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Friday, July 29, 2011

The transition...

I don't write for any group of readers. It's myself I write for, because I love it.
However, this is one post I think my fellows would associate with. By fellows I neither mean those 'little' junior friends (don't kill me for this :P), nor I mean the seniors (now pass-outs). I mean my batch mates, who've experienced the similar phase of transition, who, like me are now in third and final year of college.

The first day I assumed we would be walking around as bosses (why shouldn't we? We're super seniors now, after all), attracting respectful glances and surrounded by even more little first year students, who will be approaching us to get that 'information' (on college societies, what else? They haven't lived half a day of their college life and they wanna join a society. Poor souls, little do they know they'll be going nuts by the end of the session). I came to know all my assumptions were pointless, since this is what did NOT happen. I mean we DID walk around as the boss, we DID get respectful glances (I guess we did), but still, it didn't 'feel' the same. It wasn't like last year. Maybe it's a little hard to put into words, but that's what it was. Same, but distinctly different.

For one, there seems to be a back-hold of normal college conversation. All that people want to talk about is the changed pattern of CAT exam or the organizations they would want to work in. It's all really important and enlightening, but just not fun. Why don't they talk about the silly canteen food anymore? Or the ultimate fashion disasters so prevalent in colleges?

Another, and I guess the worst, is the segregation based on the fields of specialization! Two years you've had the fun of your lives with friends who will be your life long buddies, and you don't share a classroom with them anymore! I miss you my friends :/.

We've got to continuously work towards preparing for what lies 'ahead'. (so typical of us Indians, always preparing for tomorrow, with little time to enjoy the present). We've got to prepare for our entrance exams or interviews, so our involvement in ECA societies has to decrease. SO unfair! What about someone like me, who's literally survived on ECAs? It's like you're being deprived of the very things you like the most!

Plus, the teachers expect us to set an example for the juniors. We make one mistake and we're reminded how our actions will affect the future generations! Hello? Did we ever even notice what 'good' deeds our seniors did, let alone learn from it? (I mean, why even bother!)

However, I guess it isn't really that bad, you know. I mean, being the senior-most students, you are asked for advice on a variety of matters. (As if we've grown into geniuses by our third year :P. We blabber anything and the juniors leave all starry eyed, believing the problem will be resolved. But hey, most often, it DOES).

Also, we don't need to run around sticking and making posters or notices anymore! That's not what the super seniors are meant to do! Du-uh! ;)

Plus, for a change, a HUGE change, the security guard doesn't ask for your ID proof anymore. FINALLY he realized that we're normal college students, whom he sees every working day (and sometimes other days too), who've paid their tuition fee and come to college to study (Huhahhahahaa ) and are not any kind of hooligans or vagabonds or possible terrorists!

I now understand why people most often associate the best part of their college life with the sophomore year. You're not a new comer, you know everything there is to know, you interact with both, your juniors and seniors and you get to participate in ECAs a lot! It's simply the best time of your college life! To the sophomores, don't miss out on the fun this year's going to bring you. Look out for every opportunity, grab it and share with friends and most importantly, ENJOY!!!

Love and wishes
An ex-sophomore, a new super-senior!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What REAL Harry Potter fans don't like...

I'll make this post short and sweet, SO unlike my usual posts. That's because I want those morons who think they're Harry Potter fans, to read this and get over with their fantasy!

1. FAKE HP fans.
Those who like the HP world because so many people across the world are crazy about it. They haven't read the books, they don't know the central meaning of the whole story, BUT they'll watch the movies to gel in with the crowd. I personally don't think those who haven't read the books understand the depth of the story, the reason for Harry's survival, the deep meaning about love and kindness and power of goodness that's hidden in the written word. The movies don't even show everything, since it's not possible and hence it becomes 'just a magic story' kind of movie; and those who only follow the movies don't understand the real meaning. Dear such people, you are only aware of the magical names and terms BUT you don't know WHY and HOW things are going the way they're going. Follow my advice, read the books, OR DON'T blabber that you know everything about it. I'll quiz you once on it and you'll fall off straight away! Save yourself the misery.

2. Movie Ticket grabbers - just because a movie is in 3D!!!
Patiently waiting a whole year to watch the "End" of Voldy, I go out all set to watch the movie. Reaching the counter after spending a half hour in the queue, I'm cheerfully told the tickets are sold out!!! Hello??? What happened? Every single time I've gone for HP movies (which are the only movies I make the effort to go out for) not even half the number of tickets were sold. How did it become 'sold-out' now??? I'll tell you why. Because morons rule the world. Most people (and mostly kids) want to watch it just because it's in 3D. Yes, so lame. I mean, do the 7 year olds even understand what's happening? All they will understand is that there's a war and they'll love it in 3D, love the flashes of light. That's it! I feel so sorry for people like me!

3. Crazy Co-movie watchers.
We get the tickets, the movie starts. Whispers follow. On closer inspection, I find people whispering to each other. In between the movie! Spoiling the fun for others! Some will be showing off their HP knowledge by carefully explaining about the events in the movie to their friends, who don't know the story. Some will be saying out loud what's going to happen next (yeah, book readers find it hard to restrain themselves, sadly. Such people, wake up! You're not the only ones there. We know much more than you and you would do better to just shut up). Some kids would be stuffing their mouths with popcorn and saying, "Mummy, Harry ke peeche kyu bhaag re hai sab?" Of course, they don't keep their voices down either. You try to ask them to keep quiet and the angry protective mom stares at you. Sad!

4. (People may disagree with me here, but what I'm saying is completely my own personal thought).
People who want to watch the movies - in HINDI!!!
That's just so ewww. HP in Hindi is completely incomprehensible (I'm excluding those who've read the Hindi versions of the books). It would have been okay if they didn't change the names of different stuff. Gryffindor becomes "garudwar", Deathly Hallows becomes "maut ke taufe". Hello? There isn't any relation of the title with any 'taufa' or gift!
I'm not including those who've read the Hindi versions; because at least they understand. They KNOW what's happening.

5. People who don't like HP.
99.9999....... % of the times these are people who haven't even read the books. Guys, please DON'T judge the book by its cover! If you don't like magic, stay away from it; but don't criticize HP. For heaven's sake, it's the best next thing to the word 'magic' in fiction. A whole new legendary world created via imagination. Hats off to J.K.Rowling! Millions of kids have spent their childhood/teenage/both with Harry and his mystical world. They owe HP their reading habit, their improved language skills and knowledge. For those who've read the books but still don't like them, I would like to say just three words - GET A LIFE!!!

6. People who wonder why some people ( like ME) are crazy about HP...
Either read the series yourself or STOP wondering. :p

Personal note - Anybody who says anything negative about HP (without any knowledge themselves), in front of me, is inviting trouble. I'm an HP MANIAC and have read each book at least 7 times (and counting), plus the supplementary ones. (I've only ever got *The Tales of Beedle the Bard*. Still searching for *Quidditch through the ages* and *Fantastic Beasts and where to find them*. Exactly. Where to find them? The books, I mean. They don't seem to be in any bookstore :/ )

Contrary to what I promised in the beginning, for this to be a short and sweet note, it became a long one. Though it's okay, HP is some topic I love to talk about! HP fans, and I mean REAL HP fans, do tell me if you agree with me or not! I would love to discuss HP further.

Ending with Dumbledore's lines (to Harry) that I love, "You've got a power of which Voldemort is ignorant. The power to love. This is ancient magic, understood by few."


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