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Friday, April 15, 2016

# 10: Inside a mind

You wouldn't know, when you've lived, 
A thousand times, inside a mind.

Inside that mind, you are cherished, for the beauty of your eyes,
And the beauty of your smile, for the grace of your style, for how you can walk for miles.

Inside that mind, your heart is of gold, your words full of wisdom,
And your deeds full of love; you are worthy of ruling a kingdom.

Inside that mind, your work is pure, your will-power is inspiring,
And your thoughts are those, that could relieve the world, suffering.

That mind is the one, inside which your cares and trials, are seen as personal enemies,
They have not just you, but the mind's owner, to fight them and bring them to their knees.

For this is how beautifully you live inside a mind,
Not just once, but perhaps a thousand times.
Don't you wish you could realize,
You could live outside, just as you live inside a mind? 

Why don't you let light fall all over you?

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