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Monday, April 25, 2016

#15: The Cookie and The Bun

Once upon a time,
There was a cookie.

It was round;
It added choco chips to itself,
And became rounder still.

It was very sweet,
It looked inviting and nice,
So everyone wanted to have it.
The cookie liked all the praise and attention.

It was also quite curious,
Sometimes to the point of annoyance
To the other sweets. The cookie would
Roam around and talk to everyone, for it
Wanted to find out how it could become ever sweeter.

One day, it came across a sweet
That didn't look like one. It was more like
A hot-cross bun. Cross and hot with anger,
At having been over-tossed, nursing its burnt portion
With something like vehemence. It had few friends.
The cookie realized it rather liked this not-so-sweet sweet.

It went on to befriend it. The cookie approached the bun,
Which saw the sweet cookie with suspicion. No, the bun knew
It meant no harm, but the bun was not ready to disclose itself to anyone.
The cookie saw over the bun's burnt surface, it listened when the bun spoke,
Which was rare. Days passed; the cookie stayed with the bun longer and longer,
The bun talked more, did more, smiled more, and felt itself getting stronger.
Some days it forgot about its burns. It began to understand what a sweet could be, and what it must be.

The other sweets stared, some with surprise, some with envy,
But the bun cared not, it was feeling very happy.
With the cookie's friendship, it began to see, the world with
Wonder and curiosity. It saw that other sweets are different, each
With its own ability. It learned to take off its burnt parts, bit by bit,
Striving to ooze out its inner sweetness to the outer crust as much as possible.
The bun did not forget the cookie. It was grateful, and responded with utmost loyalty.
The cookie smiled as it looked at what had once seemed hot and cross--it was a rather sweet bun.

The sweet cookie


I guess the ending does look like an ending, so I won't stretch it. I originally thought I'd make a hungry human eat them both. I guess my subconscious likes happy endings!

A question for readers: Who do you think this story is about? The bun or the cookie? Let it be fun to think of either of the two. "Both" would be a common answer.


  1. The Story is about the Cookie, I think. For the Cookie seemed like one who would rather stay happy always, but he still chipkoes to the hot-cross bun. Maybe it is the bun's hotness that the Cookie saw, or maybe just its heart, but Cookie sure found Happiness hidden in their prospective friendship rather than hurt(which maybe other's saw) so Cookie went for it full on.

    I bet at the end, Cookie was much more happier than the hot-hot Bun. (hot-hot because it is no longer cross :P)

    I cannot tell you how much I loved this poem, and how cute it is. There hasn't been written a cuter poem anywhere else, I tell you. THANK YOU, for this. So very much :D :D :D

    1. Hi! I can't believe a poem written out of boredom at work, about a random thing I thought of (cookie) could be loved so much by anyone! Thank YOU :D

      And whoa, what logic :P I sure hadn't thought so much about it. It's wonderful how perspectives arise. :D I did begin the story keeping a cookie in mind, but it ended up covering more of the bun's, so in the end I was myself confused whose story it was!


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