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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Resolve to.....

" be good as gold, complete EVERY single assignment on time, stop fighting with my brother, learn to be on time, learn that my best friend is a human being with her own feelings, etc etc..." .Yeah, these are one percent of the thousand New Year resolutions I make every single year. God knows I remember even a SINGLE one when the year actually starts. I'm just the same, year after year. ;)

This time I've decided to act my age and actually, seriously make some REAL resolutions, which I'm positive I will be able to follow without any serious problems.(umm.. actually there's no guarantee to that!)

Here are some of 'em:
1. Get back with an equally nasty comment to the one who's being rude. There has never been a single positive to being good so far, so cut it!

2. Instead of simply giving annoying looks to irritating people in the Metro train, snap at them! Use your wits and tongue to say a few scary words, so they'll stay away from you. Step back on their toes if they've done it. (I'll test it with a friend first, though, I don't want to be hauled off by the authorities!!)

3. Even though I personally think the guy who invented the snooze button is an evil genius, I'm gonna do something against it.! Stop pressing snooze hundred times in the morning, because of which I always end up being late! (It's going to be REAL hard, gulp!)

4. Reduce fights with my brother (I know I resolve this every year). I cannot completely stop it (what's the point of having a sibling then anyway?). He's tougher, stronger, more sensible, but hey, I'm the big sister! I have some rights such as, first take at the TV remote, for which I'm willing to fight with the tough one! 

5. Stop impulsive shopping!!. I don't do that much anyway, but whenever I've done that, sadly, it's always been a disaster! Getting the cute pink tee just because I 'felt' like I should have it? I realize it's winters AFTER I'm done with the shopping! The new color nail paint? I later find out it looks TERRIBLE on my nails! The latest released book? It's not even my kind of fiction! :(

6. FINALLY I'll convince dad to let me take the car on my own! It's not that he doesn't trust my driving skills, I'm awesome at that to tell the truth. It's that I rely on his "now-turn-left-now-right" directions. Yeah, I'm HORRIBLE with directions :(...I'll try to improve that. (will throwing pebbles along help???)

7. I will NOT give my assignment/completed homework/classwork to ANY lazy bug who doesn't even attend all classes and shamelessly asks for the work I've spent hours on!!! I'm too good to refuse straight away, so I'll make excuses, for a start! ;)

8. One of my best points is being 'a good listener' (now I seriously consider it a weak point). I'm NOT going to sit there, while teary eyed people find me to relate all their woes, expecting me to give them solutions while I don't even have the slightest idea WHAT they're talking about!

9. I'll keep my wardrobe cupboard clean! True, it's a war every morning, fishing out clothes from all the rubble in there, a shoe here, a sock there, so I guess it's a good idea to properly organize it. (Don't think I haven't been doing it, but it just 'mysteriously' gets messy again! I think there's a mess-loving-casper-kind of ghost in there, might as well try a few mantras! )

10. I will REALLY and seriously think before speaking! I've landed in awkward moments just because of my BIG FAT unnecessarily large mouth! For instance, I've hurt people by saying a surprised "No" when they came up happily with the new (and disastrous) dress, asking "Isn't it awesome?. The same goes for the time when I said something about a teacher (and that something wasn't very good either) right in FRONT of another, who turns out to be her colleague and oh, did I mention, friend? And yeah, making remarks on somebody's ludicrous hairdo, when they're within hearing distance? (I now understand why my bestie suddenly turns away from me when I do this!)   And.. oh, I can go on and on.. there are numerous! 

Summarizing rest of the points, I'll be good as gold, complete assignments on time, will not be late, will not fight, help the needy, study seriously, be kind to everybody, think before speaking, etc etc..
(I guess I can't do without at least MAKING these resolutions, whatever happens to FOLLOWING them! )

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Being Naughty. ;)

It's nearly Christmas and we all want to be on Santa's "Nice" list, don't we? (Even though we know there's no such thing, whatever). 
Believe me, being nice is like warmly inviting trouble, since you will be chased forever by wackos who want you to do their piece of work. When you're being nice, you pretend not to be hurt when someone takes advantage, giving them and others more opportunities to exploit you. 
I believe we need to be nice only to those we love and those who kindly return the favor. 
For the rest, NOW let's show them the "Naughty" side of us (even if Santa gifts us coal this Christmas!)

Disclaimer: Follow these points at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any physical, emotional or mental damage you might face.

