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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#5: I choose...

I choose not to remember,
What you did, or didn't,
How you made me feel, or didn't.

I choose not to remember,
When you forgot what I said,
When you forgot what I felt.

I choose not to remember,
All those times of facing
Mockery, bullying, loss of self-esteem.

I choose not to remember,
The faces and names that caused hurt.
That is how I cope, you know.

But I choose to remember,
How, for fleeting moments, you made me forget,
Finding solace and bliss in the ignorance.


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  1. That are some horrible people in there. Terrible and horrible. I hope in reality, no one has to face such bad experiences and go through all that. That they only get the kind of people that are in the last verses. Only that they too be pure and not easily influensed by the so called 'real' world outside. :)

    P.S: I respect the thought behind it, but you are not allowed to change the poem after you have posted it. It's against the rules B)

    1. People will always be so--people. That's a realization we'd be happier to accept. Thank god for friends/more people who happen to surround us. Sure, they too cause heartbreak sometimes, but the unintentional hurt of a loved one should never be taken at face value, or to mean seriously. It's just a mistake on their part, and very much natural.

      PS--Don't stalk me. And you can win this one. Your poem is anyway too good to not win. :)

  2. Finding solace and bliss in the ignorance.
    So beautifully place ^_^


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