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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trouble Queen!!!

That's me. Trouble Queen. With a capital 'T'!
It's finally raining and people are happy (maybe except those in the flood affected areas).
Anyways, the other day I started for college in what seemed like a sunny day ahead, getting late as usual in the process, thinking of convincing excuses for my lateness. As I found all my excuses lame, feeling put out by the moment, a loud thunderclap sounded and the next moment, it started raining. I would have loved the abrupt change in weather, save for the fact that I wasn't carrying my umbrella! Half soaked, I enter college and the next thing I know, the strap of one of my slippers comes off! Without warning!!! Oh my..... predicting a miserable day ahead, I make my lame excuse, trying to sound as convincing as I could. (I don't think the teacher believed me, but she didn't say anything, maybe seeing the condition I was in!). The rest of the day was spent dragging my feet along wherever I went. You know, I really could have managed but for the sad part that my best friend was absent!
Dreading the journey back home, I take a rickshaw to the metro station, completely getting drenched in the full force of rain! There couldn't have been a more embarrassing moment as the one when I was in the metro, with all clean and dry(HOW ON EARTH???) people staring as if I had been in the middle of a brawl in the rain..(I forgot to mention that my hair was in a terrible condition as well, so you can very well imagine).
From my metro station(thankfully there are just eight stops), I take my scooty from the parking lot to head home. No change in rain, so ten more minutes of getting those HUGE raindrops pattering on me! Eyes half closed, water running down my face, I drive. Nearing my place(thank god), I saw a group of small children splattering in the pools of water, laughing and enjoying with no worries on their delicate minds.
Somehow the sight made me forget my fuming anger and I thought I might not be the only one like this! Why not enjoy rather?
When I reached home, their astonished faces somehow made me laugh out loud(which is LOL by the way, dunno why people say 'lol' instead of LOL!). :)
But of course, every situation has something new to teach us and you know what I learnt? Well, now I always keep an umbrella and a pair of spare slippers in my bag! And intend to do so till rains say goodbye for the year!!! :)
(And yes, the girl in the picture's not me, it's just an impression of what and how i felt!)


  1. Keeping a spare pair of slippers in the bag is a smart thing. They can be handy when you want to beat someone at college. ;)
    Nice post, got here from the resolutions '13 post :)

    1. Ya, I think I'll use that for this purpose now ;)
      Thanks! :)


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