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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The post with a lame name...

Names are important, considering how everything isn’t just ‘something’ and ‘this’ and ‘that’. You use these words when you don’t know what they’re called. Every ‘thing’ has a name, and when the ancient humans saw how ‘aye!’ can’t be used to call everyone, they started naming each other as well. I’m bad with names. Like with registering who is called what, which leads to weird situations sometimes, like the one time a familiar face said ‘Hi’ to me in the Metro and I knew she’s someone from my college but with no idea how she knew me. I managed to make a ten minute conversation, overusing ‘you’ and ‘aap’ with my mind whirring in the background trying to recall. Unsuccessfully. Now this is still pardonable because she was someone I might have acquainted with through some ECA society. But what about that one time in first year, just a few months into college, the teacher asked for ‘Sunny’ and I turned to my bestie:

“Who’s Sunny?”
*Weird look* “Err.. you do know he’s our classmate?”
Me: *squiggly eyebrows* “He is? Who?”
Bestie: *points a thin guy out, wondering if she made a blunder making me a close friend*
Me: "Oh. I umm.. forgot his name. Sorry.” *going back to daydreaming*

The fact of the matter was that I never even bothered to learn names, because if I could just see and know they’re my classmates, why bother? It’s anyway a taxing thing for my brain. But you see how it can lead up to awkward situations, in future, when I might be working? Because I’m totally a hypocrite when it comes to names. I absolutely love the feeling when someone calls me by my name, and that someone is someone I didn’t expect would know or remember my name. I suppose everyone does love it, because on a rare occasion or two, I have felt awesome when I did remember someone from the past and called them by name and saw the gleam in their eyes. Y’know, the shiny thingy that’s there for a moment? But anyway, this post is dedicated to my inability surrounding the genius entity called ‘name’.

I’ve sometimes frequently wondered how names were even invented. While I know how some names are so creative, derived from mythological kinda words and from other languages and everything, but how did it start anyway? Someone saw the sun and said ‘sun’? I mean yeah, it might have been called something weird in the ancient civilization days, but still. Look around, how is the shirt a shirt, a book a book, a laptop a laptop, a tripod a tripod, a mug a mug? (Yeah alright! I’m just naming stuff I’m seeing right now :P ) And these are just what you say ‘generic’ names, think about specific ones. How genius do they sound! Please know I’m not referring to ‘language’ over here, just names of things and people and countries and everything that has a name.

Let’s start with people. Without wanting to sound bashful, I have to say I love my own name. I love the fact that it is a word from a language I’m actually not familiar with, that it has a meaning that I feel like living up to, so that it makes just the perfect kind of sense. I love knowing people’s names, though that is a different matter I usually forget them very soon. But it’s cool when you listen to a name and you match it up with the person’s face and character, if you happen to know it, and then you tend to think of them as more meaningful people. Try it sometime! Some names absolutely strike me as unique and I remember them for longer, no matter forgetting whom it belonged to. I think Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake is related to names too, though I guess it’s more about how people were running into problems because of their names. “I think” because I haven’t read the book, just the blurb once upon a time and I’m too lazy to check right now (lazy? Check, too busy with the meanie college that’s making my life so not how I wanted it to be. More of that later).

Anyway, yes there’s a huge probability that I wouldn’t remember your name if you’re in my college but not in my class (leaving aside a couple of exceptions :P), but maybe yes if your name’s weird (sorry. Some just are. Why are people these days naming their kids ‘Rhythm’? That’s just too weird, with a very weird connotation) or unique! That explains the new-ness in kids’ names these days. Tongue-twisty names I tell you. Makes it even harder for people like me to remember.  -_-

The next kind of ‘name’ that makes me squirm is a nickname. I know people who keep awesome nicknames! I may find them even more awesome because I know I can’t think like that myself, but they’re either really funny, or abbreviations of funny words that actually suit the nicknamed person. Such people, I really admire your skills. (Hint hint: Miss Ruya, I like the MDB :P And even though it’s tiny, I’m proud of making you make it into EMDB!) Nicknames are fun, mysterious to those who don’t know, which make them even more fun, and totally cool! If you still don’t know how lame a nickname I can make, consider how I call my Scooty, ‘Scoot’. Yeah. That’s the most creative name I could come up with. The parrot we once had? Parry :P I won’t oblige you guys with more such examples because that would be a threat to the readership for this blog!! The last example is how you call your sibling weird, disgusting names in various kinds of moods? My brother has always been creative when it came to calling me with absurd names. When I had to retort, I just replaced the initial alphabet with ‘S’, the initial for his name. How creative, right? -_-

I’m no good at naming anything. Events, titles for posters, titles of blog posts -_- I feel amazed sometimes with the creative names I’ve come across! Book-titles! I have no idea how I’m going to think of titles for my not-yet-conceptualized-book(s).

