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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Day in the life of an average teen.

Yeah, I'm an average teen. Nothing very interesting that I am good at (maybe except creating embarrassing situations for myself every now and then- ya I'm EXCELLENT in doing that!!!) and nothing very appealing about my looks. Half the time I'm not sure what to do, what to say, when to say and stuff like that. You got it, I'm just another teenager.

Today was a day that couldn't have been less than a "jumble", with so many confused decisions, laughing and fighting at the same time, enjoying one moment, then being frustrated at the second!

It started with me finally getting up in the morning, after hitting the snooze button a thousand times, looking all flustered in the rush to reach in time for the second lecture (the first is missed... I forgot it was supposed to start early!).
Reach the metro station, ask the Security lady about a new route (we had planned to go to Dilli Haat near INA in the south for work for the college magazine--yes, I'm finally into it!) . The lady said a measley "yes" when I asked if the route's started yet and impatiently pushed me and gave me such a look as if I was planning to bomb the station in question!
Without saying 'Thank You' to her, I climbed the stairs to the platform (I NEVER use the lifts, it's for the old and physically challenged, not for fit people). The train rolled onto the platform, filled with people bursting near the doors, with no space even for a particle. I see more people struggling and wriggling to get in (don't they ever feel like breathing normally? What's the point of traveling like a herd of sheep, when you can't even stand straight, without leaning on other people?).
I miss two more similar overfull trains (I am already late, I'm still gonna make that stupid excuse and still gonna get that weird stare from the teacher), until I find the one where I think I could breathe and stand properly. Trying to stand away from aunties (who piss you off no matter what, by snatching your comfortable place or by giving you those annoying looks- you know what I mean!), I reverse count the number of stations left..
Get a text from my bestie - where have you reached??? I'm getting bored, pls do come fast. Yippee.... there's a soul in this world who misses me!
Happily text back- "4 stations left.. 20 mins..".

Finally reaching my station, I make a bargain with the rickshaw-wallah who decides to move slowly (to make me realize that I should pay him more, I guess).
Making a sorry face and claiming to be unwell, I enter the classroom with every other student sitting there(how do they manage????). I try to ignore the stares and move as silently as possible to the desk that's not been cleaned. No pen again! Borrow it from someone and listen to the teacher as if I'm getting in every word!
There's a talent hunt in college, so me and my bestie submit our names for "photography" (since we joined the society in the first year and got a little knowledge out of it).
We roam about, finding other friends, supposedly to start for our little day picnic (officially for the magazine work ;) ). 
We wanted to explore that part of the city on one side and stay at college to attend the Hunt on the other.
After about two hours of analyzing the situation (that's what we've studied commerce for!), we finally decide to go south. 

Boarding the Metro train easily (did I mention that traveling with friends is much easier than traveling alone?) we chatted and gossiped (what else could we do?) about people in college, in the metro, everywhere! Laughing, talking and asking for directions every now and then, we reached our destination. Grabbing a bite hurriedly, we bought tickets and entered. 

Ohhhh.. the place's so colorful! Beautiful handicrafts filled every stall. Artefacts bought down especially from the different states kept us transfixed! Clicking pictures of every other thing that stood for Cultural Diversity (which was the theme for the exhibition and we were there to take pictures), we window shopped (and actually shopped in some cases!), had snacks and drinks (among flies that loved our drinks as much as we did) and spent some pretty time in the vicinity.

We started back home in the late afternoon. I reached my place in the evening, where my Mom took a full report of where we went and what we did, chiding at the same time (I got a pair of very pretty bangles. Mom said I should've got more than just that!!!). 
The bell rang and there stood my neighborhood friend. Exchanging talks about our respective experiences that day, we took a small walk in the park, which soothed my senses instantly. The rest of the evening was spent with the telly and on Facebook (who can miss that???), with no trace of studies! (But I've got a valid excuse. Hey, it's Friday, meaning we've got two whole days off to grope with our textbooks, plus we've been doing magazine work since morning (yeah, right! ;) ).

I text chatted with my bestie before sleeping, plugged in the earphones, listened to my favorite tracks countless times and dozed off without even bothering to take them off! (No wonder I need to charge the cell phone every single morning!). Hehee. :))))

PS- I broke the strap of one of my slippers (yes-AGAIN!!!) on our way TOWARDS south. We didn't find any cobbler and I didn't like any pair at the shops we explored (plus I wouldn't spend my bucks on a measley slipper! In any case, I'm used to it!), so I  dragged it all along! ;)


  1. I like ur style o writing. Keep it up , develop further n press on n u gonna touch d sky wit glory...errr sorry too used to messagin

  2. Thank you for your kind words! :)

    Aneesha, Ya! :D


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