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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life Update!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, I have started talking about my life in detail these days. On the blog, I mean. When I was in my undergrad college, there was so much to talk about that my life in real was just a glimpse on the blog, unlike now when there’s such a paucity of goodness in my new college life that I’m bound to talk more about personal stuff. I know it’s getting sort of negative and lame these days, but hold on. I’m sure my life has something good right around the bend! (God, I totally deserve a Nobel Prize for insane optimism. Seriously)

Anyway, by the time you’ll be reading this, I would be on a train with my family members (immediate and some extended too! Woohoo!), heading towards a small town in Madhya Pradesh to attend a family function. I know, it’ll be so hot! The weather, people! :P But still, this would be a holiday out-of-Delhi after years of being stuck up in this stupid city. (Don’t roll your eyes. I don’t like this city or this country much, especially these days) So, I should ideally be excited. I’m honestly not much keyed up, though. Alright, now I am. However tiny it may be, it's still not Delhi. For one, G (my brother) is in a different state in college and I am not acquainted with having fun without him. That’s not even possible! Irritating or not, he’s my ultimate fun-partner-in-crime. I have no idea what I’ll be doing alone. So maybe when you’re reading this, I would be: 

-     Lying on my bunk/seat and reading a book, or 
-    Sitting on my seat (window, no doubt) and reading a book, or 
-   Sitting at the window seat and admiring the view outside! Fields and stuff. Maybe have a tear trickling down too (I get crazily happy with such moments-of-awesomeness), or 
-    Staring at everyone in the family and being deep in thought, or 
-    Laughing along and having fun (I hope!), because let’s face it. My family is funny. It’s just my mood that decides whether or not I want to play along, or 
-   Listening to music. Though I think I’d rather not. Observing people would give me more masala to write about, right? :P

We’ll be reaching there on Friday and then we’ll pass the time by ... well, passing time. And how do I know? I’m no antaryami. Maybe I’ll be having fun for real, or maybe I’ll be sitting in the shade reading books. Or maybe I’ll be playing with my younger cousins. I want to take a day out for visiting a place we used to visit as kids. There’s a wonderful waterfall and it’s a beautiful place, but it’s many miles away, so I’m only hoping God would be with me for once and make that happen! That’s about the only part I’m most interested in. I mean! I can totally recall the last time. :D Eeep! It was awesome. I was young and eager and loved adventure and that was all kinds of awesomeness. I still love adventure, though. And that place would still be awesome. I love waterfalls! They’re so beautiful! 

Apart from this, there’s a gurudwara that you get to only by means of crossing a river on a boat! Yippee! It’s not much, but I remember being warned about crocodiles that may bite your hand off when I was repeatedly putting my hand in the river. I think Mom deliberately said that, because she’s scared of water. And let’s face it, none of us can swim. o.O But that’s the interesting part, no? ;) I'm taking my camera along. Thankfully I'd get to photograph things that are not right next to my home, which is the most of what I've photographed. And let's admit. I'm excited about the train journey. It's been years since I've been on a train! Talk about a journey with a humorous family. Don't you think I should put aside my pathetic mood and just have fun? I can get back to seriousness when I'm back. Why spoil the trip? (But it'll be so hot :'( ). Wish me luck? :D

We’ll be staying there till Monday and I’ll be back on Tuesday. Then by another week my internship would end and I would have about two weeks before college starts again. Maybe I’ll post as soon as I’m back or maybe I won’t! :P I just hope I get something fun to write about. It’s getting just morose these days.

PS- I know 3-4 days isn’t much, but still, I’d be missed, right? ;)

PPS- I’m so addicted to PSs and PPSs. I'm still worried about the declining length of my posts.   


  1. Firstly wishing you a great trip. Be safe and enjoy yourself!

    I love journeys in any form - bus , trains, planes, 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers - for I get loads of ideas and I am at a place which I like to state as being in nothingness.

    Not here neither there.... just somewhere in between and I simply love that feeling.

    Hope you get loads of ideas and have tons of fun.

    Take care :)

    1. Aww I love this "somewhere in between" idea. Really, I never thought of it that way. And I like long journeys outside the city much much more. :)

      I had loads of fun! Thanks for your wishes. They worked! ;)

  2. Optimism is actually good :')
    And, happy journey! You are lucky you get to go out, atleast. I got boards :| Have fun ;) xo

    1. Oh man! Boards? All the best!! :D

      Trust me, I went out after years. I loved the train ka ek ek cell! :P
      Thanks for your wishes :)

  3. Oye, I feel so giddy and special that I know almost everything you just wore XD (except what you'll be doing en route -_-)

    I hope you have loads-loads-loads of fun and I've already emoticon-cried over you going away :P So, I'm gonna contain my overflow of emotions and say- HAPPY JOURNEY, HAVE FUN AND I'LL MISS YOU FOR THE 3-4 DAYS :p Specially when my results come out, I'll die if I don't tell you about it -_-

    Chal, now have fun (I've said it for the 3rd time!) and I'm looking forward to the pics!!

    1. Not again!!!! I hate typos, get me an antidote or something mummyji -_-
      It's wrote not wore -_-

    2. Thanks Preetika! I figured that out! :P Take deep breaths before typing ;) I don't mind typos as much, though. Don't worry. Still if you want to know, just read again what you've written! There's no way to reduce your excitement :P or any reason to ;)

      Thanks for so many good wishes, because I had the time of my life! :D Now I'm back, we can talk and talk and talk! :D :D

  4. Hey hope you had a great time on the family trip :D
    I so love traveling, specially when you move along those beautiful green and yellow patches of crops, tube-wells,and scarecrows! :D

    PS:I love the new theme of your blog. Its so colorful and fresh!

    1. I did have a great time :D It was awesome. :D

      Thanks so much! I love this new look too. ^_^


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