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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Then, I held on to a firm hand
Now, I've learnt to stand on my own

Then, I looked up to ask for directions
Now, I find the right one alone

Then, I cried out loud
Now, I've learnt to weep

Then, I laughed with the jokes
Now, I ponder them deep

Then, I wished for friends
Now, I know how to be one

Then, I asked for a ride
Now, I can give one

Then, I wanted a hand
Now, I balance the fall

Then, I wished I was big
Now, I wish I was small

Then, I sought to find out how
Now, I seek to find out why

Then, I was a caterpillar
Now, I am a butterfly.


  1. you got a deep touch in your writing.. keep it up! :))

  2. Hey Ashna..
    ur blog is really good..
    Keep it up...

  3. Thank you all! :)
    I really appreciate you taking time out to read it!

  4. really nice one!!!!!

  5. fabulous.....applause for this one..u shud share dis on dat page....Mam will surely gonna like dis...nd u knw which page m talking about.. :)

  6. Gauri- yes! I meant to share earlier, but ma'am was very busy. I will do it. Thanks! :)

  7. This is Brilliant, ashna....really nice n sweet

  8. Thanku Sonal ma'am! Your comments mean a whole lot! :)
    I'm glad you liked it!

  9. So True.Now and then, now and then.
    This is what we keep Juggling in Life with.
    Nice one.


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