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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dream a paradise...

Popping open an eye, she saw Mother tangled up in affairs,
Chanced upon the opening, but Mother was fast, shushed her
Slid her back, retreating into the cosy cocoon.

She closed her eyes, and dreamt of a paradise,
Recalled the green-blue glimpse, so away from her reach
Pretty nectared flowers, and bees and winds.
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Frowned Mother, That’s rubbish, she said,
“Out there” is wild and wrong and perilous
Home is shelter, home is where you’ll always be.

Gaze dropped to her developing form, too small for the cocoon,
But Mother, she worried, I’m feeling suffocated!
Can I have a go at my paradise?

Don’t be ridiculous, Mother replied, There’s no paradise,
There are falls and hurts and beasts and tides
You’ll suffer in life and then cease to survive.

She closed her eyes, imagined the paradise,
That seemed so perfect, so “for her”
Please Mother? She pleaded. No, came the reply.

And hence she never knew, what it was like,
To live, to learn, to love, to know
For she stopped breathing before any real tide.

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I honestly don’t know what this is. Not a poem, just words strung together to make a story I didn’t know how to write. I hope the message of the story is clear: life is supposed to be lived, to actually do what you want, but can you really? Most of the times, it’s your guardians who do “too much”: worry too much, protect too much, say ‘No’ too much. “Too much” is actually too bad. No one needs to die in a cocoon or to miss out on living like everyone else. The suffocation, the protection is not worth losing out on the thrill and happiness of the freedom. True, there are horrors, but somewhere in between, there is a paradise. Let us find it. And it’s not enough to dream about it.

PS- I could have scheduled this and posted later, but either because I’m loving the new look so much that I want to write, or that I really can’t bear the wait to post what I wrote, for two days later! Now is now is now. Anyway, tell me: did that really make any sense?

PPS- It might have been inspired by Coldplay’s “Paradise”, which I’ve listened to a million times since last night. Yep, I’m not kidding. Not even remotely. 


  1. I am sometimes like this when it comes to my sister, i try to protect her from everything in the world, but I know i must let go, Too much is really bad..
    Hey btw, nice blog makeover, very cute

    1. Thankyou! ^_^

      Yes, while I agree that protection is valid and right, sometimes we just need a little space for breathing. Doing just what you're told, going just where you're allowed, when you're allowed, it gets too much. The elders may disagree or feel angry with this, but I have to tell what I feel, too. Bottling them up doesn't suit me.

  2. Aah.. beautiful :')
    I connect with your words so much... and I absolutely agree, we don't need to miss out on life just because some horrors will come along :/

    1. Yeah, but as long as we're tied, we're tied. Unless we decide to break free, which in itself comes with loads of speed-breakers :P

  3. Simply outstanding is the word I would love to use for your this post.. such innocence yet sheer magic!

    1. You really think so? That's compliment enough ;) Thankyou! <3


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