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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Confessions of thyself...

Anndd it’s Tuesday! Meaning author Preeti Shenoy’s Tuesday meme, which for this week is: “Write a sentence about yourself, first sentence starting with T, second with E and third with A (as it spells TEA). If you want to write more, write four more sentences, but they have to start with C, A, K and E respectively. (CAKE).”

Though I’m going to bend the rule a little and write a little more than a single sentence (I admit, I have a problem with anything ‘short’, clothes included.), I hope I’ll be able to pass it off and readers wouldn’t want to kill me. (You wouldn't be able to anyway, I’ve hidden my contact details! Ha!)
Considering how I’m always told that people love the ‘honest’ side of me, I decided to completely overwhelm them and write nothing but pure facts. After all, people matter in life, right? 

Sooo, brace yourselves guys! Here goes:

T- Totally a Thinker. I’m one of those rare species who really appreciates God’s greatest invention- the ability to talk to yourself in your mind! I might look aloof on the surface, but there are a million thoughts about you zooming around in my head! (Hey, you! Your cap’s a little lopsided. Check the mirror, will you? :P)

E- Enviousness is a trait all Scorpios have (technically, it’s called jealousy, but I like to keep myself in a positive light). Especially with all things branded and cute, and stuff related with my personal interests. Anyone’s spoiling it for me, or if they’re not being grateful for the stuff I could kill for, I've developed a strong dislike for them. And it’s very tough to change it. Very. (Jeez, I sound so......dangerous. :P)

A- An over-sentimental who would look for meanings in all words you utter (or not utter), pauses included! (Why did you pause? Was that followed by a lie? I can’t believe you!!!). Yeah, I know that’s too much. But that’s it, as well. I dunno why my sibling calls me a Drama Queen! Huh!

Since I already mentioned how I don't like anything short, I'll type down 'sentences' for CAKE as well. :)

C- Cruella-de-Vil’s long lost step sister! Yes, I’m very cruel, especially towards my younger brother. Sentence over, now I’m Rs. 500 richer! Before you stop reading further because it’s not making sense, I asked my family to describe me with these alphabets. That’s what my dear brother said- “Cruel”. And challenged me to write it for all to read (the poor guy has no clue how meagre the readership for this blog is!) and said I’ll get 500 bucks for this! (Yeea, now you know how much I’m cruel ;))

A- Attentive to everything weird. Normalcy’ doesn’t excite me much, so I’m always on the lookout for stuff that’s out-of-place and get so involved in it that the real, ‘serious’ world lies ignored, on the side. No wonder I get funny looks if I compare some evil person to a parsimonious pixie!

K- Klutziness is my domain. I really believe I could do a P.hd in the subject and excel worldwide! Breaking fragile stuff, tripping over practically flat pieces of land, speaking when I know I shouldn’t, taking the wrong turns- these are everyday things for me. :)

E- Exclusive. Everybody wants to go boating, I want to go Scuba diving (though that hasn't happened in reality, yet. Just an example). I would find something interesting, and then a whole group of people would find that interesting too, then it wouldn’t be long before I opt out of it. Sad, really, but it can’t be helped.

So, that sums up things, about me, stated very clearly, that some would already know and some would find so amusing they wouldn’t even believe. *Sigh*, nobody even takes me serious! 

PS- Sunday, World Book Fair, Pragati Maidan, Delhi. I’ve got an interesting event in the morning I would like to participate in, but I’ll try my very best to arrive at the WBF by 2.00pm and meet Preeti Shenoy herself! :D


  1. What I first notice is the new look to your blog (did you change it or is it that I'm getting new colors added to my lenses?). This time it's better. Sweet-Cruelty it is and it seems your brother loves the cruel side of you. Loved reading it :)

    1. Thanks for reading. :)
      And no, I haven't changed anything. Yet. I'm thinking of doing a makeover :D

  2. Though I’m going to bend the rule a little and write a little more than a single sentence
    So, you talk a lot like me? :D
    Interesting read...
    Liked the pic for envious ;)
    Cruel: *lol* how much does the reader get for reading it?


