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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Biased views, but MY views!

I should seriously get an award for the most lame blog-post titles. -_-

I'm kind of biased in my opinion, about everything and everybody. Let me tell you that for someone like me, it takes a lot of constraint to not pop out a steady 'I hate it', 'That's stupid', 'That's just crazy!' or 'Whaat kindddd of a person is sheee?' every time something stupid happens, which by the way, is almost all the time. So you can guess how constrained I might be feeling. I believed I could pour it all out in a diary or something, but then the speed of my thoughts is way faster than my hands can write, so I find it easier to type. And if I'm typing, it has to be posted. Why should one waste what one's written, right? I mean, unless it is absolute trash or demeaning someone. This could classify under either category, but just because of the fact that it's written by me and the important fact that I don't really care about rebellious jacks who might think of me as stupid or whatever, I think it's necessary for me to take this out. 

First off, I'm not really, like "really" detesting anyone in particular, and mostly these people are victims of this extremely weird kind of an environment we're into and not everyone has the 1) brain or 2) capability to get out of it, like some awesome people can. So that leaves us with so many people who do all sorts of crazy stuff, believing in things they shouldn't and make sensible people seem boring. Anyway, since I'm not targeting anyone but just expressing my thoughts, I don't need any rebuttal or hate mail. Even if you do send one, it's unlikely I'd respond. Unless it is to seek you out and feed you to my hungry dragon. She likes people roasted.

In no particular order:

1. Everyone is NOT a writer. And the strange thing is, everyone seems to think that they ARE. Everyone as in, all those who claim to be. Seriously, if you're one of those who has just read the baseless-emotionless-storyless recent junk in the name of contemporary writing and then in a surge of energy you write one of your own, you are not a writer. We were discussing this in office today after one of us expressed how people sending in their manuscripts or story submissions are all obsessed with the idea of love, while not having the least idea of how to express it. We saw books with stories that absolutely sucked. If not the story then the writing was meaningless. 

It's not important for you to take out a book with your name on it, unless it is a product that will actually contribute something good to society. Stories are regarded well for a reason, they're tenets of various forms of expression, but it needs to be done with care. You cannot write a book in a month, however good a writer you are. You need to spend time analyzing every aspect of it, you should know far more than what you're putting in your book and most of all, you should tell a story that is useful/beautiful/meaningful. And tell it with care and love. Those books I call trash don't show an ounce of anything I mentioned above. In fact, I don't really believe in their stand when they say, 'at least we make more people get into the habit of reading.'

What's the point of reading if you're not reading something of value? Stop promoting trash, people. Seriously. If you want to write adult novels, do that with care, precision and do it artfully. Don't just dump your crass thoughts in a character and go out promoting it because that's what people, or the "youngsters" want to read. Those kind of readers are anyway better off not reading anything rather than reading stuff that makes them even more gross than how they already are. *shudders*

2. What's up with teeny kids having totally silly-college-kid Facebook profiles? Wait. What's up with teeny kids having a Facebook profile in the first place? Returning home in the evening, I'm greeted by this cute little girl, aged 11 who says, 'Didi I sent you a friend request on FB, please accept it.' I seriously found it kind of cute, but then saw her status updates. I'm not blaming the kids, it's just......... something in the way kids are being brought up. Why does an eleven year old need to post about Deepika Padukone being compared to Kareena Kapoor, or about that Aliya Bhatt woman? When I was 11, I guess I was pretty much enthused about picture books, the new brain teaser game dad got, and Shakalaka Boom Boom. Oh, also Flintstones and Tom and Jerry and Popeye. I'm not saying they should do the same. But at least let kids be kids, no? 

3. Those women with high ponytailed hairstyles in the metro. I hate the lot. Especially when it's a crowded train and you're forced to stand behind these girls/ladies/women with high hairstyles and rough hair that fall straight on your face and gets even more annoying because these ladies just-can't-stand-still! Once you shift yourself slightly to the left to avoid the spiky-ness on your face, they'll somehow get the hint and move their silly heads even more. 

