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Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolutions 2013! ;)

Wishing all you lovely people a very Happy and a fantabulously-awesomely-awesome New Year! Hope you're having a great start to the year. If anyone cares to know, I am quite enjoying myself so far. My idea of enjoyment? Stay under warm blankets and just read! If you get bored, keep the book aside and pick up the laptop, stalk people use Facebook, or listen to music. Needless to say, I'm so in love with holidays that I just-don't-want-next-week-to-come! I don't want to go to college, don't! :| Anyway, till the time I have left to live like a normal sweetie girl (stop snickering, you), I'd be smiling and laughing and doing what I call 'fun'! Alright, it's a new year and those of you who've been here longer than a year might remember that I'd posted a huge list of stuff, not resolutions, but something like that, things I'd like to do in 2012 and also in my lifetime. To see the whole post, click here. Let's just do a yearly review, before going on to resolutions for this year?

Same time last year, I thought I'd:
1. Mend cracks with a friend: Uhh. Catching up with some old friends on Facebook counts? Well, even if it doesn't, I don't mind. I've had some renewed definitions of who really are friends this year, and I'm happy enough to know the difference. :)

2. Cut that fast food: Except for the occasional KFC burger (and okay, pizza too), I'm not eating out much. I'm anyway not a fan of fast food, so this is quite alright.

3. Freewheeling: Bicycling basically. No, I didn't get a bicycle and the only one time I used someone else's, I got two dogs running after me like totally stupid perros!* I guess we'll just postpone this to the time when we have some animal control in this city and we, the citizens can walk freely without thinking about possible animal-hazard.

Puzzling: Didn't happen!
Creating your own signature scent: Didn't get anyone to accompany me to the old Delhi apothecaries for ingredients :|
Play with Clay: That pottery club is too far!
Back to your Mother Tongue: Sorry, didn't happen!

Actually, let's cut it. I couldn't make any of those things happen. Topic closed.

Moving on to some promises suggestions I'm making to myself for 2013, considering you know, how I'll have no respite from college and the useless work all through the year. Really. At this moment, normalcy and fun seems a far fetched reality. Still, I'm going to dream and hope for something good! *Stubborn* you see ;)

1. Don't let anyone, ever, bring you down. I've had a lifetime's share of unfairness and people taking advantage when you're being 'nice'. Doesn't help much, as far as I can see. Simply help those who deserve it,  and love those who love you back. Drama over.

2. Learn when and what to say. Excitement is the culprit. I just have to get comfortable and then I'll definitely say something silly/idiotic/non-sense. Work-on-it! Though I have to say, I have been a bit better in this case, mostly because there aren't many people anyway with whom I get at 'that' comfort level, so yeah. It's in progress. 

3. Don't go overboard with teasing. Alright, I love teasing, just those whom I really like, mind you. And not in a harmful way either, just in a light manner, for fun. But I'm not able to stand the same thing happening with me for long. So I guess, even if some people don't get visibly upset or moved in any way, I should still curtail it, right? 

4. Write more. Look, even though I still am writing here, I know I need to do some serious practice if I don't want to let my sadist college snatch this thing from me. Aright, I'm being dramatic, because nothing can really snatch something you can do, but still. Lack of practice makes it worse. So, weekends are reserved for writing. Whatever it is. A review, a blogpost and I hope, I start with story-writing too. I really want to start! 

5. Actually write some Theandric Thursday posts. I can safely be called the worst host ever! Anyway, those who haven't read any TT post, click here see what it is! That's my first TT post and re-reading those comments has made me emotional :') It's not the best TT post, though. Click on Theandric Thursday under 'labels' to see other posts. I will write more. *serious face*

6. See the good even in the bad. College, for example. However much I dislike it, I'll have to do my best to see the positive aspects of it. Friends is one, studies should be another. C'mon girl, think about it. People don't even get an education and you're getting one and cribbing about it! If it gets too much, leave out some things, won't matter much.

7. Focus on improving personality. As much as I like staying the way I've always been, it does make a difference when you're actually doing something for real improvement. Cut the stubbornness, know how to improve and work on that. 

In short, yeah ;)
8. Read and review more books. I'm targeting two posts a week on my book blog (if you're fond of books, please go see that!). If not two reviews a week, then one review and one anything. It's going good and I intend to keep it that way. ;)

9. Well, 9 is a good number and even if I don't have a solid point, I had to make the points to 9! I'll just be me, like they say be yourself and won't do anything for purely selfish reasons. And yes, I've sort of decided to make at least one person, a non-reader, read a book. Fiction! And well, I'll just be good. ;)

This is the first post of 2013! I took three days to write this! And I'm saying it like it is a good thing, stupid me. I guess it's just pre-college nervousness. God, I wasn't even so anxious when I had to go to this college for the first time. I'm so weird, really! ;)

What have been your goals for this year?   

PS- *Perro: Dog in Spanish.  