1. The snotty girl simply comes up to you and goes, "Why are you wearing those shoes? They don't match with your dress!". 
Instead of saying, "Oh, because I like them.", be straightforward and reply, " Du-uh, you never read, do you? It's IN AND they're Jimmy Choo, unlike yours!" .

2. FINALLY, you get lucky enough to get a seat in the Metro! Two seconds on the seat and an aunty strides up to you and you get up, thinking she's older, or whatever!
Unless you're extra nice, you would mind the uneasy ride, standing all the way. So, when you get a seat, sit down, plug in your earphones and pretend to sleep! What sensible person would wake up a sleeping teenager, huh?

3. The Metro, it seems, has on board every single person on this planet. You try to get out without hurting anybody (I even missed my station once), while you're the victim of bruises made by people pushing and shoving you as if you're sheep.
Why don't you try the "Get Back" treatment for once? It will take just one time to make you feel you've had your revenge. Stay back and as soon as the Metro stops, scream, " Excuse me!!" and make your way out, pushing, pulling, stepping on shoes, yanking out hair, or whatever you had been a victim of!

4. You're taking a leisure walk in the park and the neighborhood lady drops her bawling baby into your arms and goes off chatting with other ladies.
Next time she starts, pretend to stumble a bit. She will have to think twice before handing her precious to an unsteady teen and if you're lucky, she probably won't!

5. You're the last surviving specimen of the Hardworking lot, you do your assignment on time and next thing you know, you're surrounded by your fellow mates who bug you till you hand it over to them (and they take it proudly to the photocopier). 
If you haven't figured out the answer, you need help! It's this simple- LIE. WHY do you have to go around announcing you have completed it? Don't just say anything and if they ask, say I forgot! Submit to the teacher later :P

Friday, October 15, 2010

Unheard Wish.

It's not a perfect poem, but the words express the feeling.

Making a wish, "If only I had ..."
Every night I went to sleep
Without a care in the world,
I enjoyed those luxuries.

Until I came upon an unknown soul ,
The hungry eyes that followed me
I turned around and saw them,
still watching fixatedly.

I see her tear her eyes from me,
She glanced at her hands, black with soot,
Her dress, the color not distinguished
Her hair, black or brown, it was all so crude.

She turns to her mother, tugs at her sari,
Secretly pointing me out
The mother puts an arm around her and tries to assure her,
Maybe for getting a dress like mine,
I'm shocked at seeing the trustful smile,

I wonder if she'll be able to have one, and feel terrible, thinking
I just fought with mom to buy me a designer, while this girl
can only dream of owning a clean , pretty dress she's comfortable in.

I look at my shoes, annoyed because mom got them from the sale
I look at her, the plain rubber slippers with a most visible repair.

I look at the hut, bricks and thatch, family of five cramped tough,
no electricity, no place to clean
while I always wondered why my room isn't big enough.

I felt shameful, just looking at her and grateful for all,
since it is the best one could wish for. I promise
not to wish more but, to give more,
to them,who just wish for something small.

I pledge to help her, I try to smile ,
But she turns away and goes inside.
The next morning, I carry a bag, filled with stuff, clothes and shoes I don't need
any more, I reach the place, but the hut is gone.

I see them turning around the corner, the family of five,
The girl with a bag even lighter than mine,
Probably in search of another place to settle in,
Till the time some other policeman threatens to turn them in.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Then, I held on to a firm hand
Now, I've learnt to stand on my own

Then, I looked up to ask for directions
Now, I find the right one alone

Then, I cried out loud
Now, I've learnt to weep

Then, I laughed with the jokes
Now, I ponder them deep

Then, I wished for friends
Now, I know how to be one

Then, I asked for a ride
Now, I can give one

Then, I wanted a hand
Now, I balance the fall

Then, I wished I was big
Now, I wish I was small

Then, I sought to find out how
Now, I seek to find out why

Then, I was a caterpillar
Now, I am a butterfly.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Metro Diaries.. # 2.

The morning I took THAT Metro train, or I should say THE Metro train, I thought there ought to be a sequel to the previous post (Metro Diaries ) , for my woes with Metro continue, getting bigger each day!