Why can’t I name anything? Maybe because I don’t really like ‘memorizing’ stuff? I have an okay vocabulary and even though I drool over words that sound awesome (and people who use awesome words in conversations), I can’t seem to use them myself because of the simple fact that I listen, register, drool and store it safely somewhere, padlocked. It doesn’t bother me a lot, though. And I don’t think it should, anyway. Even though keeping names is important. And while I do have this very solid, open fear that I’m eventually going to name my own kids Ashna-Junior and err.... Ashna-Junior2 (or maybe Harry and Hermione. Or maybe Little Lord Fauntleroy. Or Hedwig! No wait, I can’t name a kid after a white snowy owl. Or is it allowed?), I also am hopeful that I would have someone creative enough to think of a meaningful, nice name and make me see beyond Fauntleroy-type names, and then maybe one day those kids would write some random, weird post talking about how they love their name. Well, what else do you expect? I think they’ll write weirder posts and make me proud :P

See you in the next post!
Uhh.. alligators :P
Hectic college, hectic college
When will you end?
I’m striking off days, hoping
What’s awesome is just ‘round the bend
No, I don’t hate you as much as it seems
But don’t be so cruel that it makes me scream
And write lame posts when at all I do
It’s what I love, please don’t spoil it too.

PPS- Whoa! I’m awesome at lameness. :P


  1. Haha... what superb imagination... this lame name thing really gets to me like Nort h West, the kid of Kim kardiashan nd Kanye west... i mean.. what we expect now people naming their children News...

    Super Awesome.. :D :D

    1. Haha! :P Really, now? I feel better about my naming capabilities :P But then, to each his own. ;)

  2. As you might know, I have this name recalling problem ever since I remember. With some incidents as pitiable as would have made me homeless if people came to know of it ���� such is the horror of names with me.

    I haven't thought about names and where they come from, never noticed. But i guess it is something interesting to think of it. There must have had real meanings behind names, interesting meanings. Not like what you can see around you sometimes. Like how a dark village guy is named 'kaale' by his family.

    I liked this post Ashna, it made me say 'yes yes' at so many places. Now, I want to read more, I might just go and read some of your earlier posts ;-)

    Keep writing! :D

    1. Haha! :P Homeless? You're sure telling me all about those incidents now ;) And yeah I do remember your post on how you forget names! :P After all, we're friends. We would HAVE something in common, right?

      I hope you did read those posts ;)
      Thanks so much for your comment. You know I love them! ^_^

  3. Please wait while I try to stop myself from laughing :P

    Ok, HAHAHAHA! You are seriously considering naming your kid Little Lord Fauntleroy?! :'D Dude, seriously, unlike y'all, and to sound totally shamelessly boastful, I AM great with names :P And faces, and random stuff, and conversations... I remember a lot of things, what I absolutely suck at remembering are lyrics of songs (you know it :P)

    Weird names!! Well, really, there is this trend of weird names, like Aayush said- North West -_- Gwyneth Paltrow named her kids- Apple and Mosses -_- Oh and while I was googling for the correct spelling of her name, I came across a list of weird names- some celeb named her kid Audio Science o.O Another one- Bear Blu!! Oh, oh anddddd, you have to read Jamie Oliver's kids' names: Buddy Bear, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, and Poppy Honey Rosie!! Here's another- Pirate -_- OMG PEOPLE!!! And Ashna, there are people like you out there, totally uncreative with names, like this certain celeb who named his son- "Kyd" :D :D It's just kid with a 'y'!!!!! o.O

    Yea, now we're gonna have mangoes and bananas and stuff like that around. Some people think it's "Aww so cute", these people are worthy of that Bournville ad where this carnivorous plant eats the 'aww so sweet' girl :P Wait, where is this comment going?! o.O

    BTW, I do have a Rhythm in my PG :P

    My sis is no different, she forgets names A LOT! Which annoys me A LOT! And there's another person, who really gets me mad by his forgetfulness -_- (Hint: Your Baaast Fraand :P)

    Thanks for the mention Madam :D
    P.S. Awesome post!!!!! Keep up the laughter-inducing posts :P

    P.P.S. EMBD doesn't even remember it!!!! Please make him eat almonds and bhindi and walnuts and kelogg's cornflakes and make him drink Complan Memory Boosters and Horlicks -_- Honestly!! He OBVIOUSLY won't listen to me, but I will try, I made him flaunt his pearlies for photographs, who knows, he might listen to me :P

    Same here, same here,
    hectic college seems never-ending..
    Sympathies, empathies,
    but holidays are 'round the corner...
    Paint, read, write and post...
    for cruel days would return in no time...
    Lame, lame,
    I beat you at lameness,
    this time around :P

    OKAY BYE. :P

    1. Isn't the 'obviously' a little too capital.
      And coming from someone who'd forget to reply to an tiny audio message even after being reminded of three times, this makes me just go and get all this stuff for you myself. Plus cerelac.

