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Friday, December 28, 2012

Thank you, 2012!

It's that time of the year when I tend to be the most excited, for maybe some totally weird reasons. You'd think the end of a whole year, meaning a year more towards doom or The End, should have me worried, but then again, why should it? It's the holidays, I'm free to get up at noon (yes, I do), sit under cosy blankets and just read till eternity, get excited at the prospect of wishing all those special people in my life a 'Happy New Year' with personalized messages, and feel amazed at the way the clock just strikes 12 and people go crazy! It's such a sweet feeling.

Now as the year's coming to a close, I'm thinking back to all that happened this year. One thing is definite, there's been more of the good and great stuff than the bad, unlike 2011 which was like, the suckiest year ever for me, if that's even a word (It isn't. At least according to autocorrect it isn't. But hey, according to autocorrect, even 'autocorrect' isn't a right word. Stupid technology). Anyway, here I am listing down all those things I'm grateful to 2012 for. Really. :')

1.  For finally granting me the fortune of living a life free of entrance exams and its useless worries! Okay, maybe not exactly, because I was still very much into these making-my-head-spin-like-crazy exams till the first 4 (or 5?) months, but still. Being accepted in a school for MBA, in Delhi, in a government university, was very much a reason to be happy and finally free. (That's a different matter altogether that college isn't really "free", but still. No more parental nagging!)

2. New college. I know I've been going on about how it's made my life so 'sucky', but not really. I mean, I am at least getting to learn new things which I didn't learn before, finally getting some real, practical education in a field I sometimes find boring, but still. I'm not going to say anything negative in these thank you notes. So, I'd be getting an education (and a nice one at that), new friends (read next point), new experiences and insights into wildly differing human behaviour (people who make it into the 'corporate'? They're weird as students)

3. New friends. Really, even though there might be total weirdos in my class (and yes, I don't feel like such a weirdo now. I've discovered more varieties), there actually are some "my" type of people! With one of them, it was 'friend-at-first-sight' kind of a situation, and I'm sure, she's going to be a friend forever. With the rest, it was gradual, but I'm totally glad to have them as friends. :D (To those whom I tease a lot, that's because you're liked, silly! ;))

4. The new 'me'. Not technically, because I'm still the same old me: the book nerd, slightly weird, dreamer, klutz, and whatnot. Still, I think with time and especially with this new college, I have slightly changed. Personality wise, I think. I'm not such a cry baby anymore (okay, I am a bit, but I should retain something of the past, no? Hold on to traditions and stuff!), I've learned to forgive (or call that 'don't-give-a-damn-to-what-you're-uttering' attitude), and even though I still get 'lost' while in class (and even in tests. Damn it!), I'm still able to recover quickly, because you know, of the fact that I despise being dependent on anyone and asking people to repeat stuff is something I myself don't enjoy! And I think my dressing sense as well, has improved :P 

5. Grateful to God for doing some wonderful stuff in my family! Thank you God for all that you've given. We're forever thankful, just need you to continue showering your blessings! :')

6. For books! I took up the Goodreads challenge, set a target of 50 books to read this year! Guess what, I'm at 58 right now ;) I don't know, books just sort of are a breathing mechanism for me. I just-cannot-stay-without-them. Can not! Tell you what, I read something like this somewhere and I wish: wanting to learn Braille just in case you go blind, so that you'll still be able to read books. It's not in an offensive way, but just a thought- how would you read if you can't see? Anyway, I got to read a lot of great books, learned a lot of stuff, saw my book blog grow into something people actually liked! Thank you, really! :D

7. For the Kindle! Oh you deserve a separate point, dear Kindle. Just to be clear, I'm not pro e-books as such and I just download the free e-books from Amazon. If I have to purchase, I'd rather go for a physical copy. I love the Kindle because it helps in light readings when I'm in no mood for something heavy, when it's just 'read-something-light-and-go-to-bed' sort of a feeling. And of course it's sometimes useful in a boring class, that little dear is just so easy to open and slide between the pages! ;)

Quite right!

