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Read THIS First..
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crazy rides!!!

Yes, so I thought that this vacation might be the right time to learn to drive, since I'm now eligible to get a valid driving license. So, with my learning license and a big 'L' on the car, I start. I learn on a Santro from the driving school, then hop onto our own Honda City. Wheeee, I love the smooth drive, but am soon losing interest because of the Delhi roads. Yes, they're full of potholes and mini hills and what not, and reckless drivers and people add to the misery. Unnecessary honking, overtaking, rudeness, all has put me off! Twice I had to jam the emergency brakes because some moron thought it would be good to suddenly swerve in front of my car, plus making me feel as if I was the culprit. Really, people here need some sense, common sense if not civic sense, I would say. Oh! And I have another ten days to make myself (and others concerned) sure that I can drive well. Another ten days of continuous, irritating 'lovely-car-but-stupid-place-driving'! All the best to me!


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