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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why exams are unfair!!

UNFAIR would be a universally-agreed-seven-star-rated understatement for these darned exams! They seem to be totally useless and pointless; unnecessarily a stupid burden on us poor kids, who have to sacrifice our otherwise normal-and-fun-filled life during exams and enter into a pathetically bored existence.

I fail to understand a single positive in the concept of exams. Okay, maybe everything would be disillusioned otherwise, there would be no means of evaluation and how would students get admitted to schools and colleges? I am mostly speaking of our Bharat's a.k.a. India's educational system, which is simply too much of a pain! I mean, even the texts in the super-fast-sleep-inducing-textbooks say 'India's Education System is faulty' (this was really a line in one of my books :/ ).

A few REAL reasons why such exams are unfair (and pointless, useless, and many more suitable 'less'es :P ):

1. Wrong criteria for judgment.
Tell me, how can anyone judge someone's capabilities and abilities through a two or three hour examination, where we pour out all magnanimous stuff we've literally crammed inside our small heads, peppered with a few fancy words coming out of our writing capabilities. (OK, agreed. They can measure intelligence, though only up to a limit, and limited to the measly subject). What if someone who's really knowledgeable, falls ill and is just able to write a few sentences? What if a moron decides to cheat from his blackberry and the unsuspecting invigilators don't notice, and he ends up topping the exam? It's just not fair. Not a single teeny weeny bit. 

2. The 'Image' behind the exam scores
I am still to find a sane student who wants to get a good score for philosophical stuff like 'personal satisfaction', 'self-achievement' or 'moral values'. All we want to ensure is that our self-respect or 'image' isn't  spoiled. We don't want to be perceived as failures or kids without any intellect. Is that the purpose for which exams were invented in the first place? I highly doubt that. 

3. They ruin our normal (and social) life anyway
That's the worst part! Tell your parents the dates of your exams and listen to the endless list of forbidden things! (that's a different story that we're experts at finding out loopholes). You're not allowed to read your novels, because you're supposed to read only incomprehensible textbooks! Forget that evening walk with the neighborhood friend, forget endless phone calls to friends (except to ask for the syllabus), forget social networking! (Not really, whatever happens, we can't leave Facebook, can we? :P ). To cut a long story really short, it's just not done. 

4. We're tagged for life.
However much people preach about exams not being the right criteria to judge an individual's intelligence, they WILL make an impression of you based on the results (it makes no difference if the topper doesn't have an iota of common sense). You get over 90% (really? kya khaate ho? :P ) and oh my gosh! You're a star! Relatives from all over the world croon over how well you do in studies (no matter if you're internally dying from lack of normal human activity); you get under 60% (again, really? You should study a lil bit!) you're a loser, you're told you're worthless. It doesn't matter if you're excelling at a sport or other activity. All this isn't right. It's even against the rules of nature!

5. The torturous invigilator

When we finally show up with our long, short, round et cetera kinds of noses (OK, poor joke; that's what happens during exams) buried in a thousand page bundle of notes, and are ready to sit for the paper, we're blessed with an invigilator who's sworn to make the experience worse than hell! (S)he'll keep on scolding the innocent students, reprimand them for shifting in their seats (don't they know everyone NEEDS to shift a bit? It's way uncomfortable otherwise), for moving their necks or eyes beyond 90 degrees in any direction! We're there trying to think of answers (OK, cook them up) and they won't even let us concentrate! :/

6. Exam results make phone bills shoot up to insane levels!
Remember how you were found stuck to the phone like a honey bee on a bee hive, with a scrunched up face, revealing to your friends how much you're scared of the 'marks' you'll achieve (or not achieve)? Or the time when you hunt for numerous phone numbers and call each of them to confirm the date and time of results? Or finally when you know the result, you're discussing it all with friends over the phone? If those are board exam results, you'll find a thousand phone calls from Pinky chachis or mamis (whom you don't even know), asking for your results? The net result (not the exam result, people!) being a hike in phone bills that could give an inferiority complex to a BPO!

I personally feel there was a guy who wanted a system to measure people's capabilities and had 'THE exam' idea, but his implementation went awfully off track and we have the result (not the exam result, tortured soul!). Or maybe he was just plain stupid. Anyway, thanks to that guy's invention, all mortals in this universe are suffering. 

Doesn't anyone see the shrunk faces, lost weights, disheveled looks and potentially dangerous stress levels? Why this thing at all? Recognize people for who they are, for the 'real' intelligence, rather than judging people on their ability to cram lines. No one lacks intelligence in this world. Everyone is just not able to put their academic intelligence on paper. 

But then, it doesn't matter, does it? Talented people always find a way to rise and shine, to prove themselves, to let the world know what they stand for. (That doesn't mean this post is useless. It took an incredibly long time, you better think about it! :P)

An end note to those rare species (if they exist) who read these posts seriously, however hard and pointless and frustrating (and many more similar adjectives) we find exams, the sad truth remains that we have to give them. So, while you're at it, study a bit. :P And think along the same lines as me if you're out of school and follow this if you're in a job and don't have to give exams! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Snacking on my third bar of some really yummy chocolate (cherry ripe-that's what is written on the wrapper- it's well, cherry and coconut and dark chocolate!), I wonder what to write. There are a dozen topics buzzing around in my head, but I settle for one I've never written before.  