Right, so you know how I somehow ALWAYS end up being late ( I'm asking God for "a power to be on time" for my birthday this year !). Already running to be "IN" time for the first lecture, I wait desperately for the not-so-shining train to pull up at the platform, texting my bestie to keep me informed and apologizing (without really feeling sorry, since there's no time!) while I keep bumping into people or stepping on their toes !
To make things worse, it's rainy , so the crowd's more than usual..
See the train coming up, see the crowd.. OMG!

I'm SO sure I couldn't have survived if I had boarded that one. I don't know how my senses actually worked and I missed that train and stood waiting for the next one. The next one rolls on, I say goodbye to it too (wondering if all people jammed inside are still conscious).

Realizing that I couldn't stand at the station all day long, I make up the nerve to get inside, promising myself to be as near the doors, so I could make a dash - just in case !
Feeling terribly sorry for myself, preparing a convincing speech for my dad so he finally allows me to take the car, I manage three stations. But lo! The doors open and a swarm of fully fed aunties rush in and make their way straight at me! In a second, I'm trapped! What's with their common sense anyway? Can they even make a little girl (ok, not so little, but still ) suffocate just so that they can somehow get themselves stuck in?
I try hard not to shout out loud (I really made an effort but a little cry came out somehow- a lady noticed it and gave me a look! Like I'm mad for getting mad!!! ).
I gave my angriest look ever and got out at the next station. There I waited for another 15 minutes, until God took mercy on me and I found a train that wasn't full at all! I dashed inside and reached my station.
Obviously I wasn't "IN" time! I waited for the class to get over, getting mad at everybody inside, who always manage to be at the right place at the right time. (What's wrong with them???).

How I hoped for a miracle that would make traveling easier. It might sound far fetched, but I asked God to give me the power to Apparate or Disapparate (getting to any place with just a turn, like people in the Harry Potter world). I also thought of digging a tunnel from my home that would be connected to my college, but by the time I get it over, I would probably have finished college.
A more realistic wish was somehow reducing the crowd, and what do I hear??

There's a women - only coach getting started! Even though I'm a feminist and believe that women are equal to men, I wondered if it would be better.
The first day it was started, I could see men with looks of anger, sarcasm or anguish , glancing at the platform, where messages in PINK (I'm not kidding) said "Women Only".
One of them gave me a look that said "Yeah, go on, get on the reserved coach!".
I decided to travel 'normally', I told myself, "You don't even want to go in there". Then another, and err, much stronger voice in my overfull head said "Who are you kidding? You SO much want to be in that!" .
Ego can do strange things to people.

I decide to try it on my way back. Without looking at anybody, I make straight for the reserved coach and enter. Whoa, I find empty seats looking straight at me from every corner! Happily sitting on one (taking care to be seated next to a girl near my own age), I steal a peek to the next coach, which I saw, was filled with people standing uncomfortably. I resisted the urge to laugh (no offense, but the longing looks people were giving the empty seats made me laugh ).

But good stuff always comes with shiny-red-horrible-horn-headed monsters I guess. The other day I was lucky enough (hey, not because I was wearing my lucky perfume !) to get a seat. I hardly got past one station when an old and stooped lady entered the coach right in front of me. (I didn't feel very lucky then). Obviously, like a good girl that I am, I got up and offered her the seat and went to stand at my favorite corner. The next moment a middle aged woman came striding to the girl sitting at the corner seat and asked her to shift. There wasn't a space to let an ant breathe and the girl was all ,"where?".(I couldn't help a smirk).
The lady got irritated and asked every one sitting in the row to make space for her. When one of them politely offered her a seat (which was the sensible thing to do), she got all upset over the way teens behave! I mean, the girl totally would have got up had she asked politely instead of barging at her! But she had a thing (obviously in the negative) for teen girls, for she said "look at these girls! So indecent, so rude! All girls are the same, "cheezen bigaadti zyada hain" . (Uh, hello? Not ALL girls are like that! I just got up and am standing here, feeling the soles of my feet warm up against the hot floor, while I could have been sitting comfortably).

I guess the old lady had some psycho powers or something, for, to my horror, she pointed a finger STRAIGHT AT ME and said incredibly loud (I mean, really , I never thought anyone that old could have so much power) "See that girl? She vacated a seat for me, even without me asking for it, NOT all girls are bad!".

