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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

# 8: A lover of skies

For a lover of skies,
Up above is always a marvel,
Night or day, hot or cold,
With cotton-like clouds or plain smooth as marble.

For a lover of skies,
There’s more than just colour blue,
A lover knows there can be reds and greys,
As well as yellows, all in different hues.

For a lover of skies,
Stars are more than plain constellations,
They’re also dull and shiny, far and close,
Clouds are spidery or fluffy...
Much more than what appears above single nations.

For a lover of skies,
Clouds are not cirrus or cumulous,
They are spidery, or fluffy enough,
To appear as a dragon or a children’s omnibus.

For a lover of skies,
The moon is never waxing or waning,
It is a spotted beauty, to be sought, each night,
In any direction, in any shape, without naming.

The skies have birds and planes and spaceships,
And things unknown that rise,
There’s always more than meets the eye,
For a lover of skies.

Skies have rainbows too...

1 comment:

  1. I loved how effortlessly you put it up.
    For a lover of sky, this poem is more than it seems ;)


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