Ageing? Maturity? Seriousness? No way! These are still not 'my-kind' of topics!
It's Metamorphosis, meaning change. Before anyone starts thinking I've suddenly sprouted an interest in fancy words, let me clarify that I've been a fan of this word ever since I read it first time when I was 10, a poem by Anushka Ravishankar. A year ago, I came up with a poem (sachi mei! This is proof-  The Flight ). I wanted to title it 'Metamorphosis' but because of some (silly) reason, I didn't. So, here, finally it comes. :)

Have you ever tried to go way down the memory lane, flashback, and think of your life when you were really young? It's beautiful, soothing (unless you're focusing on embarrassing situations) and makes you appreciate the magic of change. That's what happened with me. The 'me' I am now is not the same as it used to be (I'm not counting my naughty nature and the tendency to land up in awkward situations!). There's been a gradual change, just like it happens with everybody.We're more confident now, more sensible, more intelligent.

But the thing I don't understand is the hype around your age. Does a teenager suddenly get super active maturity cells in them, so that the day they finish off their teens, they start behaving in a more 'sensible' manner? They now need to be more 'responsible' , 'understandable', 'capable' and many more ables. They do something stupid and get reprimanded for acting like a kid, for being 'immature'. Why? Change doesn't happen in a single day. Dear parents, or whoever elder to us, if you want youngsters to behave in such-and-such manner, make them inculcate those habits over a period of time. 

It's agitating! I found a half-written piece in the drafts folder on "Being 18". It had very similar thoughts. (My Mom just came up with an admonition, for being 'careless' with some ID cards. Hufff, whatever I may write or say, it just remains in the confines of this blog and to the hardly-couple-of-people who read this. If at all they read this. I have a suspicion they simply say it's nice because they don't want to discourage me. Will have to find out!!!). 

Anyway, the point is that yes, we are growing up, we need to be responsible; BUT we need TIME. It ain't a day magic (those Harry Potter spells don't work in reality! Neither do those Weasley ageing potions!). Cherish the growing up with youngsters. They love it and want to make you a part of it. Teachings and lessons can come progressively. And so can the reproofs. 

I've read a million quotes on 'life' but don't remember a single one at the mo. (maybe I do, but I don't want to stop this typing and think! :P ). I just know that Life's a beautiful gift and it is meant to be enjoyed, each moment. We get hindrances, tragedies, that make our life come at a stand-still; but we must make sure that those problems only cause the 'pause' mode in life. Be sure to find out a way (believe me, there are many) to get to the 'play' button and keep it there as long as possible. (this 'moving on' philosophy has been inspired by one of my friends :) ).
Okay, stop guessing! This intelligent thought came to me because sometimes I can actually think sense. Or maybe because I'm at the verge of the 'growing up' age. But believe me, nothing changes. At least not at once. I may have sounded sensible in this post, but it's the result of some deep thinking ONLY! I don't think I can ever get over my ability to sound like an idiot most of the times. :P
But still, now that I've typed down so much with just two of my fingers, I want to know what you think. (I'm  mostly addressing those 'hardly-couple-of-people', who will hopefully read this!). 

Signing off as a teen, for the last time ;)
(Miss you my bachpan! *sighs*)
Welcome 'maturehood'  (only saying for the benefit of those elder readers. They should not think we're not 'serious' :P )

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Am I the only one?

Yesterday while traveling in the Metro, I was engaged in my favorite pass time- thinking, about random things- when I realized that there are so many instances and dumb experiences I've undergone ever since I landed on this planet (OK, born. 'Landed' sounds much more fantastical ;) ). I've gathered up the nerve to post a few of such idiotic thoughts and instances, just to know if I'm the only weirdo that walked on Earth, or if there are some more of my clan (I really hope!), cleverly hiding their weirdness (which somehow, I find hard to conceal).
Some instances are too dumb to be posted for my own good.

Am I the only one, who...

1. Has taken upon herself to set the record for the 'most number of tripping over every single thing' and of 'making every fragile object fall, if handed'. I swear my parents would have spent more on repairing and getting new stuff than on the original things themselves.

2. Imagined herself as one of the PowerPuff girls (I was a small kiddo then!) and the other selfish, bullying kids as villains whom I can easily overpower and who would one day regret their behavior.(such is life. Those people still rule :/ )

3. Used to run outside excitedly at the sound of a marriage procession (baarat) and dance in the street (I'm horrified at what I did. I can't imagine doing it now!). Add to it taking up 'daring' challenges, like wearing a funny combination of clothes (example, wearing a tee inside out or worse, wearing one of our parents' clothes!) and taking a round in the street!

4. Got all excited at the prospect of school (this is way too old. I'm sure I didn't have any brains then). Oh yes! Making up rhyming pieces of poetry on my friends (and really rude ones on those who were mean. ;) )

5. Still likes to wipe the plate clean if it has some edible yummy stuff on it (It will continue. I'll always remain a die hard food fan!)

6. Has completely different views on how kids should be educated and if those views are voiced, it would definitely give some teachers or educationists a heart stroke!

7. Deliberately leaves some money in jeans' pockets. Considering the lack of short term memory, it is always a surprise when I find it later (and use it for a well deserved treat :P )

8. Likes to imagine normal innocent people walking down the roads as mechanical robots going about their daily monotonous routine (Really! Why don't people want any "fun"???)

9. Loves books more than any living person and believes that living in a secluded place entirely on books isn't really that tough. I would rather enjoy it, I think.

10. Somehow finds it funny when everyone is in a really serious mood and finds it hard to control her laughter when everyone else is quietly doing their job. (This has landed me in some embarrassing situations too :/ )

11. Likes to save new clothes for don't know what occasions, and end up not wearing them at all during the season :/

And finally!

12. Has a double life. The real one and an imaginary one (I like the imaginary life better). ;)

NOW, I want to know if there are more people who ever did or still do, such weird things? Or am I the only one? :)

PS- This is not me. I'm weirder! :P


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