I could feel the stares of ALL women , girls, oldies whatever on me, and getting redder and redder and redder! I mean, you can't just stand there, not knowing what to do, when all strangers look straight at you as if you're an angel in disguise or something! (But yeah, I felt pleasure and pride too, when I got to my senses,. "They're praising you, idiot" a little voice in my head said.)
Anyway, I was SO thankful when the train stopped at the station. I didn't forget to give the all-girls-are-bad-thinking lady a smirking look, though!

I've always traveled in those coaches till now. They're much spacious, squabble free (exceptions are always there, but then, life was never easy!) and I never once felt I could be a victim of asphyxiation. What do we need to feel bad for? If it's been provided for our use and makes the journey easy , why not take advantage? Huh?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Day in the life of an average teen.

Yeah, I'm an average teen. Nothing very interesting that I am good at (maybe except creating embarrassing situations for myself every now and then- ya I'm EXCELLENT in doing that!!!) and nothing very appealing about my looks. Half the time I'm not sure what to do, what to say, when to say and stuff like that. You got it, I'm just another teenager.

Today was a day that couldn't have been less than a "jumble", with so many confused decisions, laughing and fighting at the same time, enjoying one moment, then being frustrated at the second!

It started with me finally getting up in the morning, after hitting the snooze button a thousand times, looking all flustered in the rush to reach in time for the second lecture (the first is missed... I forgot it was supposed to start early!).
Reach the metro station, ask the Security lady about a new route (we had planned to go to Dilli Haat near INA in the south for work for the college magazine--yes, I'm finally into it!) . The lady said a measley "yes" when I asked if the route's started yet and impatiently pushed me and gave me such a look as if I was planning to bomb the station in question!
Without saying 'Thank You' to her, I climbed the stairs to the platform (I NEVER use the lifts, it's for the old and physically challenged, not for fit people). The train rolled onto the platform, filled with people bursting near the doors, with no space even for a particle. I see more people struggling and wriggling to get in (don't they ever feel like breathing normally? What's the point of traveling like a herd of sheep, when you can't even stand straight, without leaning on other people?).
I miss two more similar overfull trains (I am already late, I'm still gonna make that stupid excuse and still gonna get that weird stare from the teacher), until I find the one where I think I could breathe and stand properly. Trying to stand away from aunties (who piss you off no matter what, by snatching your comfortable place or by giving you those annoying looks- you know what I mean!), I reverse count the number of stations left..
Get a text from my bestie - where have you reached??? I'm getting bored, pls do come fast. Yippee.... there's a soul in this world who misses me!
Happily text back- "4 stations left.. 20 mins..".

Finally reaching my station, I make a bargain with the rickshaw-wallah who decides to move slowly (to make me realize that I should pay him more, I guess).
Making a sorry face and claiming to be unwell, I enter the classroom with every other student sitting there(how do they manage????). I try to ignore the stares and move as silently as possible to the desk that's not been cleaned. No pen again! Borrow it from someone and listen to the teacher as if I'm getting in every word!
There's a talent hunt in college, so me and my bestie submit our names for "photography" (since we joined the society in the first year and got a little knowledge out of it).
We roam about, finding other friends, supposedly to start for our little day picnic (officially for the magazine work ;) ). 
We wanted to explore that part of the city on one side and stay at college to attend the Hunt on the other.
After about two hours of analyzing the situation (that's what we've studied commerce for!), we finally decide to go south. 

Boarding the Metro train easily (did I mention that traveling with friends is much easier than traveling alone?) we chatted and gossiped (what else could we do?) about people in college, in the metro, everywhere! Laughing, talking and asking for directions every now and then, we reached our destination. Grabbing a bite hurriedly, we bought tickets and entered. 

Ohhhh.. the place's so colorful! Beautiful handicrafts filled every stall. Artefacts bought down especially from the different states kept us transfixed! Clicking pictures of every other thing that stood for Cultural Diversity (which was the theme for the exhibition and we were there to take pictures), we window shopped (and actually shopped in some cases!), had snacks and drinks (among flies that loved our drinks as much as we did) and spent some pretty time in the vicinity.

We started back home in the late afternoon. I reached my place in the evening, where my Mom took a full report of where we went and what we did, chiding at the same time (I got a pair of very pretty bangles. Mom said I should've got more than just that!!!). 
The bell rang and there stood my neighborhood friend. Exchanging talks about our respective experiences that day, we took a small walk in the park, which soothed my senses instantly. The rest of the evening was spent with the telly and on Facebook (who can miss that???), with no trace of studies! (But I've got a valid excuse. Hey, it's Friday, meaning we've got two whole days off to grope with our textbooks, plus we've been doing magazine work since morning (yeah, right! ;) ).