4. I don't even want to start on behaviour and attitude of women in the metro. Why do people have to stare? Like, why? And not even out of curiosity. They would stare and make you feel weird. They would stare and pass a smirk. Just-like-that. Man! Is there something in the metro air that makes these normal people sadists? Or do all stupid people travel in metro? Why can't people just keep their annoying noses to themselves and get the concept of personal space? I hardly use my cellphone in the metro unless it is to read something, because people have this hugely irritating habit of peeking into your phone to see what you're doing. They'll read your WhatsApp conversation over your shoulders, enjoy the videos you're watching from your right and left, and having enjoyed themselves, would look up at you and stare for a while, as if analyzing and carefully forming their *important* opinions about you. Umm lady? Who are you? -_-

5. I hate arrogant, proud and haughty people. Most of the times, they're not even as smart as they proclaim themselves to be. And then you feel nauseous knowing that they actually have fans drooling over them. Who reads those books on leadership lessons and behaviour??? If you have a fan following, you need to act responsible! You have the power to influence others, at least use it wisely! Although I do believe in the fact that these people are seldom genuinely liked. Sometimes they don't know this, and sometimes they do know but don't care. Weird!
6. Glancing at people in the metro and finding every head bowed, eyes glued to cell phones, headphones stuck in their ears, is hudd annoying. I admit. I too use the metro time to quickly message friends and family, but I most certainly don't waste time playing Candy Crush, or like the fellow passenger today, Farmville. I mean, it's kind of okay if I think about it. If they find it 'recreational', it is up to them, but there's just something wrong in looking at everyone staring at screens. It feels so mechanical and robotic. :/  

7. I don't like the fact that there's business in every damn thing we use. Overload of commercialization! The books in the market, the movies, the every day products, everything is about "what sells". It sucks. What about promoting something just because it is good? So what if it has a niche market? Those limited people would be immensely grateful. Why make everything mass market? :'( My idea of good products is when the seller is convinced of the quality and utility of what he's selling, and he convinces the buyers to try his product and buyers love it. Not how it works most of the time these days: looking at what "sells" and then making the product. You'd think I'm crazy or passed MBA by fraud, but fortunately I have personal opinions too. And I believe more in them. If I would ever write a book, I wouldn't look at what is selling and then conceptualize an idea. I'd look at what "I" want to tell and think of the best, and most personal way to bring it out. And then tell the world why they should read it. 

8. Have you seen shy kids? Their parents are those who seem the most disturbed, because they want their kid(s) to be 'outgoing' and tez. Without realizing that the kid is a human as well, and someone with his/her own characteristics. Asking a kid to be who he/she is not, is child abuse. Stop worrying about stupid "competition" in the world. The biggest thing you can teach your kid is how to find happiness in the littlest of things, and then let him/her go about discovering life themselves. Especially in the Indian culture, it's terrible how sometimes people have to compromise their own aspirations, their choice of partner, their own feelings, just because people in the family would not support them. It's kind of pathetic that people go out shouting slogans and sharing stupid messages on social media, talking about development and other such BS of the country, when they won't bother to accept the evils they're practicing in their own homes in the name of 'culture' and 'tradition'. Total stupidity. 

9. I love simplicity and people who're simple. They're usually the kindest of all, and a pleasure to talk to. They enrich you with the super-simple but meaningful things they say, they won't gossip about useless stuff and their idea of fun is what I call real fun. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I don't know why I'm writing this. I should SERIOUSLY be working right now!

What's up with the loooong titles I have these days? I mean, have I become so lazy that I wouldn't even want to wait a few seconds to think of a creative, short-yet-meaningful title? Oh wait, yes I have. :| Not that I care much, because this is one of those times when I seriously cannot stop typing. I just need to. Like, "need" to. Even though I also desperately "need" to shut down all these tabs and work, because it is nearing midnight and I have to actually "go" to work tomorrow. But anyway, blogging rules! So yeah, I'll sacrifice some sleep, which in itself is a huge feat, so you can guess how important would be the work I have (yet I prefer to blog), and slog some time working after I'm done with this post.

