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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Scooty Story!

Another random post. I should just change my name to Ashna-Random-Banga. 

If you've been a  regular reader of my blog (Hello do chaar log! Okay, no. More than do chaar. The last time I joked like this I was accused by a friend to be such a self deprecating person, which I'm not! I know I'm pretty awesome. :P), you'd have come across some story where I mentioned my scooty. I felt like writing something fun and couldn't think of anything else, thanks to a recent small incident where the scooty played an important role in saving me from a couple of huge cows. Yeah. Cows. I'm scared of them since forever, especially since while I was on my first driving lesson and the car stopped and I was trying to re-start it. The window was open, because of which a cow stuck in its face, very near my own face, with some drool-like gross thing dangling from it's mouth, just like Fluffy from Harry Potter and The Philsopher's Stone! No, I didn't get any on myself because I shrieked and moved as far as possible, which wasn't much and tried to re-start it. Thankfully the cow decided I wasn't good enough to smell (according to a cow's sense of smell, mind you) and it moved away, after which the first thing I did was to wind up the window. Will you believe it? Dad seemed annoyed with me! As if a cow hadn't just tried to eat me up! I don't care if it's vegetarian or not, it did try! >.<

(Let's call my scooty............. Scoot. Yeah alright, I am horrible at naming stuff. Just go along with it!)

Anyway, just a couple of days ago when I decided to be a good girl and go a little out of my usual route while returning home to get some photocopies mom wanted, I found three cows while coming back to where Scoot was parked. I waited somewhere inside, hidden, until the biggest one was gone to one side and then dashed to the parking. Why am I so cow-attractive? Another one took a right turn, as suddenly it didn't find going forward interesting, which for Mr. Moo was the right way to go, and came straight for where I was! I left my stuff hanging from Scoot and rushed to the opposite side while Mr. Moo came and turned around right next to Scoot and continued on its way forward. That's when I jumped on Scoot and kick-started it (Scoot's old, and hence the self-start doesn't work anymore :P) and speedily dashed out from there. Now let's go back to how it all started....

When Scoot entered our household, I was in Class XI and it was winter 2007. I don't remember how it came, because I most certainly did not ask for it. I was never the child who asked for anything, being quite content with whatever I had. Sort of a model kid, only for the parent-population, though. Still, I do remember asking for a pink colored one. I think I can like anything that's pink and if I had my way, I'd have my home, every movable and non-movable object included, in varying shades of pink and purple! Anyway, I did not get it Pink as my brother didn't want to live in the same household where a pink scooty resided. Even though I was all for having the scooty instead of him, I suppose my parents really have a thing for him, because he won. :| But I wasn't about to go for a black one either. Too dark and depressing for me, so I settled for a nice purple one (it wasn't pink! Ha!), one from the series that was popular back then. It isn't very dark, nor too light. Just perfect. And adorable. And cute. And loving. And a life-saver. :D Yep, I'm still thinking about Scoot! Since then, my life changed for the better. Especially as it removed my need to hail a rickshaw for every damn place I wanted to go to. Especially my tuition classes! Oh what a relief it was. :D
See what it looks like! ;) Gorgeous much? 

My Scooty Pep + ! From the Fashion Series :P
There's a lot to say about it, so to avoid making it into a chapter-from-a-novel, I'll mention some points! ;)

1. Beloved freedom! I'm so a person who loves freedom. I mean, Scoot gave me such an immense sense of independence, that I didn't have to depend on rickshaws anymore. I could go wherever I wanted (initially just to the tuition classes and back. I wasn't allowed on the main roads yet!), whenever I wanted, with who ever I wanted. Okay, that's just my family members, but still. Gradually, from when I started college and had to take the metro train every day and the station wasn't near, I graduated to roads and parked Scoot in the parking. No matter what time I came and went, I didn't have to worry about transportation. Now, after 5 and a half years, I'm a full fledged scooty driver. I can go on any road, any nook or cranny, with anyone riding pillion, at any speed! :P (*Warning* I'm not recommending you to drive fast. I've done it many times, but that was only during emergencies, like when I was getting late). I just can't imagine what I would have been without it. I most certainly would have known even less routes than I now do, and I might not have been that street-smart and confident. Try following me, I can zoom Scoot and make you lose track. ;) (On a serious note, never try that. Following me, I mean. That would scare me to death!)

Grandma with Scoot!
2. There are a lot of family memories associated with Scoot too! One such memory that's the mother-of-all-memories is the time when I lovingly put on my helmet on grandma's head to see how she looked and then I asked her to sit once on Scoot too, which she refused because she didn't want to go outside in the verandah and doing such kiddish stuff. :P But then my dad went, 'Oh. If you don't want to go outside, we'll get Scoot inside!' Off he went and brought in Scoot, inside the drawing room. While we were laughing with glee and excitement, my lovely, sporty and graceful grandma posed on Scoot as if she's riding it. :D I'm putting in a picture! That one, we can never forget. 

3. Scoot used to be quite faithful, too. When I "forgot" to get in enough petrol, it never betrayed me and I always reached home safe and sound even when I checked the tank where I saw just a few dregs of petrol at the bottom. When it gave me a flat tyre, it made sure to do it in the metro parking, where a repair mechanic sat right next to it and did not give away right in the middle of the main road. I'm thankful for all those times when it allowed me to take it over all horrible kinds of rough surfaces, though most of the times I avoided those, but still. I'm glad it never gave away! Now, I used the past tense for Scoot being faithful, because it hasn't been much lately. I've been stranded thrice on the main road whenever my speed became too low and it stopped! As the self-start doesn't work anymore, imagine my horror, because I had to drag it to the side, amid the huge bulk of scary traffic and kick-start it. (Just so you know, I'm awesome at kicks) And this happened on the same day. In one trip! 

