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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A world apart!

I have always been fascinated by dreams. Always, i mean, since FOREVER! Maybe its got to do something with the fact that I've been poring over books ever since I could read, picking up Fiction as my Bestest friend and embedding it into my memory. Such books can give you strange ideas and I'm always among the strangest of ideas, consciously or unconsciously.

My favorite is 'Dreams'. For me, it's a wonder how we lose our conscious mind and give way to our innermost thinking. From whatever I've read about dreams, I gather that they're formed from our deep thoughts, thoughts that we're not even aware of consciously. Those minute impressions that don't seem worth notice but are in their fullest force in this another world!
I would be surprised if I'm not the one with the weirdest dreams possible and one who loves them as much. Back to the time I remember, I can kind of control the focus of my dreams. When faced with a situation that's either too scary or too funny, I find myself saying, "C'mon, it's just a dream!" . And with that, I've developed an uncanny ability to flit in and out of my dreams.(But not always, sometimes it all seems real, for then I'm in a complete and deep slumber and the conscious part is completely overshadowed by the imagination). I use this ability when I'm about to be pounced upon by a dark and eerie monster or can't find a way out from a trap! The second way this is used is when I'm bored (REALLY) with the quality of the dream, finding no face I know and surrounded by strange faced people(or creatures) or when I don't find it interesting enough! I don't know what's the case with other people, but I like the queer connection. It's quite really ANOTHER World!

Last week, I read a book by Jonathan Stroud, The Leap, which roused my interest, since it had a lot to do with the dream world. The girl, Charlie, uses her dreams to find her lost friend, Max. It's a pretty interesting read. Ever since, I've been trying to remember last night's dreams every morning (for we forget them in a few minutes after we wake up and our conscious mind takes over). It's just what Charlie did and I'm amazed with the strangest, weirdest, queerest, unbelievable flicks that move in my mind throughout the night. Strange, but true (and I like it), the connection with The Other World has strengthened! :)

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