8. For all those moments when I felt life is simply beautiful! It is, though, if you actually think about it. If you see what you want most of the time is just materialistic and honestly, it doesn't much matter. Remove that and you'll find everything beautiful! 

9. For all those times I was able to do just what I really wanted- read the books I'd been dying to read, go out and photograph just those things in just those places at just the right moments, just as I'd planned, to see some 'thought of' dreams taking shape for real. I've loved them all. :)

10. Birthday! It was awesome. Thanks all those who made it special! :)

11. Before actually typing all this, I asked Rachit and Usama for a few suggestions, meaning, what they think one should be grateful for. While Usama is busy cooking up schemes to overtake a couple of planets in a galaxy not yet discovered (you can mention those in the comments section!), Rachit mentioned these:

- Not Dying (yeah, turns out that 21 Dec 2012 was a hoax from the Mayans!)
- Meeting Rachit, Usama, Gunsheen, Ridhima (on my birthday. Yes, it was the awesome-est of all! :D )
- Not being in any relationship (uhh... okay. :P )
- Not mentionable. :P

I'm sure there would be a lot more I'm not writing at this moment. What do you think you've been grateful to 2102 for? Was it good, bad, or a mix?


  1. I am just wondering where the hell did my last suggestion go? :P

    I loved the pics! They just say my inner words! Beautiful post. So much that it gives a sense of joy, even in little things! :)

    1. Thank you Rachit. :)
      Your last suggestion was so much true that I didn't feel like spilling it out here ;)

  2. I like point number 3! O:) I'm the best! Thanks! :p

    P.S I love you! ;)

  3. Hope you have a bigger and better 2013 :-)

    1. Thank you Green Speck! A great year ahead to you too :)

  4. Nice post.. while looking back at a year that's nearing it's end, smiling at all the wonderful things that happened throughout (and trying to forget all the "sucky" ;)events ) does enliven the spirit to live the coming year with a greater zeal..

    Loved the post..made me smile :)

    Have a great 2013, Ashna :)

    1. Thanks Rinku! An amazing year ahead to you too :)

  5. Lovely post Ashna, as always left a smile :)

    I am thankful for a lot of things too, maybe your comments section will look like a mini post I might just refrain from my long list.

    Wishing you a more wonderful 2013 with more reasons for you to be thankful for, full of smiles and fun moments <3

    1. Maybe you can put them up in a post on your blog? :D

      Thanks so much for your wishes! :') Happy 2013 to you too! :)

  6. Awesome post... It has that feel-good-joyful vibe to it..
    Have a Bright and Happy 2103 :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. A light and happy read :)
    The feeling of the year coming to an end hadn't quite sunk in until I read your post.. I haven't given much thought to the events of the year, or how they unfolded; whether they were good, bad or a mix! but i am sure of planning the year ahead wisely :)
    Wish you loads of new books,and even more readers ;)

    1. Oh yes you're definitely going to plan it wisely, I'm sure :)
      Have a great 2013 and keep writing! :) Thanks for your wishes!

  9. Awesome points. Hey, were did that last point you suggested .. go ;) Should've put it naa.

    And you're not supposed to discuss that galaxy stuff here -_- Please, it's super confidential .. high grade security, extremely classified thingy, remember.. beta+++ level. Zip..okay. :P

    1. Oh oh alright :P *lips sealed*
      Thanks for the comment. I'm sure you can get that last point using your fantabulous superpowers ;)

  10. Left me all-smiling! :)
    It's a nice idea to thank the 'real moments' and you did that beautifully!
    Happy Coming Year! :D

    My Year was a mix...heavy on the bad side :/ but m lookin forward to a sunny new year!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Srishti! I guess we need to 'focus on the good and leave the bad behind' :)
      A very happy 2013 to you too! :)

  11. Happy New Year Ashna! :)

    It's great to know that you had such an awesome year. I especially love #4,5,7, oh forget it, I love it all! :D

    I'm sorry from disappearing from commenting on your awesome blog, but I pinky swear I'll comment super regularly this year, that you'll get so bored of me :D

    Have a fabulous year ahead with more books, friends, happiness and love! :)


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