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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Stay tuned!

What? Did you really BELIEVE I had gone for good? Just because I haven’t blogged here for months and months? C’mon. A girl can be in a PHASE. It’s normal in this abysmal, intensely stressful time that we’re living in. You should, in fact, be consoling ME. I’ve missed recording practically half a year of my life! Not that I’d forget it easily (what a roller-coaster!), but still. What if I suffer from a weird case of memory loss? Anything is possible. I live in the world’s most polluted city (I think), where pollution isn’t just in the air but also in people’s MINDS. It takes a lot just to be alive, so you better be thankful that I’m HERE. I’ll get back to being regular very soon, before the year ends, I promise! Till then, this is a quickie update on life and random blah, blah. 

#1. A quintessential holiday!
After years and years and years, we (my family) FINALLY decided to make a trip to the beauuutifuuullll Australia! *shrieks and bounces with excitement, even though the holiday got over months ago* (Again, it’s normal to feel so.) We spent a good 15 days frolicking around Queensland (mostly in Brisbane and Gold Coast) and was it fun or whaaat???

~Things that were FUN~


a. Living in a countryside house = such low levels of traffic as never seen before!

b. Witnessing EVERYONE following traffic rules. Flawless, freakishly awesome traffic rules. That’s also what makes it possible for people to drive sports cars. Oh, also riding in a sports car!

c. Ferrying around in a ferry that acts as public transport (!!!) on the Brisbane river right in the middle of the city!

d. Walking through a rainforest, tripping over old, HUGE, gnarled roots (that was just me, though), climbing to the very top of a tree-top walk (just me, too! I am DARING), and discovering you are scared of rope bridges (perhaps not as daring as you thought) because no matter how fabulous you are, you still can’t fly! (I am logical.)

e. Feeding sharp-clawed, multi-coloured parrots (that’s how they come there) on your palm and watching with amazement how they manage to eat the insides of the seeds and leave the shells in your hand.

f. Taking a membership of a casino the very first day of arrival (HAHAHA!) and not going there a second time (because, no time, not because it wasn’t awesome).

g. Having barbeque picnics everywhere!! There are electric, fully-functional barbeques and picnic tables everywhere you see. Australia understands that people need food and fun in life!

h. Getting a kookaburra to pose for you, for free! I didn’t imagine that when we would be going for a real, old-style barbeque-using-wood picnic, we would actually spot a kookaburra. I could barely keep my camera straight, I was SO excited. The bird obliged (I guess he/she was used to it?) and I clicked away.

i. Also feeding birds (despite uncle’s warnings) with your hands. Then leaving a pot of water on the gone-out-but-still-hot barbeque grill (to be later made into chai. We Indians. *shakes head*) AND all our stuff (just like that!) while going for a trail walk, and half the time my mind recuperating from the shock of having left all our belongings in the open (despite uncle’s reassurances). And then coming back to find it all ransacked by CROWS.

j. Playing with a Frisbee after all these years, in the middle of the woods, with wallabies munching grass nearby. Trying to feed wallabies but failing.

Come to me! Come! (They didn't :/)

k. Animals! Petting kangaroos, watching koalas eating eucalyptus leaves and wishing I was a koala too (nothing to do but eat and sleep), wallabies, dingos (wild dogs, thankfully behind a fence), alpacas.

Make me a koala, someone!

l. Birds! Photographing magpies, parrots (known as rainbow lorikeets), kookaburras, seagulls, ravens and ibis, in varying degrees of awesomeness.

Can we move to water now??? Please? There were a LOT of things; I can’t possibly list them all. The trip point was supposed to be ONE point, for God’s sake!

m. Having your feet slowly sink in the soft sand as water gushes over them… feeling like you’re standing at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and feeling a nice kind of dizzy with waves gradually coming up to you! And then feeling your heart drop for a mini-second as the wave rushes back, and you begin to slip as the sand slides from beneath your feet (and you realize you can’t swim!). OMG The Gold Coast beach!!! It was also the first proper beach of my life and it was gorgeous! It’s considered one of the cleanest beaches, and so true! There wasn’t a SPECK of rubbish anywhere along the long beach.

n. Watching the sun’s golden glow rise in the sky as you stand in the water, its overpowering pull making you feel warm and dizzy again. Also watching surfer dudes surfing (what else?) and barely keeping from crying out loud as they just flop in the water sometimes… right in the SEA! Don’t people love their lives or what? Don’t they know that surfer dudes are a rare species?

Mesmerised by the sunrise ^_^
o. Walking on a high sea bed to reach an island and collecting lovely shells (despite G’s warnings that they might contain a dragon or something. Ha, I lied. He used the words ‘snail’ and ‘insect’ but aren’t they the same? Cute and pet-worthy?). In any case, I did what I did because I had to (where else would I be found collecting shells in my life?), and it was great fun! We also saw tiny soldier crabs!

p. Insisting (that was pure me) on going to the very edge of a fishing post to be as close to the water as possible, not caring that it jutted into the sea and had sharks (uncle said). Finding G trailing along because of course he wanted to ensure I didn’t end up tripping straight into the water (like such a silly thing could ever happen). Did I mention that the water was mysteriously blue-GREEN?

o. Reveling at a theme park and being surprised with a huge, splash-like ride that went backward, down the slope! My heart had only just begun to beat when it happened AGAIN in another ride. ALSO. Staring open-mouthed at penguins (wheee!), a sea lion, DOLPHINS(!!), a polar bear, sharks, sting rays, loads of fish, star fish, sea urchin and a KRAKEN!! (Okay, that one was mechanical, but still! It moved!)


