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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How do you feel?

If you're rooted in a mass
Of beings different, 
Pitying you probably, for you're
Not 'them', sticking out sorely
How would you feel?

If you ever speak and
It goes to the wind
For they have priorities, overlook
Your little voice, meaningless
How would you feel?

If your little heart flutters
At a sound, you turn and
See it/they smiling, at another
Their backs to you, indifferent
How would you feel?

If it's easy being alone
You do it with grace
Doesn't mean it's desired
Still they leave you up to it
How would you feel?

If you find yourself
At the intersection, with the
Forgotten past behind, the unknown future
Ahead, and the present muddled, conflicting
How would you feel?

Be in those shoes, at least once
See, what your indifference does
To drown another soul, in pain
Insecurity, inferiority. If this is you,
How do you feel?

The above picture was taken from Google (where else?).
The above post is the product of a very weird state of mind. Ignore if it doesn't make much sense.


  1. This is really beautiful ... we all have faced situations similar to this ... awesome !!!

  2. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L
    and deep Ashna... loved it!

  3. Its so wonderful to be able to transform what one feels into words.. It was beautiful...!!

  4. Indifference can be the most unpleasant thing, even worst than hate. But only those can realize it, who have experienced indifference. The rest are just well, indifferent.

    It's a beatiful poem Ashna. Loved it! :)

  5. This one is awesome. :)

    1. @ Green Speck: Yes, thank you. :)

      @ Me: Thanks! :)

      @ Aakruti: Thank you! I was about to leave it after one para, it was just not coming, but then it did. :)

      @ Usama: Yes, isn't that true? Indifference: worse than anything. Thanks :)

      @ Nuha: Thank you! Welcome to my blog :)

  6. We will never realize the pain of other being until it happens to us!
    Very true! Beautiful lines...
    First time at your blog :)
    Beautiful poem! and loved your signature ;)

  7. Simple yet hard hitting.
    I know what you are talking about here. Quite.
    Liked the scheme of the poem. its different. not the usual.
    Keep up the good work!


    1. @ Sri Valli: Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you around more often. :)

      @ Saloni: Thank you. ^_^

  8. aha! how excellently you weave your feelings! LOVELY! :)

  9. Its easy being do it with grace..

    ur little heart flutters........

    Oh! Aashna..what a touching composition you have just made....unadulterated!! Its a known feeling!!
    Priyaa :-)

    1. It feels good to know that you could relate to it! :)
      Thank you!

  10. WOW :O

    Ms. Poet, this is the best poem I have read in a long, long time! It's so deep with emotion and really makes me think of my 11th and 12th school years. I know how indifference feels, damn, it makes you feel like a worm. Ignoring people, being indifferent and back-stabbing are things that I just cannot forgive.

    Love your poem.
    Hats off!!

    1. Abinaya!!!! I read your comment NOW! Thanks so much! This lit up my face with happiness! *_* I was missing stuff I used to write on, just going through it again!


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