4. I suppose my brain got a hate-spot for Scoot after that because once, a few months ago while coming back from college, I took a rickshaw and went back home. It was late evening when dad came home and asked, 'Hey, where's Scoot? I didn't see it outside.' That brought my heart straight to my mouth! I forgot Scoot in the metro parking! :P I actually forgot I had Scoot in the parking, that I had used it to travel! *Bangs head on a hundred walls* Then I pleaded with dad to bring it back as I could not imagine it all alone in the parking. God knows some aatma might have invaded it and then that very same aatma came into me? I'm already full with my own soul, thank you very much. I forgot Scoot in some other parking one more time. That was last week I suppose. I'll sue my brain for such hate and carelessness someday.

5. Now this is when I almost lost Scoot because of being clumsy! Back in school, tuition class. I had a new purple keychain, a simple purple heart. I had been using it since the past few days. Then one evening I couldn't find it and as I was (as usual) running late, I took the spare key and went to class. While returning to Scoot in the parking after the class, I tried to open the helmet compartment to put in my new notes when I saw, horrified and all Thank-God-ish, that my old key was strung there, inside the slot, waiting for someone to open it! It was broad daylight, the parking is not exactly a proper parking, but an open space of sorts and the only reason no one saw the key (or maybe saw and ignored it. If God made such people, I'd die of happiness) was that the keychain was the exact color of Scoot and it blended very well. Camouflage. I did get the lecture-of-the-year from my parents that day. Thankfully, I've never done that again. That just happened once again, but Scoot was outside our home. The key was in the ignition. Overnight. Someone shoot me. :| 

There have been more such incidents and experiences associated with Scoot, but I'll stop here for now. That's all my worked up brain can think of. I love Scoot. A lot! :D 

I used to frown on materialistic stuff. I thought they could never be a source of deep happiness. Scoot proved me wrong, and instead of hating it for that, I love it all the more! ^_^ Do you have someone like Scoot in your life?

PS- I did get to go to Landmark again. I wanted to purchase just The Other Side of the Table but ended up buying three more! Including Cecelia Ahern's One Hundred Names, the one with the super-gorgeous cover! :D


  1. Hahahahha! :D

    You made me laugh so hard, thank you :D

    I'm scared that athma's will attack me at night too *brr scary* :O

    Will I seem like an idiot if I say I love my cycle? :P I have no license, so I drive random cars and scooty's :D


    1. :D Thanks! A million hugs to you too!
      I love bicycles! I would have loved to get one if my city hadn't been so non-cycle friendly. :| I drive random bicycles sometimes :P

  2. This was a lovely random post. Absolute fun. You know, I could picture the whole post like, short-films playing in front of me. :D The cow one was specially so you(in a good sense of-course :P).

    And that forgetting keys in the keyhole thing has happened with me so many times that I've forgotten even the count. I used to forget keys in the bike/scooty almost every second time I parked it outside my house for short periods. And I've had my share of lectures.

    Once, I parked the bike in some parking lot(I think it was metro's) and when I arrived back after many hours I found that the key was already in its place :O
    Another time, I lost the primary key to our scooty and after days of using the alternate key, one day I found the primary one hanging from the seat-cover lock. :P Such are my mishaps :D

    Great post Ashna. Brought all wide smiles to my face :D(<- wider than this) Keep scooting :D

    P.S: Your Grandmom looks cool on Scoot. And a pro. :D

    1. The cow one was so me? Haha! Right! I even had a nightmare about a huge cow once, yikes! You forget the keys so many times? :O I'm SO happy! I almost feel I'm quite sensible and careful :P Thanks for making me feel that way!

      I love this--> Keep scooting ^_^
      PS- Special thanks for the PS :D

  3. Hahahaha! Scoot, is a really nice nickname! Loved this post. It' like a weekly update from your life. :P

    Someone like Scoot in my life..umm..nothing. I guess I am waiting for something! :/

    1. Go down to the shed, pick off the dust from your rusting bike and move on! :P You'll get something soon, don't worry! ;)

      Thanks! I can always count on you to like whatever weird things I do. #true friend! ^_^ ;)

  4. :') Aww, super cute and the Mr Moo part- HILARIOUS :D
    Ok, I don't know how to ride a scooty, I mean drive a scooty because of which I get ridiculed every other day by friends and cousins alike :| But, whatever, I might beg you to take me for a ride someday :P

    Super awesome post ^_^

    1. You can definitely drive mine! :D And a super big yes to the rides ;)

      Thanks for liking the Mr. Moo part. I know my friends find pleasure in instances that have scared me. :P

  5. nice scooty...err I mean scoot tale...

    btw this name change feels like gender change!

    and this word verification if such a pain i tell you

    1. Haha! Yes, actually it does sound like it :P

      I know word verification is irritating. But without it, I was getting horrible spam comments and so it is! I'm super glad you still went ahead with your comment. Thankyou :)

  6. awww..this is cute...
    PS: I have the same model, same color scooty oops scoot ;)

    1. Oh wow! Hi-5!! That's great! :D We're even cooler together then! ;)

  7. Ohhhhhhhh I just loved this one and am laughing like anything .. you know the reason for I have a pink one and yes I love it madly too <3

    I share the same thoughts as you... on my flyte.. Yeah its not scooty its Sym flyte and I call it Gulabo for its colour. Dare anyone poke fun of it or try acting wacky... I cannot stand it at all!!


    1. Haha!! Super big Hi-5! :D

      I envy you for the pink color!! :D People who make fun of such awesome companions are fools! Yay scooty-raaj! ;)


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