I text chatted with my bestie before sleeping, plugged in the earphones, listened to my favorite tracks countless times and dozed off without even bothering to take them off! (No wonder I need to charge the cell phone every single morning!). Hehee. :))))

PS- I broke the strap of one of my slippers (yes-AGAIN!!!) on our way TOWARDS south. We didn't find any cobbler and I didn't like any pair at the shops we explored (plus I wouldn't spend my bucks on a measley slipper! In any case, I'm used to it!), so I  dragged it all along! ;)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Metro Diaries....!

8.20 AM : Reaching the Station puffing and panting, dragging my overfull bag, struggling to keep hold on my cell phone that never stops ringing or beeping, going through the security check (that I find useless), habitually looking at the train time schedule (just looking, mind you.. it takes more time to workout the time left than it takes to actually reach the platform, and I prefer the latter).. 
That's how my frantic day starts and this post is just devoted to my daily metro travels..:)

Background: Class scheduled to start at 8.30, teacher always on time, 90% of students always on time (hey! I'm not the only exception ok? There are the rest lousy 10% for my company), wake up call by best friend in the morning, I take the call, look at the comfy bed, lie down only to wake up startled at the time, blaming family for not waking me up (who DO make an effort, but I'm not going to let them know this!)., end up looking hassled and matching pink with red! (OMG), I rush to the station cursing all slow people on the way..

8.25 AM: Board the metro. Text my Bestie to message back when class starts (that's to have an idea of the degree of impatience the teacher might show when I enter) and shuffle in to find a place to stand (getting a seat is unimaginable, almost impossible). I choose a place near the corner seats adjoining the door. That way you're near the exit and still have a 0.0000001% chance of getting a seat!
[Eight stations to go ... I reverse count the number of stations as we pass them, getting a breath only when I reach 4 at least. This doesn't include the uncomfortable sensation in my heart as time ticks by].

The lady sitting on the seat in front of me (which says 'for old and physically challenged' and she doesn't look either of that ) keeps throwing covert looks at me, sometimes even staring shamelessly! Alright, I might be looking weird to you lady, but that's what I call my Style!
Making way for someone or the other at each stop, I desperately try to shift the focus of my mind from my present condition to some pleasant moments spent with friends or hoping to spend during the day, but those interfering aunties hardly make it possible. Aunties are the biggest problem for teens I tell you! They give every kid such a look as if we're all spoilt brats and have no mannerisms at all. Block an auntie's way and listen to the steady stream of complaints she'll  shower on you! (Standing in the way, have no sense, these kids never listen, what have they learnt from parents...where parents come in I don't know.... etc etc..). I encounter aunties like these every so often, I've mastered the art of ignoring them. They'll most cleverly snatch your comfortable place, and if by a streak of Golden luck, you spot someone going to empty the seat, she'll be there in a flash and take the seat even before you make your mind to sit!

8.35 : Bestie's message- class started.. where are you???
Guiltily replying- Just three more to go.. 10 minutes.:(
The crowd at next station is far more than usual and you're transported to a place a metre away from where you stood, even without moving your feet! Finding myself amidst people (no offense, seriously, but just one question-Why can't people bother to spray a bit of deodorant before leaving for work? I'm already prone to breathlessness and stay wary of crowds!) well, no-deo users is common, so I take special care to spray extra bits of my favorite perfume (now I remember, I'm running short of it!!!) . But the sad thing is that I can hardly get its fragrance then.

8.40 : Pushing my way near the doors. Just one to go! Yippee.. already anticipating the gush of fresh wind that I'll delightfully accept as soon as I step out. The doors open (thankfully), I start towards the stairs.. Uh Oh!! 
Slow my movements.. that weirdo belongs to my class! ( What if (s)he spotted me and asked me for company? I'm one of those kinds who really need to learn the art of saying "NO")..
See the person disappear, move super fast, take a rickshaw, bargaining at the same time and requesting the rickshaw wallah to move fast..
To my dismay, he moves super slowly! Reach college gates at 8.45!!!
Running like mad, climbing the awful stairs (what happened to our classroom on the ground floor???), panting and straightening my clothes, hair, bag. Pause outside the door, take a deep breath AND OPEN IT!!!
The teacher turns round, looks at me, everyone looks up from their books......

