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Saturday, April 30, 2016

#18: You're a star!

It was a beautiful light-show
That we saw, when you were born.

Your mother looked at you and thought,
"This will be brighter than the brightest morn."

You began to grow, living your life
With a lot of love and care,

Though sometimes with glitches (as is natural),
Which made you act like you shouldn't have dared.

But know, sweet, little star,
That it is all right,

For stars to face phases, and
Be dull rather than being bright.

Stars may stray their paths,
They might sometimes oscillate,

But not necessarily only when they're out of shape and order,
Also when other stars and particles lead them to deviate.

You must know, sweet, little star,
That these phases can be short or long,

They can vary in intensity too,
But you can always turn it into a song (even a sad one).

You must also know, that you have responsibilities
From which you must never escape,

For they will ensure your energy and power
Are never put to waste.

If you ever feel, the other stars in the constellation,
Are picking and prodding, and you don't like the touch,

Know that it is because they won't see you troubled,
In any way in the future, because they love you too much.

Have you seen how their eyes shine,
With love and assurance when they see you?

Even if you're just one, and think yourself unimportant,
Know that this constellation would not be one without you.

A created, special star. :)
PS- Please don't copy this picture.

Yay! This completes my NaPoWriMo, a whole month of poem-making. Apart from the obvious realization (how it was wonderful to write them), I found out how time flies! It seems like I accepted this friend's challenge for poetry only last week or so.

Frankly though, it was fun, and it was rewarding. For a person who had been craving to write something but couldn't, this served the purpose, and it also made me happy. I didn't really stick to the plan: I don't have thirty poems, but I'm oh-so-happy with whatever I managed to write. :D Perhaps some day when I'm bored or inspired, I will end up writing and posting another poem. ^_^

As to the challenge, I declare both of us as winners. I wrote magnificently on some days, while the competitor did so too. Some days we both messed up. In the end, we did put an effort, and that makes us winners. :D YAY!


  1. First, it is such a wonderful and joyous poem. I love it. I love it! I love the meaning, the message, the 'sparkly' language and the assurance one might get on reading this beautiful poem.

    And second, you are a really talented, expressive, and fun poet. While you do take the humble route (you don't have to do so; be original :P), I will take the difficult task of judging and declare you the winner.

    You're a winner mostly because, it was due to you posting a poem on most days, was a motivated enough to write one too (i have skipped that even as you have 18 and I have not even half of that). But that is not the sole reason; you wrote so beautifully and had so many poems that weren't just descriptions of something, but in fact a pure expression of palette of emotions. And some of these were just meant to uplift one's soul and they did their work pretty awesome.

    Thank you so so so so much for taking part in this and showering :P us with your awesome poetry. You rock!!!

    P.S: Perhaps you can make a 'Poetry' tab up above for future readers to easily find all these (and the ones before and the ones to come) and be happy reading ;)

    1. Hello competitor. Thank you very much for inducing me to compete. Wanting to win made me write :P Honestly though, once I began, I looked forward to it.

      I'm so glad you liked this poem so much. It is one of those I like, too! :) And whoa. Such tareef. So it means I win? :P YAY!! Partayy!

      And cool idea for the Poetry tab. :D Thanks for being my reader. It feels awesome.


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