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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life's Lighter Moments......

Vacations over.. College reopens... No more sleeping late, waking up at noon and doing just about anything you wish to do, from watching the telly all day to invading other people's lives through Facebook! Sure, it's all possible on weekends, but it will come along with boring assignments to be marked by strict teachers.
In all this hustle bustle, we may find ourselves being lost, not knowing what to feel and thereby being miserable! Thinking of things that made us happy in the past or those that seem to be a laugh later seems to be the correct dose to find that much needed smile :).

For instance, I'm always bumping into things, tripping, stepping on people's toes or breaking something (this explains why my parents suddenly get important stuff out of my sight before I can have a look or pick them up!). Those moments may have been some of the most embarrassing, but when you think about it, it's the people around you that make it awkward. You would never feel bad about tripping if no one saw you! So, forget that there was anybody around (for we shouldn't give a thought to what they think. It doesn't matter.. they don't know you!) and laugh about it when you remember it the next time :D.

The second thing that makes your little heart swell is when you accidentally hear someone speaking good of you. It's a fabulous feeling, for in this smug world, people will definitely not want to praise someone unless they have been actually good and definitely won't do it in front of you. So Cheer Up!!!

My most favorite is finding money in my jeans pocket. I love this so much that I deliberately keep money in hidden pockets, hoping I would forget about it and would feel the excitement when I discover it next time, which also means a treat, for I always keep a part of 'found' money for a little treat!

Another instance is when you and your best friend are thinking along the same lines and you know the other is thinking the same thing even without speaking! (That's why I've joined a group on Facebook , 'Me and my best friend have the same mind, I swear!). This is most effective when you both know that the person babbling in front of you is lying! :)

Apart from all of these, the best feeling is derived out of helping somebody (and I don't mean helping some two faced sneak who'll never be grateful, though why anyone would help is a big question). Most effective is helping the needy. The next time you see a hungry street kid when you're buying yourself your favorite chips or chocolate, buy one for the kid as well and see the face light up! You'll feel blessed, believe me!
There's a lot more to it, but you'll have to discover your happiness points for yourself and if any one of them happen, it will make your day! Try it, just notice! Observe!!! :)


  1. Don’t worry be happy.Ya that’s the way to live.
    But nowadays life has become so complex(or rather say we are responsible for making it so) that people forget to find happiness in every small and important moments.
    And yes you are damn right, Why to spoil our mast and funny moments just by thinking ‘arey yaar, kisi ne dekha to nahi’,more so when the ones seeing it don’t even know us.
    Deliberately keeping money in hidden pockets,woww that was a new one for me.

    And boss without any doubt nothing can beat the feeling that someone’s face light up,or one is happy,smiling, playing and the reason behind that smile is you (Actually it is god,but he choose us for such a pure and noble cause)
    You automatically go into a Peaceful space making you feel a better person everytime.

    Such a happy Post.
    Keep Smiling...:)

    1. I always believe that it's the littlest things that are the cause of much bigger happiness! I like your thoughts on how God is responsible for that happiness. True.

      Thank you for your lovely comment :)


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