The outcomes vary differently everyday. I leave it upto you to decide the outcome of your choice, but please don't be too harsh! I'm a teen after all.. not any criminal! ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keep Your Cool!!!

Inspired by the column, 'A Calmer You' in HT City on Sundays (that I make a point to read no matter what) I thought of some really silly stuff that makes our heart swirl with that uneasy feeling when we could be rather at peace!!!

Problem #1 : Looking at pictures of other people's family visits to exotic places while you spent your vacations at home, trying to fix all that stuff you couldn't during the working days.

What to do??? : Obviously you can't book a vacation just by getting those envious pangs(maybe yes, if you've got the bucks in sacks underground!).. So, just think of things , fun things you did at home! You forgot, your Dad took a week off and you had a blast playing games and joking and what not! Compare it with a vision of the 'exotic' family at their resort, with the dad scolding the kids for smashing the delicate windows while playing in the garden!!! Feeling good already? There's more...

Problem #2 : Seeing someone dressed chic while you're in your most boring T Shirt and baggy jeans... You get to see such people only when you're not in a mood to dress and end up looking from someone in the nineties while that someone is following the uber cool latest trend!

What to do??? : Well, you shouldn't care actually. You are what you are.. You weren't put on this Earth to impress people, were you? Still, if you care being out shadowed, imagine that trend follower tripping or getting the dress messed up(you can only imagine, it's not going to happen anyways)... Those high heels must be looking gorgeous but she'll be soaking her feet in hot water later in the day, while you'll be curled up comfortably in your warm bed reading your favorite book or listening to that favorite track!

Problem #3 : YOU got that branded T Shirt, you loved it and are wearing it!! So HOW come that idiot's wearing the same thing???

What to do??? : Well, common problem. One thing that's NOT the solution is sitting in your classroom all day so that people don't see you're wearing the ditto thing! Why's that idiot roaming about confidently and you're sitting feeling stumpy when you should be feeling great! Do the reverse!! Go out and show yourself! The next thing you may know he/she maybe sitting in the room! (If not, well, just ignore!)..

Problem #4 : You're late as always, starting late reaching late, thinking of lame excuses.... scared of entering the class half an hour after it started.. scared even more to miss it!

What to do??? : I've a question- Why? Unless you're extra sincere than required, you'll not be so apprehensive about the outcome, right? Just think about that student who bunks more than necessary and still scores better than you. Take advantage of the remaining half hour and do something constructive like having the day's special in the canteen (you missed your breakfast, right?). Be cool, there are thirty more students, you'll get the notes from someone!!!

Problem #5 (This one's for girls) : You forgot to change your nail paint for the next day and end up with an orange outfit with purple, red, black , green whatever weird color on your nails. On top of that, your hair's gone all oily and you can't wash because your family's against hair washing and nail cutting on tuesdays and thursdays, saturdays even!

What to do??? : Well, why don't you try to be the trend setter for once? Don't hide your hands in pockets! Take them out and show confidently. Believe me, you might end up setting a whacky trend!!!
As for the bad hair day, give your hair a different look, style it differently, wear some outfit that goes with it so the attention is diverted from hair to clothes! No one will notice your oily hair! What's more, you might be able to grab a compliment or two! (It's a tried and tested technique, I got a few compliments when I styled my hair differently on one of the bad days!!!)

Situations like these surely make us lose our cool easily, for we're human beings and living in these times means there's very little patience, too much meanness and anxiety! The trick is to be smart and think positive! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life's Lighter Moments......

Vacations over.. College reopens... No more sleeping late, waking up at noon and doing just about anything you wish to do, from watching the telly all day to invading other people's lives through Facebook! Sure, it's all possible on weekends, but it will come along with boring assignments to be marked by strict teachers.
In all this hustle bustle, we may find ourselves being lost, not knowing what to feel and thereby being miserable! Thinking of things that made us happy in the past or those that seem to be a laugh later seems to be the correct dose to find that much needed smile :).

For instance, I'm always bumping into things, tripping, stepping on people's toes or breaking something (this explains why my parents suddenly get important stuff out of my sight before I can have a look or pick them up!). Those moments may have been some of the most embarrassing, but when you think about it, it's the people around you that make it awkward. You would never feel bad about tripping if no one saw you! So, forget that there was anybody around (for we shouldn't give a thought to what they think. It doesn't matter.. they don't know you!) and laugh about it when you remember it the next time :D.

