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Saturday, April 23, 2016

#14: City Birds

City birds were not always city birds, we made them so,
Creating trees and jungles of concrete and wires, leaving them nowhere to go.

City birds then, began hovering over these, in search of food and shelter, 

Because fruits and seeds and insects in abundance, they did not get to eat.

City birds sing songs purer than any,
Lay eggs precious, rare, and a curiosity.

City birds know not where to fly--high or low,
They may die entangled in a tower crane or a wire mesh down below.

City birds are sought by the heartbroken, the nature-hungry,
Photographers, lovers; they are of a species endangered, but we think them as free.

City birds create that heart-warming, uplifting melody,
Sometimes in the early morning hours, heard by ones who are lucky.

City birds get fewer in number, when once we saw them in many colours,
Now we find mostly blacks and greys, and very rarely a red, blue, yellow blur. 

City birds were not always city birds,
Once, they were simply, exclusively, just birds.

A rare city bird. I was really lucky to spot one.


Ta-da! Not a very flattering poem. You know, I'm really enjoying this NaPoWriMo. Not only do I look forward to the poem of the day, but when and after I write, I know whether what I have written is a good poem or a not-so-good poem. Or whether what I've written is a poem at all. These days, though, anything that's written in such stanzas is easily tagged as a poem, so I don't mind tagging mine along, but still. Yet, sometimes it is a complete surprise. What I had thought to be an okay poem turns out to be more liked and read. What do you think?

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1 comment:

  1. The thoughts, the emotions matter more than any strict rule here. And I love how your poem talks and reminds us about the vanishing city birds.

    You are so right about this fact, you just can't find different, lovely colourful birds anymore; they have either all gone away or just destroyed by these concrete cities we live in.

    Lovely poem. Thanks for writing about this ^_^


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