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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#11: Step-by-step

When there's something that you want,
And it sits out of reach, high on top,
Don't dismay, don't give up hope,
Don't settle lower, don't crave distractions to help you cope.

Open your eyes and look around,
Who is on the stairs, and who else is on the ground,
Who makes you feel, life is worthless and boring,
Who makes you wish, to spend time in working.

Wriggle out from the clutches, of those who pull you down,
Stretch out your hand for help, from those you see on the stairs,

For they often will take it, and pull you,
One step away from the evil snares.

Oh, how sweet the air blows,
Even a little higher from the ground,
You already feel lighter, and inspired,
To work and do your best, and you never get tired.

For you soon realize, you only need to be,
On step one, then afraid you won't be.

Each step feels awesome.
You will only be eager, and optimistic,
And humble and creative,
You will get the will-power and energy, 
Let ill-will come, you know you could beat it.

There will be trials, there will be anxieties,
You will be tested, with utmost severity.
But something will have changed, you'll see,
Even though it is sour, you'll find it sweet.

Before you know, time will pass,
You'll see a different you, when you look into the glass.
Grinning back at you would be, your dream self,
Happy, peaceful, now ready to extend a hand for someone else's help.

And this is how you would climb,
The stairs to reach your dreams,
You'll know you need only to take the first step,
And the world will hush itself and see.

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