The second thing that makes your little heart swell is when you accidentally hear someone speaking good of you. It's a fabulous feeling, for in this smug world, people will definitely not want to praise someone unless they have been actually good and definitely won't do it in front of you. So Cheer Up!!!

My most favorite is finding money in my jeans pocket. I love this so much that I deliberately keep money in hidden pockets, hoping I would forget about it and would feel the excitement when I discover it next time, which also means a treat, for I always keep a part of 'found' money for a little treat!

Another instance is when you and your best friend are thinking along the same lines and you know the other is thinking the same thing even without speaking! (That's why I've joined a group on Facebook , 'Me and my best friend have the same mind, I swear!). This is most effective when you both know that the person babbling in front of you is lying! :)

Apart from all of these, the best feeling is derived out of helping somebody (and I don't mean helping some two faced sneak who'll never be grateful, though why anyone would help is a big question). Most effective is helping the needy. The next time you see a hungry street kid when you're buying yourself your favorite chips or chocolate, buy one for the kid as well and see the face light up! You'll feel blessed, believe me!
There's a lot more to it, but you'll have to discover your happiness points for yourself and if any one of them happen, it will make your day! Try it, just notice! Observe!!! :)

A world apart!

I have always been fascinated by dreams. Always, i mean, since FOREVER! Maybe its got to do something with the fact that I've been poring over books ever since I could read, picking up Fiction as my Bestest friend and embedding it into my memory. Such books can give you strange ideas and I'm always among the strangest of ideas, consciously or unconsciously.

My favorite is 'Dreams'. For me, it's a wonder how we lose our conscious mind and give way to our innermost thinking. From whatever I've read about dreams, I gather that they're formed from our deep thoughts, thoughts that we're not even aware of consciously. Those minute impressions that don't seem worth notice but are in their fullest force in this another world!
I would be surprised if I'm not the one with the weirdest dreams possible and one who loves them as much. Back to the time I remember, I can kind of control the focus of my dreams. When faced with a situation that's either too scary or too funny, I find myself saying, "C'mon, it's just a dream!" . And with that, I've developed an uncanny ability to flit in and out of my dreams.(But not always, sometimes it all seems real, for then I'm in a complete and deep slumber and the conscious part is completely overshadowed by the imagination). I use this ability when I'm about to be pounced upon by a dark and eerie monster or can't find a way out from a trap! The second way this is used is when I'm bored (REALLY) with the quality of the dream, finding no face I know and surrounded by strange faced people(or creatures) or when I don't find it interesting enough! I don't know what's the case with other people, but I like the queer connection. It's quite really ANOTHER World!

Last week, I read a book by Jonathan Stroud, The Leap, which roused my interest, since it had a lot to do with the dream world. The girl, Charlie, uses her dreams to find her lost friend, Max. It's a pretty interesting read. Ever since, I've been trying to remember last night's dreams every morning (for we forget them in a few minutes after we wake up and our conscious mind takes over). It's just what Charlie did and I'm amazed with the strangest, weirdest, queerest, unbelievable flicks that move in my mind throughout the night. Strange, but true (and I like it), the connection with The Other World has strengthened! :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trouble Queen!!!

That's me. Trouble Queen. With a capital 'T'!
It's finally raining and people are happy (maybe except those in the flood affected areas).
Anyways, the other day I started for college in what seemed like a sunny day ahead, getting late as usual in the process, thinking of convincing excuses for my lateness. As I found all my excuses lame, feeling put out by the moment, a loud thunderclap sounded and the next moment, it started raining. I would have loved the abrupt change in weather, save for the fact that I wasn't carrying my umbrella! Half soaked, I enter college and the next thing I know, the strap of one of my slippers comes off! Without warning!!! Oh my..... predicting a miserable day ahead, I make my lame excuse, trying to sound as convincing as I could. (I don't think the teacher believed me, but she didn't say anything, maybe seeing the condition I was in!). The rest of the day was spent dragging my feet along wherever I went. You know, I really could have managed but for the sad part that my best friend was absent!
Dreading the journey back home, I take a rickshaw to the metro station, completely getting drenched in the full force of rain! There couldn't have been a more embarrassing moment as the one when I was in the metro, with all clean and dry(HOW ON EARTH???) people staring as if I had been in the middle of a brawl in the rain..(I forgot to mention that my hair was in a terrible condition as well, so you can very well imagine).
From my metro station(thankfully there are just eight stops), I take my scooty from the parking lot to head home. No change in rain, so ten more minutes of getting those HUGE raindrops pattering on me! Eyes half closed, water running down my face, I drive. Nearing my place(thank god), I saw a group of small children splattering in the pools of water, laughing and enjoying with no worries on their delicate minds.
Somehow the sight made me forget my fuming anger and I thought I might not be the only one like this! Why not enjoy rather?
When I reached home, their astonished faces somehow made me laugh out loud(which is LOL by the way, dunno why people say 'lol' instead of LOL!). :)
But of course, every situation has something new to teach us and you know what I learnt? Well, now I always keep an umbrella and a pair of spare slippers in my bag! And intend to do so till rains say goodbye for the year!!! :)
(And yes, the girl in the picture's not me, it's just an impression of what and how i felt!)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crazy rides!!!

