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Friday, October 15, 2010

Unheard Wish.

It's not a perfect poem, but the words express the feeling.

Making a wish, "If only I had ..."
Every night I went to sleep
Without a care in the world,
I enjoyed those luxuries.

Until I came upon an unknown soul ,
The hungry eyes that followed me
I turned around and saw them,
still watching fixatedly.

I see her tear her eyes from me,
She glanced at her hands, black with soot,
Her dress, the color not distinguished
Her hair, black or brown, it was all so crude.

She turns to her mother, tugs at her sari,
Secretly pointing me out
The mother puts an arm around her and tries to assure her,
Maybe for getting a dress like mine,
I'm shocked at seeing the trustful smile,

I wonder if she'll be able to have one, and feel terrible, thinking
I just fought with mom to buy me a designer, while this girl
can only dream of owning a clean , pretty dress she's comfortable in.

I look at my shoes, annoyed because mom got them from the sale
I look at her, the plain rubber slippers with a most visible repair.

I look at the hut, bricks and thatch, family of five cramped tough,
no electricity, no place to clean
while I always wondered why my room isn't big enough.

I felt shameful, just looking at her and grateful for all,
since it is the best one could wish for. I promise
not to wish more but, to give more,
to them,who just wish for something small.

I pledge to help her, I try to smile ,
But she turns away and goes inside.
The next morning, I carry a bag, filled with stuff, clothes and shoes I don't need
any more, I reach the place, but the hut is gone.

I see them turning around the corner, the family of five,
The girl with a bag even lighter than mine,
Probably in search of another place to settle in,
Till the time some other policeman threatens to turn them in.


  1. dis is d perfect poem as it deeply shows d true meaning of unheard wishes...
    u write really well... keep writing so beautifully always

  2. Perfectly written .. bookmarked your blog :)


  3. Loved these lines....I too have come across such situations. it often leaves me thinking......

    1. Yes.. it's always good to be grateful, for humans are living in conditions far worse than us. Thanks for reading :)


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