  1. Happy New Year ... Have a great 2013 :-)

  2. Drama Over! was the best line in the post.

  3. First, A very Happy New Year, again :P Your post brings some rationality to new year resolutions. ;) Seriously, 'Go to gym' has become like the boring-est phrase now.
    I support your third point form last year. You just can't cycle or even walk on a deserted street these days without the fear of a gang of canines waiting for you to just turn the corner. I am going on a hunger strike if this doesn't end soon. :/

    All the best with your resolutions. I loved the first and sixth points most. Have a happy and fulfilling year ahead. :)

    1. @ Pankul: Ha-ha-ha! Thank you ;)

      @ Usama: Happy New Year to you too, once again! :P
      Yes, my past two years' resolutions looked quite "above in the clouds" and I thought I actually need to set some things right, so why not make them right now.

      I know, you had an unfortunate incident with the canine population, too. :P

      Thank you. I hope you have an amazing year ahead, too. :D

  4. I loved the 9th resolution-'just be me'
    Happy 2013!!!!!

  5. Hi Ashna!! Hey, how many times have we said 'happy new year' to each other?? Twice already I think!! 3's my fav number so I'll say it again :P HAPPY NEW YEAR ASHNA!!

    I'm totally with you on the 'don't let anyone/anything ever bring you down' , that's kind of my resolution ;)
    And Haww, another similarity. the teasing part, I too tease people '''a lot''' (remember the triple inverted comma thingy??) but I don't like being teased!! And I seriously can't "take jokes on me with a pinch of salt". Another similar thing, getting too comfortable with people and babbling all sorts of stupid stuff!! I hate that!! (OMG, you aren't finding me creepy or anything, are you???)

    I totally suck at keeping up with segments I start. I already dropped god-knows-how-many and probably am on the verge on giving up a few more and then I'll (like always) begin another one and drop that too :P

    "TT" posts sound interesting, I just checked it out, and the post is '''really, really long''' so I thought I'd finish this extra-long comment first :P Sorry!! Word limits are my weakness :P
    Take care!! Looking forward to more of your posts on both your blogs :)

    1. Haha! We may as well be breaking records for wishing each other! Happy New Year to you too Preetika! :D

      It is weird, but it's kind of a good weird, so don't worry. It's amazing to find people who're similar! Oh yes that post is too long and the subsequent ones are actually better, so check those out if you're interested! I intend to start it again!

      I love your comment, thank you so much! :)

  6. Write more? Acha? Seriously? Keyboard todna hai? :P
    Dekhte hain 9 mein se kitne poore hote hain end tak!

    By the way, you sure have a very expressive way of writing Ashna. Have a great 2013 and do remember to set someone's soul alight!

    1. Thank you so much for that confidence Rachit! :| :P You will see how I complete them all! ;)

      Haha! I know what you mean. I will, maybe, if I'm sure of it! :D
      Thanks so much. You too have a great year! :)

  7. Hey! May I steal the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th numbered resolutions? :P As you already know, there are like end no. of similarities between me and you, so I of course could relate to the post :D
    Well, for the teasing part, I am a staunch believer of the concept and no matter what, I am never gonna stop that :D
    And, and, and! Write 'more'? Like, SERIOUSLY? :o

    And yup! was waiting for your post, thank God you made one, or I would have thought that's one of your resolutions :P

    P.S.: all the best for the year ahead and may u consider your "suggestions" :)

    1. Thanks for this lovely comment Srishti! Yes, I intend to write more, even if I break the keyboard, like Rachit is predicting :P

      I hope you have a wonderful 2013! :)

  8. Haha, I love your post! I'm not sure if I actually made resolutions for 2012; I ended up just trying to be brave and winging everything. As for this year, hey, I think these are great! I'd really love to see more of your writing, whether a review or a blog post or a story (!!!!)... and that does include Theandric Thursday posts. And everything about personality and outlook, yes, please! I do think you're already awesome right now, but improvement is great!

    Oh, and something I'd like to share with you: They're pretty great tips on staying focused and making resolutions. The writer, Arriane, even managed to release a planner called the Go Getter Planner, which I do have (and if you want it, you can totally order it too)! But yeah, I just had to show you, and I hope they'll help! Can't wait to see how your 2013 turns out! (;

    1. Thanks Katya! ^_^ YOU are awesome! I'll check out the resolution planner, thanks for sharing. :D

      Hope you have an amazing 2013, with lots of fun! :)

  9. That is great! It sounds feasible if you stay focussed. Changing lifestyle is a slow process. It is never too late to start and hit the gym <3


  10. Your new year resolutions looks promising :D happy new year to you ..

  11. A nice blog, you've got here! :)
    Happy new year! Have a great one ahead!
    Now following you,
    Visit me at

    1. @ Megha: Yep, changing lifestyle is definitely gradual. Gym? I'm never going there :P

      @ Arch: Happy New Year to you too! :)

      @ Hopelessly Hopeful: Thanks! Hope you enjoy it here. Will check out yours too. Happy New Year!! :D

  12. I somehow remember commenting on this one but nevertheless its too damn cute to be not commented on!!


    Loved your positive insights on what could have been and what can be still, you know I love the way you present things which are no-tso-good so nicely.

    Can just say ALL THE BEST, have fun, keep smiling, spread more cheer - just the way you always do and may you stand true on all your resolutions this year!AMEN <3

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely wishes Me! I always love your from-the-heart comments, such a morale booster they are! Thank you! ^_^

      Hope you have a great, memorable 2013, with millions of reasons to keep on smiling :D


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