Yes, so I thought that this vacation might be the right time to learn to drive, since I'm now eligible to get a valid driving license. So, with my learning license and a big 'L' on the car, I start. I learn on a Santro from the driving school, then hop onto our own Honda City. Wheeee, I love the smooth drive, but am soon losing interest because of the Delhi roads. Yes, they're full of potholes and mini hills and what not, and reckless drivers and people add to the misery. Unnecessary honking, overtaking, rudeness, all has put me off! Twice I had to jam the emergency brakes because some moron thought it would be good to suddenly swerve in front of my car, plus making me feel as if I was the culprit. Really, people here need some sense, common sense if not civic sense, I would say. Oh! And I have another ten days to make myself (and others concerned) sure that I can drive well. Another ten days of continuous, irritating 'lovely-car-but-stupid-place-driving'! All the best to me!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Quite the irony

We all seem to have 'learnt' at school how bad child labor is and how it poses a danger to children who have a right to live a decent and innocent life. But school lessons are just school lessons it seems, for the malice of child labor is as widely present as anything! Not that we alone can do much, but surely our minute efforts can make a difference. For instance, we can take a stand against employing  kids for our household chores. I'm sure there must be a horde of munnis and chotus in our typical Indian households. They can't help it because either they are forced into the work by their poor parents who seek additional sources of income or because they've seen enough problems at a young age to last a lifetime and they get into work.

This problem took a greater hold on me when I recently witnessed an example of young kids put to work.
I was on my way to college and while you've got a mere eight station distance to your destination, you can't do much except notice other people and during one of my people-noticing times, I saw a small group entering the metro- a lady holding a 2 and a half year old child, another woman(i guess her mother or m-i-l) and a small stooped figure. I could not quite make out the figure in ragged clothes and on closer examination saw that she was a girl, hardly eight or nine, bent with the weight of numerous shopping bags that weighed her down and that contained expensive stuff, which she was never destined to own, but carry, yes. A sad but true thing. What made me downright outrageous was how the lady pushed her impatiently through the crowd, barely noticing the impression that was being made on the girl's neck by one of the bags. And, how could anyone that seemed to be educated enough to know child labor is a crime, could go on about having a kid do the work of an adult , maybe more than that, while she cradled her baby lovingly and protecting her from the crowd.
Really, what an irony that is!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Real Tragedy

The Air India Express airplane that crashed in the treacherous Mangalore Airport is nothing short of a real tragedy..... one that has probably devastated so many families and once again brought light to the issue of Airlines. No doubt it has been a blunder on the part of those who passed the Airport site and construction as 'in proper order'..... might even be the fault of the ATC or the pilots themselves, but does it really matter now? After so much of personal loss, the devastated condition of those who probably were coming from an enjoyable holiday or workers keen on getting home, what matters is that such a horrible accident never happens again. Instead of finding out a scapegoat, they should concentrate on making the airport a safe haven for the flying bodies. Well, at least that's what I believe in!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

getting late!!!

late, more late, even more late...............that's what seems to happen when we move even 5 minutes late! obstacles seem to sprout up at every turn you take, making your progress even slower.... you're left with that feeling of helplessness as if you're stretching out your hand to make a grab but the thing just will be out of your reach! I bet most people must have experienced this and I'm not new to this. For instance, I NEVER have been able to take the metro I intend to take and it will surely be an accomplishment once I'm able to do so.


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