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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Resolve to.....

" be good as gold, complete EVERY single assignment on time, stop fighting with my brother, learn to be on time, learn that my best friend is a human being with her own feelings, etc etc..." .Yeah, these are one percent of the thousand New Year resolutions I make every single year. God knows I remember even a SINGLE one when the year actually starts. I'm just the same, year after year. ;)

This time I've decided to act my age and actually, seriously make some REAL resolutions, which I'm positive I will be able to follow without any serious problems.(umm.. actually there's no guarantee to that!)

Here are some of 'em:
1. Get back with an equally nasty comment to the one who's being rude. There has never been a single positive to being good so far, so cut it!

2. Instead of simply giving annoying looks to irritating people in the Metro train, snap at them! Use your wits and tongue to say a few scary words, so they'll stay away from you. Step back on their toes if they've done it. (I'll test it with a friend first, though, I don't want to be hauled off by the authorities!!)

3. Even though I personally think the guy who invented the snooze button is an evil genius, I'm gonna do something against it.! Stop pressing snooze hundred times in the morning, because of which I always end up being late! (It's going to be REAL hard, gulp!)

4. Reduce fights with my brother (I know I resolve this every year). I cannot completely stop it (what's the point of having a sibling then anyway?). He's tougher, stronger, more sensible, but hey, I'm the big sister! I have some rights such as, first take at the TV remote, for which I'm willing to fight with the tough one! 

5. Stop impulsive shopping!!. I don't do that much anyway, but whenever I've done that, sadly, it's always been a disaster! Getting the cute pink tee just because I 'felt' like I should have it? I realize it's winters AFTER I'm done with the shopping! The new color nail paint? I later find out it looks TERRIBLE on my nails! The latest released book? It's not even my kind of fiction! :(

6. FINALLY I'll convince dad to let me take the car on my own! It's not that he doesn't trust my driving skills, I'm awesome at that to tell the truth. It's that I rely on his "now-turn-left-now-right" directions. Yeah, I'm HORRIBLE with directions :(...I'll try to improve that. (will throwing pebbles along help???)

7. I will NOT give my assignment/completed homework/classwork to ANY lazy bug who doesn't even attend all classes and shamelessly asks for the work I've spent hours on!!! I'm too good to refuse straight away, so I'll make excuses, for a start! ;)

8. One of my best points is being 'a good listener' (now I seriously consider it a weak point). I'm NOT going to sit there, while teary eyed people find me to relate all their woes, expecting me to give them solutions while I don't even have the slightest idea WHAT they're talking about!

9. I'll keep my wardrobe cupboard clean! True, it's a war every morning, fishing out clothes from all the rubble in there, a shoe here, a sock there, so I guess it's a good idea to properly organize it. (Don't think I haven't been doing it, but it just 'mysteriously' gets messy again! I think there's a mess-loving-casper-kind of ghost in there, might as well try a few mantras! )

10. I will REALLY and seriously think before speaking! I've landed in awkward moments just because of my BIG FAT unnecessarily large mouth! For instance, I've hurt people by saying a surprised "No" when they came up happily with the new (and disastrous) dress, asking "Isn't it awesome?. The same goes for the time when I said something about a teacher (and that something wasn't very good either) right in FRONT of another, who turns out to be her colleague and oh, did I mention, friend? And yeah, making remarks on somebody's ludicrous hairdo, when they're within hearing distance? (I now understand why my bestie suddenly turns away from me when I do this!)   And.. oh, I can go on and on.. there are numerous! 

Summarizing rest of the points, I'll be good as gold, complete assignments on time, will not be late, will not fight, help the needy, study seriously, be kind to everybody, think before speaking, etc etc..
(I guess I can't do without at least MAKING these resolutions, whatever happens to FOLLOWING them! )


  1. oh i love it......
    esp 1,2,5,7,10

  2. 1. "learn that my best friend is a human being with her own feelings"
    plz learn ths first of al d thngs :)

    2."Step back on their toes if they've done it. (I'll test it with a friend first)"
    dont u dare try it on me u cn fnd many ppl in clg to do ths experiment on shld i name sm??????

    3.d thrd pt, is realy goin to b SUPRER REAL hard 4 u dear

    4. 8th pt. gud 1 i gues v takng into consideratn same ppl :D

    5. D "mess-loving-casper-kind of ghost" is not any1 else bt U

    6."making remarks on somebody's ludicrous hairdo, when they're within hearing distance"
    U realy need to wrk on ths :D
    "I now understand why my bestie suddenly turns away from me when I do this!
    PLZ dnt tarnish my image on ur blog i nvr turn away 4m u okay jus gv u those angry luks whch u DESERVE

  3. Okay.. Thank you Aneesha!

    Apoorva- o'course i was going to try the stepping on toes thing on you! who else? :P
    -gettng up late (despite your efforts,) useless, sorry :P
    - im not a ghost!
    - why would anyone sport a stupid hairstyle if they don't want ppl's attention? It's good to let them know wat we think ;)


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