But wait. What am I even saying? I need to write something that makes sense! You know, even though this, what I'm doing right now is perilous, I'm glad I'm insane enough to do it. I mean, I was so bored not being the old me, even though the new me is nicer and kinder and what-not, but it gives a good feeling to go back to idiocy sometimes. The first line in my last post stated how happy I am these days, which is true for the most part. Oh wait, *optimism insertion* *re-quote* Which is so much true! And believe me, it's not because I suddenly found something awesome, even though I did, but that was because I started on a conscious quest to leave out negativity and get to awesomeness in life. Following really simple things works wonders! *_*

Anyway, awesomesauciness news? Most of my usual worries lately revolve(d) around the job-search process, mostly because we're surrounded by so many expectations and people and crazy-pots, that it does become hard to focus on your own self. But if you really want something, you have to stick to your own ideas, come-what-may. People don't really matter. I know it is easy for me to say so, because even I believe I got lucky, but there's no harm hoping for awesome things, right? :) Cutting a long story short, my status from a berozgaar MBA shifted to Assistant Editor at an Indian publishing house. :D I mean!! These guys actually gave me an opportunity to get straight to book editing. *feels forever abhaari*

Even though I'm new in the process, I'm sure I'd get to learn so much! And I can hardly feel the weirdness of not really, formally using my MBA degree right now. I won't say I don't mind it either, but that is a very tiny fraction of it, and things we learn in business schools are far beyond formal work. Those are things that make you a better professional and a better worker, both of which would be used in any kind of job I perform. And I got to do something so close to my heart, what else could I have asked for? :') EEPS! :D

Before this awesomeness happened to me, I was thinking of making a Job Search Diary series on this blog, talking about the job-search process, the funny and the silly, the preparing for interviews, the encounters with (trust me) really weird specimens, how you think and how it actually turns out, yada yada. I dropped the idea when I was no longer welli, but I guess I can still do it. After all, there would be stuff to report even when I'm working, right? I'd just hope my employers won't read those posts! Not that I'd have anything bad to report, but still. :P What do you think? O:)

Alright penguin! Going, going!
Pic credit: Somewhere from Google!
Now. I should seriously get back to work. Or else either this penguin will eat me up - and I'd be found in this mug in the morning - or I'd have to lose my precious sleep, which makes me a *very* dangerous person to mess with. Ciao!  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Got skin problems? Don't worry, these angels will help you out!

Heya people! I'm a happy person today. Say yay! :D

Anyway, this post is about something else. Having come across so many people in my life who're so caring and concerned, I thought they deserve a special-mention-post on my lovely, adorable, beautiful, esteemed blog. Once you've read through, I'm sure you'd feel the same. I'm also thinking of making some pretty Thank You cards and keeping them handy. These people turn up so randomly that I'm unable to properly tell them how grateful I am to have them in my life. Seriously, if not for their concern, I wouldn't even know what is really wrong with me!

It started way back in early 2000s when I, like every other single person on the planet, hit puberty and was greeted with an onslaught of ugly pimples, a subtle and more 'medicated' word for which is 'acne'. The kid in me didn't realize what a horrifying thing it was to have, especially since I'm an Indian girl who'd get older soon and then no one would agree to marry me because my face wasn't "clear". (Just a note: I'm NOT talking about or pointing towards my parents and immediate family for their genuine concern. Obviously they'd help me have normal skin).

If those annoying kiddies in school weren't enough, always pointing those out and talking about them as if my awesome life depended on it, there were millions more of those who seemed to be worried about them too. I couldn't grasp it. I felt shy and didn't feel like going out if there was another breakout. And I'm so thankful to all of those who focused on telling it to my face what a problem it is, because y'know, they saved me from more such stupid people whom I'd have met had I been more social. 

Before I create separate categories of people and incidents to thank them one by one, I'd tell you what the "genuine" problem is. You know, I asked God to let me have the kind of skin that likes to get oily, pimply and enjoys random breakouts. But those fat beasts weren't enough, so I also asked for special permission to have blackheads too. And just in case I manage to lose them, I asked for scars left by those vanishing beasts so there's always proof that my skin is special. Turns out I made a wrong wish! Goodness, I really had no idea. Thanks people for letting me know!

1. The rishtedaars. Right from your dad's siblings to your grandparents' cousins' grandkids, from the weekly-visiting aunts to the oh-I-saw-you-for-the-first-time relative, every person, after the usual happy greeting, makes me even more happy by commenting on how my forehead is a lot more clear but my cheeks need care. Had it not been for them, I wouldn't have known about how multaani mitti would help (and realize to my dismay that I'm allergic to it. Bah). I also would have no idea about different kinds of fruits and their application on the skin (eww?). Really, I so look forward to every gathering so I can have a free check up on how I'm doing skin-wise. *_*

2. The doctors. Not talking about the poor skin specialists (every one of whom I've been to once in my life. Those in Delhi, I mean), but those lucky ones whom I visit for other normal-human-medical issues. You know, they're so smart and concerned for their patients that apart from treating me for the stomach pain I have, they also diagnose my skin problem and suggest medicines for it. Or even better, since their knowledge in the field might be fairly limited, they refer me to their skin-specialist friends who'd be able to treat me better. It feels so good! Getting a double diagnosis when you went for one. Thanks doc!