~Things that were SHOCKING~

1. Everywhere is so CLEAN. How can a place not  have hideous spit-and-paan stains at least somewhere?? Not even a TINY bit of waste paper or wrapper on the roads? I must admit, I was secretly GLOWING. Being such a sucker for throwing-waste-in-the-dustbins, I adored feeling “at home” looking at people throwing things where they belong rather than having them staring at me when I carry waste in my arms till I reach a dustbin.  Seriously. At one point (while drooling at a WB characters’ parade) I didn’t even realize I was leaning against an actual dustbin. I’d become so attached to them.

2. Strangers smile at you AND IT ISN’T WEIRD! People are generally nice to each other. They make conversations with strangers who are having a picnic by the beach, on top of a hill, or even next to a cemetery (the strangers being us, and yes we did that!). They wish you a nice day even when you leave their shop without buying anything (and they also wouldn’t attach themselves to you like leeches until you either bought something or left in disgust. Am I making too many indirect comparisons???) This is why travelling is important. It makes you believe that what you know about people is but a minuscule fraction of humanity.

3. There are so many clean public restrooms, you actually won’t have to worry about nature’s calls when you’re out. In fact, you might even welcome them! I can rant and compare this one at least, as it is so obvious we don’t have even a teeny weeny portion of such amenities here. But no seriously, you can absolutely go ANYWHERE, including JUNGLES and you’ll find functional, clean restrooms so you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the place without such interruptions (which turn into emergencies where I live).

Basically, it was beyond awesome.

*sigh* I had to write more points. I’ll just sum them up below.

 #2: Making major career decisions
In short, feeling like a wreck for months and months and turning into a monster bred in captivity because the job uncertainty was SO STRONG. UGH. I hate when stupid things bring me down. But I, like the full-blown warrior that I am, with the support of my loyal cadets (okay, BECAUSE of the cadets), FOUGHT and WON. Yoohoo! I don’t know if what’s happened is good or bad. It definitely seems awesome as of now. Which means it must be awesome. With the new year, I’ll be in a MBA-kind of job rather than working as an editor for children’s books (what a change!) but I am delighted about it. Call me a hypocrite, like I care. People change. This is proof. (But I will keep doing editing projects, if I get any. I totally should, because I have experience and I KNOW stuff.)

#3: Reading books
Obviously. I’ve mastered the art of reading so that you’d find me reading books even when I’m dead. My ghost will be by my bookshelf or in one of the awesome libraries of the world where I hadn’t been while alive. Some of the books I’ve devoured this year:

a. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (It sucked)

b. City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (The series is called The Mortal Instruments and I hadn’t read it while it was receiving attention from the world. It is GOOD, but so emotionally draining that I might take a break before jumping into the rest of the series.)

c. Six books from the Dork Diaries series by Rachel Renee Russell (Just to relive teen years. These were breezing, time-pass reads. Not that great.)

d. The Lord of the Rings series (wayyyyyy more awesome in books. The movies are GHASTLY.)

e. Jurassic Park and The Lost World by Michael Crichton (You will never regret the books. WAY more scary than the boom-bam movies. Dinosaurs don’t just SLAM into view. They SNEAK. No points for guessing which is more terrorizing.)

f. Some Hercule Poirot mysteries by Agatha Christie (and discovering a fondness for ‘method’ and armchair detectives.)

g. Many more. Go check my book blog or Goodreads for details.

This was supposed to be a tiny post just to mention that I’d be back soon. I have WORK still! See y’all soon!

PS- Blogger changed its look while I was gone! I need to exploreeeee.


  1. Heyo! Welcome back Miss Banga. Readers of your beloved blog truly missed you!! I am pretty excited for your upcoming posts so please keep your promise(I am watching you!) :P

    This post was like a quick trip down at brisbane along with you. So much cool stuff to do. So many amazing experiences and exciting activities. I got specially excited (and a little jealous) to see and read how close you could actually go the birds and exotic animals. Seriously!

    And that forest, is now in my list-of-places-to-go-anyhow list. B)

    Congratulations and godspeed for the new job, and most probably a new journey you are going to go on. Rock it like you do B)

    On books, this has been such a dull year for me generally on reading and writing both. I am amazed actually, how you can take time out to do all this reading despite all the other work that you have. Wish I get to make more time soon.

    I love reading your blogs, if that needs to be said in even. So please write more. Byee!!

    1. Hi! Thankyou for having missed me here :P The trip was ahmayzing, yes! We often don't know how much we need some things until we get to live those, and I thank God for that!

      As for reading, how am I supposed to be alive if I didn't read? :P You ought to do it more often. Make time, man. Make time.


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