    2. Oh puh-leeeeease, 1. that's nothing compared to the number of times YOU FORGET TO REPLY!!!!! 2. Cerelac is for toddlers granddad, bhool gaye, I'm an adultni (well if u did forget, I wouldn't be surprised, because THAT IS WHAT YOU DO! FORGET STUFF!!!) 3. No, the obviously is perfectly aptly capital!
      4. Mommy is gonna kill you for starting a fight on her precious blog :P

    3. OHMAN. Stop fighting here. -_-

      BUT since I'm oh-so-cheesy, I think it's really cute :P
      First, THANKYOU Preetika for the blogpost on my blogpost ! :P I do LOVE such comments. And your comments are like, I imagine you standing in front of me, speaking all this in your typical style. ;)

      Those names! o.O People seriously named their kid 'kyd'? :laughing like crazy: :P And the rest of them! It makes me wonder if I could name them 'book', 'first book', 'curious book' etc too? :P Okay no. I'm just kidding. AND you seriously don't believe I'd ACTUALLY name the kids like this? -_- Yeah I'm pathetic at naming but I do have the sense not to name a kid Hedwig. And not just because it's the name of an owl. -_- And anyway, I would have you, right? ;) I wouldn't even have to use my brain to think of any! You'd do an awesome job! :P

      What-e-poem! Seriously. And I liked it. Makes me wonder what is lamer, me liking the lamest poem or the lamest poem itself? :P

      Say my hi to Rhythm. -_- and sometime politely try to extract info on why she's named that. I'd love to do a story on that. :P

      AND YOU TWO, you adorable two, my two favorites! As much as I secretly love your bickering, yes please don't fight here. :P Plus, don't blame anyone for being forgetful -_- When you get dragged in this phase of life where your college is sucky or something like that, you'd know how it feels. It's painful dudeni :| Anyway, I found out what all to eat to make your memory sharper :P

    4. Bass... defend your baaaast fraaand, and well, dude, it isn't like my college is a paradise, the way you put it -_- You both, I'm deliberately skipping any 'next meet' as part of a revenge thingy -_-

      And gosh, this reply, about time!

      I don't talk to Rhythm.. she's err... strange and part of the trio at the PG we don't interact with much o.O And she's a law student, what if she sues me or something for indirectly making fun of her name? :P

      Haanji, you're blessed with my awesome-creative-smart presence :P

      Fine, I'll stop now.

    5. I'm not defending anyone and TWO, YOU CANNOT compare your college with mine. AND I don't want to even mention it on my precioussss blog so we'll just stop now. :P

      PS- HAHA to the Rhythm being a law student :P I'm getting snarky remarks but I'll inbox them to you on FB. What if she finds this out and sues us both? o.O :P

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. 1. WOW, that is so nice of you preetika. Justify it, right? -_-
      2. I perfectly know who cerelac is for. There is a reason why I recommended it to you ;)
      3. Fine.
      4. I am not the one who dragged myself in, am I?

      5. You're skipping the meet? :D Too bad we'll have to have all the fun akele akele

  4. Wow!! My comments could qualify as entire blog posts :P

    Such a lovely, nice, amazing, humorous and what not post!! :D

    I too got bit by this bug recently, the one that doesn't let you remember names :D
    But I am slightly, noh...fairly better than you :P Nicknames? I have loads of them...but still I want one from your side too :D.

    *Similarities! Similarities!*
    1. Matching up the name with the person's face.
    2. Drooling over and admiring the names.
    3. Love for nicknames.
    4. Padlocking some awesome words I come across.
    5. Hectic college! -_-

    Are you really gonna name your kids that? O_o. Noh! Please! Contact me, I love naming babies :P

    1. Haha!! My nickname would be the lamest, if you still want that, I'll think of something ;)

      SO glad to see such similarities. Wow, we're all so weird :P
      No yaar. You people don't trust me at all. *wailing out loud* I wouldn't really have a Fauntleroy! Or Hedwig! YES, I'd prefer literary characters but those would be suitable, meaningful, going-by-the-times names :P And of course, I'd have you guys to think of awesome names ;)
      What am I even talking about in all my comments? o.O
      Thanks for your sweet, made-me-go-smiley-comment! :D


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