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Thursday, April 21, 2016

#12: Acrostic

Little by little
Over highs and many lows, like
Violet daffodils and a blue rose
Emerged someone I didn't know, nor
Did you, my dears. For it was

One, born from having borne a
Number of hurts and fears.
Every time you assumed
She wouldn't mind staying behind,

Having her belligerent requests,
Upturned a thousand times.
Raging silently, she goes on,
Thunder brewing inside her.

Till the time you act so
Hideous, it hurts to look at your face, but still you
End up cursing and blaming her,

Moments after she strikes back unafraid.
Over reasoning and fairness you can ride,
Still she would be right, because
Though you are unapologetic for your words, she knows it is only your ego and pride.


An acrostic is a form of poem where (usually) the first letter of each line together spells out a word or a message. Go figure. And tell me if I'm wrong here.

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