3. The maids. Now, what kind of a family with working parents wouldn't love these people, who're truly a blessing for our households. The icing on the cake is when apart from making our homes shiny and bright, they also are a great resource for home remedies. While scrubbing the floors when they look up and see you calmly reading a book, they'd want to scrub off those scars on your face too. Since they realize it'd be rude, they come up with weird sounding names for your skin problem, and suggest gharelu ilaaj, assuring you how those would take all the gandagi away. Such dedicated cleaners.

4. The uncle-who-met-in-the-park-after-years. This one is exciting, since I was already so excited to have been able to get up early in the morning (for a change) and going to the huge park where we used to frequent as kids, especially during the holidays. So you can imagine the level of my excitement when I saw an uncle who lives in our old neighbourhood, and whom we called 'Ball uncle' because he used to roll up socks into balls whenever he came to our place and we would play Catch-em-catch with those. Here's how it went:

Dad: "Goodmorning bhaisahab! Kya haal hain?"
Uncle: "Goodmorning! Bas badhiya. Walk shalk, eh? To me: Kaise ho beta? Padhai theek chal rahi hai?
Me: "Haanji uncle, all good." *smiling*
Dad: "Ya aajkal subah time hota hai, thandi hawayen khayi jayen.."
Uncle: *looks at me* "Haan aur kya. Subah fresh air me walk karne se ye sab daag gayab ho jayenge. Keep it up!"

See? For no reason, without even asking, he made me aware of the benefits of a good walk and fresh air and how those would eventually help me get better.

5. The mom's-friend-who-comes-home. She's amazing. She sees me so many days and yet makes it a point to make me see where I'm going wrong. Having come back home after a long, grueling day, I change into casuals, wash my face and go to mom's room to show her something new I got. Now this lady is so thoughtful about my "problem" that it's the first thing she notices and comments on even before uttering a 'Hello'.

She: "Ashna ye aapke face pe ye theek kyu nai ho rahe?" *in her naturally high pitched, over-confident voice*
Me: "Err.. I dunno. And I'm tired. I really don't care."
She: "Paani piya karo khoob saara.. Jitna peete ho usse bhi zyada. Ye sab nishaan chale jayenge. Maano meri baat."
Me: "Okay."
She: "Sayi me. Isse better kuch nai hai."
Me: "Uh uh" *goes out*

I'm sorry miss, I had a feeling I was kind of rude to you, not listening properly. I'd wait for you next time when I'm sure you'd be considerate enough to help me again. :)

6. The classmates-who-meet-after-a-long-time. Although some of them are kind of uncaring, because they don't usually comment, but some of the better ones would tell me if the scars are less or more compared to the last time we met. Not counting the best friends to whom I myself put this question, I'm lucky to have some truly caring friends, who love to try helping me on their own. They'd scold me playfully, ask me to meet a certain doctor, give me tips, and make me imagine a bright future.You know, studying together really gels us together. :')

I'm sure I'm missing out some more special categories. Apologies to those who feel left-out, but worry not, I have you in my mind. :)

You know the kind of people I feel sorry for? Those strangers who randomly come across and compliment me on my hair and ask the kind of oil and shampoo I use. Or those friends who always have a ready compliment whenever there's a new picture or when we meet. They don't know what they're missing! Can't they SEE? They ought to help me out with the bigger problem!  


PS- I actually appreciate concern and would be happy to get useful tips, but always talking about them every time you see me and making it a hot topic all the time would take you further from me. If the sight of it hurts you, close your eyes and go talk to someone else. I have better people to talk to.

PPS- What I have isn't even such a huge problem. Stop pestering me about it. 

PPPS- The first PPPS on my blog, here I am, the way I am. The way I love myself. I'm much bigger than what's pestering my skin. If it is a problem to you, go close your eyes and stare at supermodels on screens. Have fun! :D

Unedited pictures.
Go comment all you want, like I care. O:)


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