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Friday, December 14, 2012

Ticks and crosses...

Every person has their own perception of what constitutes the ‘right thing’. What’s right for you may just be horribly wrong or unforgivable for me. Isn’t it logical? Everyone is a different personality, with their own set of brains (hopefully), thought processes, living environment and background. Naturally, our perceptions, ideals and morals would vary. Even then, from a general humanitarian point of view, there are certain rights and wrongs that I feel we all should know and understand. Whether we choose to do the right things, is entirely up to us. 

#1. Wrong: Cheating in exams is not right. You copy from others, from the guy who's spent some time preparing and studying while you were getting drunk, you use your Android phone and apps for the right answers, you don't care if you're copying shamelessly from whoever. The nerdy classmate whom you never include in your 'fun plans', suddenly becomes the limelight when it comes to copying from him in tests. Not right. 

Personally, I would say it's kind of natural for us (Indians) to cheat. God knows if not the whole freaking population has been involved in some sort of cheating or the other. Still, that doesn't make it right. Have some respect, for yourself and for the others. People cheat because they want marks, they want good grades. Why? Does it in any way make you learn anything? Make you smarter? I don't think so. (Yes, I know that in some cases marks determine a lot of things and can make huge differences. It's just a pathetic truth about our system).

Right: Even if you want to save yourself from flunking, at least cheat till what is required for you to pass. Why copy the whole thing, word for word? You have brains, please make use of them. It's not really that hard.  

# 2. Wrong: Hurting others in any way is not right. Some of us have this tendency, this urge for sweet 'revenge'. Not right. You, for one, have absolutely no right to make anyone feel sad about themselves, or inferior, or angry. Why can't you just keep to yourself and to those who matter? Seriously, some people have all the time in the world to discuss and plot such trivial tactics that it makes my heart squirm. It's scary. No one is actually interested in anyone else's life so much. If they are, they're going to talk to you about it. I do. If I like someone, I'd like to get to know a lot of things about them, so I'll simply ask them. Do that, will you? Stop being a snob.

Right: 'Teaching' anyone a lesson is totally uncalled for, kiddish and stupid. If someone hurts you, why the hell do you have to hurt them back? That just makes two people miserable instead of one. Heard of this word, 'ignore'? Works wonders, I tell you. Try not to take too much notice of what cribbers speak about you. You know yourself better than anyone else, even if they're psychologists. Trust yourself and learn to leave people alone! 

# 3. Wrong: Being rude is not right. Really, in my 21 years of life, I haven't encountered as many rude people as I'm doing these days, the past few months, especially. Where people get this attitude of being rude, thinking they're being cool, is something I can't grasp. At all. There are real, freaking people whom you're being rude with. They might be sensitive, they have emotions, they're not robots. When you push someone deliberately while getting on/off the Metro train, it's not cool. Maybe you just screwed up some happy person's day real bad. When you tell someone how 'boring', 'uncool' or 'weird' they are, it's not right. You think people act like a bore on their own? They're trying really hard, alright? Just have a little bit of sense.

Right: Just be nice. To all. That's all I have to say.


Agree with me or not? Did you notice how I've written such a short post? :| The scarier thing is, I find it hard to write like I used to, these days. The worst part is, I haven't read a book in the past week. I don't even feel like it, in fact. I mean, I'm considering returning three books to the library without reading them. And I was dying to read them some time back. I just hope it's a reading slump or a writing slump or whatever harmless thing. 

Anyway, I hope to be back soon. Holidays are almost here! There are some interesting prompts floating around the blogosphere I hope to participate in, and Abinaya will kill me really soon if I don't make a post for the two awards she very kindly gave me! :P Hope you're having more fun than me ;) 


  1. I totally agree with you...
    and IGNORE is a powerful manra!!!!
    Have a great day :)

  2. Ashna, same pinch these days even I am finding it hard to write anything :/

    But I completely agree with you. Awesome pointers, wish people were listening and adhrering to it!!

