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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The little childhood joy....

The air whipped my face, making the stubborn locks of hair fly away, towards the back. As I went soaring backwards and up again, exhilaration I hadn’t experienced since a long time came rushing back, filling me up with warmth and bringing that lost smile, along with the memories. I swung back and forth on one of the two still-in-place swings, watching the stars overhead and feeling that childhood gush of happiness. My slightly less adventurous and cautious brother tried to persuade me to swing low, saying, “Don’t swing so high! Slow down please! You remember how you flew- downwards, when you were swinging this high, at the age of ten?”

That made me smile. : ) Not only because I always love the concern in his voice, but because his comment made me revisit my life as it was many years ago. The time when I just loved going the highest, when on a swing, not giving a thought to minor possible hazards such as a fall straight on the gravel (which came true a couple of painful times! :P). Nevertheless it was one of the prominent joys I looked forward to, every evening. And now I was experiencing the same joy, after so many monotonous years.

The park’s a few metres away from my place and I mostly use it to get across to the lone daily supplies shop in the block. Or to photograph the plants, flowers and colourful birds on good days, but hardly ever to get on the swings and fly high, with my brother on the adjacent swing, swinging slowly and trying to keep me from falling off! This was the first time, when our parents suggested we go ‘get some fresh air’ and we ended up on the empty swings (since it was night time). That moment, when the air filled my lungs and I again felt that sense of delight I used to experience almost daily, I thought of what my life has come to be, hollow, looking for pleasure in temporary fixes, in Facebook and the stupid, virtual world. That’s when I finally realized that typing a silly ‘LOL’ doesn’t actually make me laugh, but just makes me consume harmful rays (or whatever it is that laptops and PCs emit) and waste a hell lot of energy. While a stroll in the park brings so much happiness that it cannot be even expressed in a whole paragraph!

My aunts (bhuas) on the swings in our park! :)

The World all over is observing ‘Earth Hour’ at 8.30pm IST, today. I urge you to follow it too. You just need to switch off the lights, fans and basically other appliances that can be switched off without causing any problems (like your beloved laptop) and try to save energy. Believe me, it’s the least we can do to contribute something worthwhile from our side to this planet we call our home. And while you’re at it, don’t get online through your phones, but get outside, meet neighbours, walk in the park, watch kids playing, enjoy the breeze and if possible, be the child you were many years ago and do what you loved. Play cricket, get on top of swings or any other physical activity you like. It may seem funny if I suggest you start swinging, even if you're officially an adult, but really, it isn’t funny at all. People would secretly admire your nerves and you might just convince them to do the same! Try it! (See the pictures for inspiration. These are my two wonderful aunts, who do what they enjoy. :))

After all, true joy lies in living life like a child. It’s up to you to believe it or not.

PS- I really didn't want to include spoilers, but I might get curses if I don’t warn you beforehand. Just make sure you haven’t had your dinner before you get on the swings! You might end up feeling nauseated for a full hour after the initial exhilaration! :P  

Monday, March 5, 2012

R-E-C-A-P-I-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N !!!

Even though I had something new to post (which I'm going to save for a better time), I'm not going to post anything new. Wait, this post is a new post, even if it doesn't essentially have anything new! See, THIS is called exams-are-looming-over-your-head-and-you-haven't-started-studying-yet syndrome! :P

Thanks to my awesome habit of leaving everything for the last two weeks, I'll have to use every single minute starting today (which should actually have started yesterday :P), till the 18th of March, when my exams get over and I'll be able to blog about it guilt-free!

But I just couldn't disappear from the blogosphere awein, just-like-that, no? I've already given reasons for the next two non-posting weeks, and I'm going to leave you with my past posts! That's what I sometimes like to do, read what I had blogged about almost two years ago! Some posts seem just like a yesterday thing, and some feel ages old. 

This was my first post ever! Getting Late!
I don't even remember what made me create a blog in the first place, and when I had finally made it, the first thing I posted was about being late everyday? :P LOL! No wonder it's acted like some kind of jinx and I haven't been on time, especially since then! (and whoa! No capital letters, no formatting. Idiot me.)

This was the first time I posted about seeing an act of child labor that had me agitated. Quite the Irony. I can see capital letters, but needs formatting. :P (I was really moved by the picture, 'One child's rhyme, other child's destiny').

This is hilarious! When I learned driving, this was what I felt! Crazy Rides! And this post contains the first comment this blog ever received by a senior in college, who inspired me with his own blog. (Check it out- Thinking Cap).
This was also the first instance I talked about in Metropolitan Diary in HT City!

Keep Your Cool was a random post, where I gave my silly tips to deal with even sillier situations! :P

A World Apart is one of my favorites, since it talks about the world of dreams- something I hold on to dearly. I just LOVE the weird unidentifiable connection with dreams and the conscious mind. I would recommend you to read it for sure. :)

Howw can I not mention my first ever Metro Diaries!! Just something that's so much a part of my life. Metro Diaries #2 followed suit pretty soon.

Unheard Wish is the first attempt at a sentimental poem thingy. That was about it, though. I haven't attempted another one since! :P

Being Naughty would tell you how I think of devilish ideas for those who're just annoying! ;)

Exams??? No problem was a humor-filled straight from the heart post about my suggestions for doing well in exams! It's exam time for most of us, you might just benefit from it! :P 
While you're at it, see why I find exams Unfair!

The Ride was a pitiable attempt at Fiction, supposed to be a scary account, but ended up leaving readers (my brother, parents, friends) in giggles.! *sigh*

The Transition talks about feelings I experienced at the beginning of the final year in college (the feeling's not changed a teeny weeny bit!)

What Real HP fans don't like- This was the result of a harrowing experience at the theater, when I had gone for the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows movie, and got my enthusiasm punctured by morons everywhere!! 

The Indian Way of Life- Something all Indians can identify with. ;). The little and the not-so-little things we do!

The Greater Creatures is an account of my experience when I saw what drives people to extend a kind hand towards other creatures, and why some people don't. (In other words, the time when I saved a dog! :P)

The last post for 2011 and the one that talks about fun and fulfilling things I really want to do! A New Year, New Living: Beyond Everyday was inspired by a HUGE (read 14 pages long) cover story in Mint Lounge, that I found too good to resist!

I've realized I've posted so many of my previous post links, so many that no one's even going to read it! But so what, I've got to at least do something before I disappear, hence this post (which doesn't have anything new! Haha!). I'll still be on the lookout for lovely comments from lovely readers, so don't hesitate! I'll surely reply back! :)

And hey! No one's congratulated me on my new blog, which is all about Books! :D
If you're a book lover, please go through it and let me know what you think! I would love to interact with like-minded people and the really smart ones who loouveee Fiction (or books in general!). 

Have a Happy week! (or two weeks! :P) 


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