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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Being Naughty. ;)

It's nearly Christmas and we all want to be on Santa's "Nice" list, don't we? (Even though we know there's no such thing, whatever). 
Believe me, being nice is like warmly inviting trouble, since you will be chased forever by wackos who want you to do their piece of work. When you're being nice, you pretend not to be hurt when someone takes advantage, giving them and others more opportunities to exploit you. 
I believe we need to be nice only to those we love and those who kindly return the favor. 
For the rest, NOW let's show them the "Naughty" side of us (even if Santa gifts us coal this Christmas!)

Disclaimer: Follow these points at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any physical, emotional or mental damage you might face.

1. The snotty girl simply comes up to you and goes, "Why are you wearing those shoes? They don't match with your dress!". 
Instead of saying, "Oh, because I like them.", be straightforward and reply, " Du-uh, you never read, do you? It's IN AND they're Jimmy Choo, unlike yours!" .

2. FINALLY, you get lucky enough to get a seat in the Metro! Two seconds on the seat and an aunty strides up to you and you get up, thinking she's older, or whatever!
Unless you're extra nice, you would mind the uneasy ride, standing all the way. So, when you get a seat, sit down, plug in your earphones and pretend to sleep! What sensible person would wake up a sleeping teenager, huh?

3. The Metro, it seems, has on board every single person on this planet. You try to get out without hurting anybody (I even missed my station once), while you're the victim of bruises made by people pushing and shoving you as if you're sheep.
Why don't you try the "Get Back" treatment for once? It will take just one time to make you feel you've had your revenge. Stay back and as soon as the Metro stops, scream, " Excuse me!!" and make your way out, pushing, pulling, stepping on shoes, yanking out hair, or whatever you had been a victim of!

4. You're taking a leisure walk in the park and the neighborhood lady drops her bawling baby into your arms and goes off chatting with other ladies.
Next time she starts, pretend to stumble a bit. She will have to think twice before handing her precious to an unsteady teen and if you're lucky, she probably won't!

5. You're the last surviving specimen of the Hardworking lot, you do your assignment on time and next thing you know, you're surrounded by your fellow mates who bug you till you hand it over to them (and they take it proudly to the photocopier). 
If you haven't figured out the answer, you need help! It's this simple- LIE. WHY do you have to go around announcing you have completed it? Don't just say anything and if they ask, say I forgot! Submit to the teacher later :P

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