  3. Replies
    1. @ManaNmind: It is! Works well enough for me ;)

      @Me: Ohho! :/ Let's find out some way to get over this. ;)

      @Green Speck, Adhi Das: Thanks :)

  4. Living life without the above would kinda hurt the social balance of natural being. Don't you think?

    It's natural for us to sometimes think that world can be just like clay so that we can shape it just the way we imagine it to be, but the very hurting truth is that nature and mother alone thrives on survival of the fittest and hurting; eating the weak is one natural damn law. And I personally think, inducing feelings of hatred, rudeness and jealousy is just another game-play of God to make some of us weaker, as compared to others.

    Don't let these things bother you enough to make you think so much. It's alright! You can only set your own rules and I guess they're amazingly attractive for me! :P

    PS: I am drunk while writing this. I hope you will ignore this comment.

    1. I know that's the natural law, but then there should be this 'consideration' in everyone for every other living being! Even animals don't kill each other just for fun, they do that to live.

      By the way, you write incredibly good for a drunkard ;) Hard to ignore! :P

  5. I guess all the people we have around, who are wrong are either being stupid or are just insecure. And I think most of the time, it's the latter case. They are afraid that they'll fail in an exam, that someone would hurt them, that the world is rude and they need to be too if they are to survive.

    We all are afraid of such things, we all have such insecurities, but what matters is how strong we are and how we handle those insecurities in the end. It's about the choices we make. I guess every one knows(let one or two men aside) what is right and what is wrong at some level but what defines a person is what he accepts as right or wrong for him and that seldom changes in his lifetime. No matter how much you go and scream in their ears.

    But you know what's the most curious thing? It's the happiness in one's heart. Anndd, no matter how miserable our life looks to us, we know very well about ourselves. We although, don't know anything about other people's heart and the thing is ... happiness and peacefulness of our heart is directly related to what we do. So yeah...

    I don't know where this comment started and where it went. I just hope I didn't get absurdly digressed.

    1. I agree on the insecurity thing. In some or the other situation, all of us are insecure. I guess it's natural. I just love the second paragraph of what you wrote here. Read it again and again!

      Agree with the happiness point too! For me it's the ultimate goal. Do whatever, just stay happy! :)

      It was quite insightful and I love long comments ;)

  6. Completely agree with every single word of your. Nice read.

    My first visit to your blog. Nice blog.

    1. Hey Shreya, welcome to my blog! Thanks for the comment :)

  7. I love the post title :)
    The truth is that almost all of us have the capacity to understand what is wrong and what is right, the problem is that not many bother to follow what is right and there lies the entire problem..


    1. Hey Arti, nice to see your comment after a long time! :)
      Agree with you, we don't seem to make the efforts to make/do the right things.

  8. so nice thought..exam one is considerable..yet we do the same..

  9. Atlast I found some'young'one who wrote against cheating. Nahi toh, whenever I speak up against it, I hardly find any of my fellows accompanying my take.
    Yup, it was a surprisingly short know, not so ASHNA-TYPE! ;-)

    PS: amazing heading you gave!

    1. Thanks Srishti! And I'm so happy to know you feel the same about cheating. Hi-5! :)

  10. I've seen tons of people cheat on exams and honestly, I've done it twice too. I've had people copy from me and seriously, showing/telling the concept to someone during an exam doesn't bother me as much as people who copy word for word. I had a guy who once asked me what was the word I wrote before the full stop! I mean, seriously, use your goddamn brains. I copied enough to pas the first time and the second time, I copied a problem on my math paper in college. But then I felt so guilty that I gave up. I didn't write anything else in the paper, but really, copying wasn't helping me learn after paying SO much for college. I especially hate it when people act so sweet to the nerd ONLY in the exam hall. SO PISSING OFF.

    Tit for tat is really wrong, but people just don't realize it. When people take revenge, they tend to play on the person's insecurities just to make themselves feel better, no superior. Grow up is all I can say.

    I totally get what you're saying about being rude. It seems to be in fashion, the cool stuff apparently. Biting sarcasm, outrageous comments and rude language all in the name of being cool and gaining acceptance form other 'cool' people. UGH.

    Okay, I've written a goddamn LONG comment, but I just needed to get it out of my system. Sorry!

    BTW I love the title :)

    1. And I like how you've written it too! :)


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