    1. Hey Arti
      Yes, I like to talk a lot! But just here, not much in a social setting. :)
      I'll try to think of a way to get my brother pay the readers as well ;)

  3. Your poor younger bro!

    Thanks for taking part!

    1. Heyyyyy!! It was lovely to see your comment ma'am! Thanks a lott! :)
      (technically speaking, it would be Mom who'll pay, but this Cruella doesn't care ;))

  4. so, as usual you have a little twist of your own ;)
    Great post :)
    I always get to know new things about you, through your posts!

    1. Mission successful! LOL! I discover myself more too, as I really need to think about it before writing. That's why I love this thing!
      Thanks for reading :)

  5. I would put check marks for almost every point up there (except cruel, as I am good boy).. but the most amazing point which I always thought was exclusive to me was.. well my obsession with exclusiveness. What should I do now.

    I am sentimentally envious of you from this post onward. I am going to think of a weird cruel plan, to do something about you, and which doesn't involve me tripping over something silly and breaking my nose. ;) Smirk.

    1. I don't know what 'sentimentally envious' means. :P

    2. I knew we're similar! I actually dislike stuff everyone's gaga over. At that point I don't like it. Like in the case of books (HP is of course, an exception). If something's hyped over, I probably wouldn't read it then. I'll pick it up years later!

      And even I do stuff like you do. I too, write words I don't know the meaning of :P

  6. Beautifully written....loved the humourous touch in it!

    Great knowing you Ashna

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Appreciate your comment. :)

    2. And hey, can't we comment anywhere on your blog? Liked your posts :)
      Especially the book reviews, I do reviews too :)

  7. Ashna,

    Loved your post..especially, the sweet cruel sister..Convey my regards to him.and congrats also, for having a wonderful sister ,you..

    Hey, me also scorpio..


    1. I mean, convey him my loving regards and congrats dear..

    2. Thanks a lot Scorpio-twin! Appreciate your comment :)

  8. Everytime I read something on this blog, my head spins :P :D
    Beautiful usage of words.. Hats off..... :) :)

    1. I hope the 'head spinning' is in a positive way :P
      Thanks for reading and posting your comment :)

  9. What a roller coaster ride knowing Ashna Banga was! ;)

    Pixie was a new word for me and now it will be saved deep inside my ninny head with a translucent image of Ashna attached to it. :P
    The way you made such a small prompt so big, I have full faith that you must be a 'T'opper in studies which I guess you missed with that T!

    And I'm sure you would want to spend that Rs. 500 with and for your lovable friends who are somewhere suffering from parsimonious desires and are relying on this excessive veracity that you're a benevolent person and will definitely share the money, honey!
    ^ For your klutziness domain. :P

    After reading this small, jaunty and frank post, I'd just say, Stay the way you are! :)

    1. Pixie was a new word? I grew up with these creatures! :P
      I already mentioned I have a problem with "short" stuff, hence the length. :)
      And I guess you missed the part where I said I actually am cruel, so NO sharing ;)
      Thanks for your comment :)

  10. Hi Ashna, First time I am here and I start with a post that introduces you.Wow!

    Loved reading this one :D

    Keep writing and yes, I am following you from now.


    1. Hey Thanks so much Sukku. Welcome to my blog! :)
      I'm glad you like it. :)

  11. Haahahaaa...a damn good that was.o man,seriously it was a ride.(what are you 'T'hinking now :p)
    if i get time,i would love to try my hand at this TEA AND CAKE.
    By the way,you really got 500 bucks??(no no,i dont want a share, i know you are Cruel :P, but its just that i know brothers always back out at last moment)
    Such a refreshing post.

    1. Thank YOU for such a sweet comment! This Tea and Cake prompt is sadly, over now :| And bah! I'm forgetful too, so after posting this and celebrating my win, I didn't even ask him for it! :P And I guess he knows the holes in my memory and smart-guy didn't bring it up again :P


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