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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Metro Diaries....!

8.20 AM : Reaching the Station puffing and panting, dragging my overfull bag, struggling to keep hold on my cell phone that never stops ringing or beeping, going through the security check (that I find useless), habitually looking at the train time schedule (just looking, mind you.. it takes more time to workout the time left than it takes to actually reach the platform, and I prefer the latter).. 
That's how my frantic day starts and this post is just devoted to my daily metro travels..:)

Background: Class scheduled to start at 8.30, teacher always on time, 90% of students always on time (hey! I'm not the only exception ok? There are the rest lousy 10% for my company), wake up call by best friend in the morning, I take the call, look at the comfy bed, lie down only to wake up startled at the time, blaming family for not waking me up (who DO make an effort, but I'm not going to let them know this!)., end up looking hassled and matching pink with red! (OMG), I rush to the station cursing all slow people on the way..

8.25 AM: Board the metro. Text my Bestie to message back when class starts (that's to have an idea of the degree of impatience the teacher might show when I enter) and shuffle in to find a place to stand (getting a seat is unimaginable, almost impossible). I choose a place near the corner seats adjoining the door. That way you're near the exit and still have a 0.0000001% chance of getting a seat!
[Eight stations to go ... I reverse count the number of stations as we pass them, getting a breath only when I reach 4 at least. This doesn't include the uncomfortable sensation in my heart as time ticks by].

The lady sitting on the seat in front of me (which says 'for old and physically challenged' and she doesn't look either of that ) keeps throwing covert looks at me, sometimes even staring shamelessly! Alright, I might be looking weird to you lady, but that's what I call my Style!
Making way for someone or the other at each stop, I desperately try to shift the focus of my mind from my present condition to some pleasant moments spent with friends or hoping to spend during the day, but those interfering aunties hardly make it possible. Aunties are the biggest problem for teens I tell you! They give every kid such a look as if we're all spoilt brats and have no mannerisms at all. Block an auntie's way and listen to the steady stream of complaints she'll  shower on you! (Standing in the way, have no sense, these kids never listen, what have they learnt from parents...where parents come in I don't know.... etc etc..). I encounter aunties like these every so often, I've mastered the art of ignoring them. They'll most cleverly snatch your comfortable place, and if by a streak of Golden luck, you spot someone going to empty the seat, she'll be there in a flash and take the seat even before you make your mind to sit!

8.35 : Bestie's message- class started.. where are you???
Guiltily replying- Just three more to go.. 10 minutes.:(
The crowd at next station is far more than usual and you're transported to a place a metre away from where you stood, even without moving your feet! Finding myself amidst people (no offense, seriously, but just one question-Why can't people bother to spray a bit of deodorant before leaving for work? I'm already prone to breathlessness and stay wary of crowds!) well, no-deo users is common, so I take special care to spray extra bits of my favorite perfume (now I remember, I'm running short of it!!!) . But the sad thing is that I can hardly get its fragrance then.

8.40 : Pushing my way near the doors. Just one to go! Yippee.. already anticipating the gush of fresh wind that I'll delightfully accept as soon as I step out. The doors open (thankfully), I start towards the stairs.. Uh Oh!! 
Slow my movements.. that weirdo belongs to my class! ( What if (s)he spotted me and asked me for company? I'm one of those kinds who really need to learn the art of saying "NO")..
See the person disappear, move super fast, take a rickshaw, bargaining at the same time and requesting the rickshaw wallah to move fast..
To my dismay, he moves super slowly! Reach college gates at 8.45!!!
Running like mad, climbing the awful stairs (what happened to our classroom on the ground floor???), panting and straightening my clothes, hair, bag. Pause outside the door, take a deep breath AND OPEN IT!!!
The teacher turns round, looks at me, everyone looks up from their books......

The outcomes vary differently everyday. I leave it upto you to decide the outcome of your choice, but please don't be too harsh! I'm a teen after all.. not any criminal! ;)


  1. O so just 25min and you are at your College,very much like me(But I never boarded metro for that,Shared auto everyday throw me at my College,those Shared autos have their own fun Story I tell you)
    And I really think Metro is living upto its purpose, it was meant to lesson the crowd in Buses and other Transports, it has certainly achieved that,as now whole crowd suddenly love Metro.So I have now loose every hope of even that 0.0000001% chance of getting a seat.
    And man that expression(from Teacher and the First Benchers,though I am one of them…:P) when you just step inside is like they are being framed by some Hollywood director and have to give their best shot.

    By the way don’t you think very soon you may get to hear this “beta Sudhar jao ye MBA mein nahi chalega…” :P:P

    1. Metro's a boon! I don't know how I would have traveled otherwise! I'm now kind of immune to such expressions, so it doesn't make much difference! :P

      I guess till then I'll improve on my own. I have brains too, you know :P
      Thanks for the comment! :)


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