in place,
Readied in the night.
Hands scrawl memories, eyes open merely a shadow,
Mind rushing through dreams, about adventures, laughter and flowery meadows.

Together the papers get thicker each year,
Bearing dreams of a collector,
With no sure purpose, other than to remember,
There's a world wholly created, a world of one's own,
That's as beautiful and ugly,
As the one the body owns.

This got thought-up while I was going through a notepad I had kept for a short while, intermittently, to record dreams. To say I was astonished would be an understatement. It was full of WEIRD scenarios with the most unusual characters (Batman's Joker, people from my junior school I haven't thought about in years, Dracula, people as vampires, friends conjuring up spells using wands--I managed Lumos!!--my childhood toy pygmypuff, Frankenstein's creature, to name a few). The best thing was the way I'd written them down. Good sentences that I might not have managed in wakefulness. Straight in lines, despite being in the dark, eyes nearly closed. Am I awesome or what!?

In case this is the first NaPoWriMo poem you're reading on this blog, check out the NaPoWriMo website here to know about it.

I'm also in a personal, very healthy competition with this friend (click here) whose writing makes me want to think hard before I write, and to write the very best, because that is what he does. Trust me, (because I'm an editor) there's an undiscovered gem. 


  1. I absolutely love the intensity of this poem. It grips you right away and makes you draw, erase and draw again, a scene in your mind. Lovely, just one more of your expressive, intense right of the word 'go' writing.

    And thank you so much for such a wonderful taareef. I am definitely not as good as you say, but I would love to be someday ^_^

    Peace. Keep Writing awesome.

    1. Thank you, thank you. I don't want to flatter you any more, so I won't say anything else. :P

      Keep writing too!! It is such a wonderful thing. :)

  2. I was immediately reminded about this notepad thing you had mentioned long back.
    Did I tell you, the idea was so wow? Just, that I can never follow it. Too lazy :'D

    1. What notepad thing? Was it about carrying one wherever you go? I haven't managed that either. But I keep trying. As for the dreams one, I did keep one for some time last year (or last-to-last) but I got "lazy" again. I think it helps to keep it ready before you go to sleep. Keep it some place accessible, like under your pillow. Keep a pencil inside it, right on the page you plan to write. Just scribble whatever you remember in the morning, just when you wake up. You will SURELY forget most of the dreams in a few days' time, but man, if you read them later, you'll have a good time laughing! I wish you'd try and experience it!


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