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Sunday, April 10, 2016

#7: Things I like...

Many sweet things make my heart flutter,
With happiness, fulfilment, love, and glee,
I feel I couldn't have asked for anything better,
You'll know it too when you see.

Mother's hands; they work all the time,
They hold me with care and love infinite.
Father's voice; it's the resort of the broken heart and mind,
Always cheerful and uplifting, even after a hard daily grind.

Grandmother's soft touch and patience; 
It makes the world go slow,
Brother's ways of care and assurance;
They create a haven to go.

There are more:
The love of a family, the love of true friends,
The ability to work, the comfort of a home, 
The accepted apologies, the chances to make amends, 
The soulful music, the feel of a heavy tome.

The sound of vehicles, gates, footsteps, 
To mark someone's return to home through a mist.
The moments in old photographs and diaries you once kept,
The loved one's gifts, like the bracelet on your wrist.

The childhood drawings, the childhood toys,
The feigning sleep so Father would carry us inside,
The sound of loved ones' laughter, the heartfelt grin of boys,
The reading of prayers and texts as our guide.

All these, and more, make me smile and glow,
For in their essence, and later their memory,
They remind us of what makes humans so,
Hoping these would bring happiness permanently. 

The moments in old photographs...


  1. Such a lovely list, this is. And so relatable, so nostalgic. It is a compilation of things 'you' like, but surely, I was smiling at most of these, remembering something or other related to my own. No doubt, the best things you really like, are of and with your family. And friends too ^_^

    And you were so crafty, I never feighned sleep. Although, I have so many times been shocked to find myself waking up in my bed when I slept on the sofa or diwan in the drawing room. And asking mom how I got there, and when, and why did I not wake up in between the shifting :P

    Reading again ^_^

    1. Hi!! I know, right! These little things are the best.
      As for craftiness, my goodness, I did it when we had been out in the evening and had fallen asleep in the car. I never wanted to walk sleepily to the house! :P So cute on dad's part to still carry us (my brother, I think, like you, was usually actually asleep :P).

      And you sound like you've been a sleepyhead since childhood. :P But it's so nice ^_^

  2. The sweet little things :)
    I so like the idea behind this!


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