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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keep Your Cool!!!

Inspired by the column, 'A Calmer You' in HT City on Sundays (that I make a point to read no matter what) I thought of some really silly stuff that makes our heart swirl with that uneasy feeling when we could be rather at peace!!!

Problem #1 : Looking at pictures of other people's family visits to exotic places while you spent your vacations at home, trying to fix all that stuff you couldn't during the working days.

What to do??? : Obviously you can't book a vacation just by getting those envious pangs(maybe yes, if you've got the bucks in sacks underground!).. So, just think of things , fun things you did at home! You forgot, your Dad took a week off and you had a blast playing games and joking and what not! Compare it with a vision of the 'exotic' family at their resort, with the dad scolding the kids for smashing the delicate windows while playing in the garden!!! Feeling good already? There's more...

Problem #2 : Seeing someone dressed chic while you're in your most boring T Shirt and baggy jeans... You get to see such people only when you're not in a mood to dress and end up looking from someone in the nineties while that someone is following the uber cool latest trend!

What to do??? : Well, you shouldn't care actually. You are what you are.. You weren't put on this Earth to impress people, were you? Still, if you care being out shadowed, imagine that trend follower tripping or getting the dress messed up(you can only imagine, it's not going to happen anyways)... Those high heels must be looking gorgeous but she'll be soaking her feet in hot water later in the day, while you'll be curled up comfortably in your warm bed reading your favorite book or listening to that favorite track!

Problem #3 : YOU got that branded T Shirt, you loved it and are wearing it!! So HOW come that idiot's wearing the same thing???

What to do??? : Well, common problem. One thing that's NOT the solution is sitting in your classroom all day so that people don't see you're wearing the ditto thing! Why's that idiot roaming about confidently and you're sitting feeling stumpy when you should be feeling great! Do the reverse!! Go out and show yourself! The next thing you may know he/she maybe sitting in the room! (If not, well, just ignore!)..

Problem #4 : You're late as always, starting late reaching late, thinking of lame excuses.... scared of entering the class half an hour after it started.. scared even more to miss it!

What to do??? : I've a question- Why? Unless you're extra sincere than required, you'll not be so apprehensive about the outcome, right? Just think about that student who bunks more than necessary and still scores better than you. Take advantage of the remaining half hour and do something constructive like having the day's special in the canteen (you missed your breakfast, right?). Be cool, there are thirty more students, you'll get the notes from someone!!!

Problem #5 (This one's for girls) : You forgot to change your nail paint for the next day and end up with an orange outfit with purple, red, black , green whatever weird color on your nails. On top of that, your hair's gone all oily and you can't wash because your family's against hair washing and nail cutting on tuesdays and thursdays, saturdays even!

What to do??? : Well, why don't you try to be the trend setter for once? Don't hide your hands in pockets! Take them out and show confidently. Believe me, you might end up setting a whacky trend!!!
As for the bad hair day, give your hair a different look, style it differently, wear some outfit that goes with it so the attention is diverted from hair to clothes! No one will notice your oily hair! What's more, you might be able to grab a compliment or two! (It's a tried and tested technique, I got a few compliments when I styled my hair differently on one of the bad days!!!)

Situations like these surely make us lose our cool easily, for we're human beings and living in these times means there's very little patience, too much meanness and anxiety! The trick is to be smart and think positive! :)

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