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Monday, May 13, 2013

The ultimate mood-victim Makeover!

Hey guys! If you’re landing here after the little....uh, “makeover”, well, SURPRISE! Don’t be so shocked please. I wasn’t betraying you by planning on it since forever and sitting on my “secret” plan without a hint. This is probably the biggest example of my unpredictability! And also what a funny, oh-I’m-suddenly-feeling-awesome kind of a mood swing can do! Last morning I checked my mail, opened the blog to check-out the sweet comments you guys left (I somehow feel like reading comments here on the blog itself, rather than on mail) and then..... I don’t know! I just wanted to give the blog an awesome look. I read how you connect to my posts and that made me wonder why I never made any efforts with making the blog “look” good, which is weird because I like ‘looking good’. But then maybe it’s not that weird, because I’m not a blog. Oh, whatever.

So then I had this moment of reminiscence where I thought about my blog’s first look. All pink globs, here and there! The description told you that you’d be reading about the life of a teenager! Tell me, who all of you were there even back then? You’ll be getting a gift! ;) For the newbies, see this is how Pages from a Young Diary started! 

Aww! I miss you! :')

I had quite a hard time letting it go. The next look was the result of getting too comfortable with those pinkish globs. I had actually spent quite some time with this second look, testing, taking advice, using the poor ‘Template’ option to its maximum capacity. I was happy with it more than other pretty designs because it “felt” comfortable and not totally alien. You know how looks can change your feelings. 

Hey I'll miss you too!

This one had been running since May 24, 2012 (almost a year!) until yesterday, when I became a bit too moody and set about making a “header”. I didn’t even know those were called headers and I still don’t know how I know! :P I picked up pictures from the internet (I tried taking the non-copyright ones, but we’re talking about me. So if any of these is copyrighted, sorry, that wasn’t deliberate and please don’t sue me!), then decided to find pink bases (when in a weird mood, talk only pink) and set about creating this “header”. I tried it on (the blog, of course) and it looked pretty awesome. The previous background didn’t go with it and so it had to be replaced by one that does! Like this one! The rest of the blog is pretty much the same, except for this new “labels” style. And for this look, I didn’t consult any but one. It felt like it should be just me this time. I guess it worked well! :D

I really like this new look. It’s totally “me”, all pinkish and purplish and creative and sophisticated. Do you think it speaks of a new ‘me’ too? A little changed from before? I was going through my previous blog posts and I see a change, especially about how I blog/write now. I totally love it anyway. It’s like it records my personal stories, my learning, lessons, experiences and indirectly, maturity too. Now that it looks even better than ever, it’s my favourite thing! My book blog may be more popular, more pretty (not anymore, though ;) ), more about my love for books, but this blog has seen me during all phases of my life, it’s about more than just my books. It’s about my friends, life, love, fun, craziness, laughter, happiness, experiments and trials, everything that has a role in making and shaping me into how I am now. It’s a beautifully recorded life-story. You can’t even imagine dear blog, how much I love you!!! <3>

^ I moved into the nostalgia lane. It’s overwhelming, but I’m allowing myself to wallow in those feelings. Every kind of feeling must be felt. :’)

PS- I’m planning on making the header’s height shorter, so that it’s not so huge. In order to not spoil the pixels or anything, I’ll have to re-make this header, which I’ll do in the evening. It’ll remain the same, just with a shorter height.   Did it!! :D


  1. You saved a snapshot of your old blog look?? I never get ideas like that, plus I don't even remember how mine looked before this. :P

    Anyway, the new look does look beautiful(ignore what I said earlier, this is kinda growing on me with time, so yeah.. ignore). And that first look now reminds me of old times(not so old, but that's how older people talk :P) and the way we(some of the people who i used to read then and still do) blogged then and how we blog now. It's kind of a nice feeling, reminiscing of them. :D

    All the best for your future blog adventures, I am sure you'll go to great heights ;) B)

    1. Haha! Either because I'm feeling pretty awesome-y since morning, or because I'm loving this blog now a 100 times more, or because your comment is funny and like always, manages to make me smile :D, I louveee your comment. And your tippani on the look earlier! I'm so sure you'll love it more when the header's adjusted. ;)

      Ya! I do save the looks. I am sort of addicted to looks, don't you agree? ;)
      But I do that because I like every old thing and can't bear to part with them. Keepsake, you see.

      Thanks for your wishes oldie! :P

  2. Wow !!! Your blog really looks new and awesome!!!

    Great work girl. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you vaidehi! Glad you like it :D

  3. Ashna, I love the makeover! It's always great (and funny, in this case) to look back to see how things have changed, and thank god for improvement and maturity. It's good to know how the blog has changed with you throughout "all phases of your life".

    Again, love the new theme (the header is fab, and the background is nice and understated!). Three cheers for pink, too!

    1. Thanks Katya!!! I just noticed I hadn't replied to this! Eeps! It's been more than a year already. Goodness. I could keep this one forever, I think. :P


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