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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs, with the boombox blaring as we’re falling in love’ sings Avril Lavigne in the background as I attempt writing while listening to music. I’m otherwise someone who needs absolute silence in order to concentrate enough to write. Sometimes though, I’m able to achieve the feat with random noise as well, thanks to having a sibling. You know how they never listen to you, so no matter what you say or how bad you plead with them, they’ll still not keep their (and the TV’s) volume down. 

I wasn’t much of a music person, at least until some time back. There were a few tracks I liked, but never bothered downloading them just to listen over and over. While I listened to others going on how music makes them feel better, nodding my head as if I understood, I wasn’t giving it much of a thought. When they said music made them ‘forget the world’ and gave them peace, I thought of it as a medium that suits them, like books suited me. I had that medium for the solution to every feeling I had. It was just some time ago, a year and a half maybe, that I got into a lucky friendship with someone who had a music solution for everything. If I would be feeling happy, I’d get a song that would describe that feeling, if I would be confused, a song for that, if I would be feeling like crying, a song for that. That’s when I realized how there’s a song for almost everything and.... it actually feels good, when you listen to your feelings transcribed and sung through a song. Add magical beats or the soothing instruments in the background, and you’re feeling better already! Music doesn’t make me forget the world, like for others, but makes me more aware, aware of my feelings which sometimes I otherwise cannot form into words even in my head.
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All the songs I now feel like listening to, the ones I like best, all have come from that friend. Great music choice, I have to say! :D Another friend suggested a couple of girly songs (she’s a girl, so yeah :P) which have somewhat rekindled my love for such songs, which was dominant for a while when I was in school and loved singing along to Hannah Montana. (I still do that sometimes, though!) Now it’s like, I have someone to think about for almost every song. Not because of the message in the song, but who introduced me it. If I listen to Heart Vacancy or Honey Bee, I have a person in mind. If I’m listening to Here’s to Never Growing Up, I think of the one who made me listen to it. Is this what happens to you too? It’s not that I relate to every song, as such. Because hello? There are so many love songs I like, but I’m zero-ically interested in the love shove ki moh maya! :P Though yes, some songs do make me feel like it was written just to describe my feelings! ^_^ 

This morning, what I was trying to comprehend and find out reasons for, was why there’s so much focus on physical beauty. Always having to deal with my nada photogenic self, apart from the real problems, I have developed a resistance to the idea of beauty being just physical. I’m not saying it is, but even at first glance when normal people say, ‘She/He’s beautiful’, I internally agree but I wish they would know the person before calling them beautiful. This is a whole topic for some other time, but the gist is that I wasn’t feeling too good, thank you outer-beauty-judging world. And then reluctantly I decided to listen to some songs while travelling in the bus for office (internship! Reluctantly because I don’t feel like letting those singers making fun of my situation, but since I can’t read in the bus, I had to do something). I’m glad I did, though. I tuned in to two songs I’ve been listening to continuously since the past two days and I can’t describe what all they made me feel, except that they did make me feel beautiful. 

Thanks Preetika for these two songs! :D

Taylor Swift: 22

Avril Lavigne: Here’s to Never Growing Up

PS- I’m thinking it would be cool to have a weekly thing, the likes of ‘Song of the Week’. One song featured, one which would have been my latest favourite! How about that? I have ten in my mind already! 

PPS- I managed to write while listening to songs. And my headache’s gone. Is music awesome or what? :D     


  1. You're welcome ^_^
    Music is such an important part of my life! Contrary to you, I absolutely can't write without music in the background! I love listening to music all the time. And yes, like you said, there's a song for each one of my emotions and moods, and it just feels amazing to have your sentiments transformed into a melody!

    Count on me to regularly send you links to amazing songs ;)

    P.S. Great idea!
    Loads of love!

    1. Oh really? I don't know to concentrate on two things at once! :P But I managed this one, right? I'll try more too. You must be some multi-tasker ;)

      Thanks! I love your suggestions :D

      Lots of love back to you! :* <3

  2. As a matter of fact, my every post has a background thought and imagination pushed in by music. It's just beautiful how it takes you to some other world, some place which might never exist. Or you just don't know!

    Music is the story of the soul with a fine tune to it. I absolutely adore people who respect music and fortunately you're one of them!

    Try getting lost on YouTube sometime, you'll discover whole new meaning to bliss. There is a lot more to music than you think at this time. Trust me! Keep listening! :D

    1. You are just an exception when it comes to music! It almost seems like it's your everything! :D I have a lot to be grateful for, when it comes to you suggesting me music. Thankyou! :)

      Your posts definitely give that soothing vibe! :')

  3. Oh wow such a sweet post Ashna :)

    I truly love music and I cannot imagine a day without one. I need to hear some songs to soothe myself everytime I am angry or upset and also when I am super duper happy!

    And there are times when some lyrics seem to hold answers to many questions my mind seems to be bustling with... one of the best persons who showed me the beauty of English music was Rachit and since then I have just loved each and ever song more and more.

    P.S: Loved the idea of your Song of the week thing.. sounds cool. There are some people who do that... wordless wednesdays where they share one song which suits their current mood.

    1. Aww! That's so sweet, how you're so close to it. :) I know, Rachit's introduced me to all the best songs too :D

      Thanks! I guess I'll go ahead with it then :)

  4. Music doesn't make you forget the world, it makes you more aware of your feelings..So true, Ashna..

    I,sometimes get so addicted to listening to a particular song that I carry on with the same song for days together until I remember the lyrics..The craze continues and I reach a point when I get super saturated listening to the same piece of music and switch over to a new one, no wonder I love all the songs I listened to repeatedly at one point of time.. And as you said, the ones you love listening to, relate so much to your feelings that you can't help feeling as if they were written just for you, the music meant just to parallel the symphony your heart is singing....

    Beautifully written( oh, you speak so out of your heart, I like that ;) )...
    And the idea of 'Song of the Week' is Superb !! :)

    1. Hey that happens with me too! I listen to the one song I like so ferociously, for days on end! :P

      Thankyou. I swear I mean it when I say comments from you guys keeps me going and gives me the motivation to write more! :)

  5. Oh i am addicted to music! There hasn't been a day in my life without a beat or two pepping me up. Even during exam time i used to make it a point to listen to good songs to keep me cheerful and to ease my tension. And yes, there is a song for every mood. Sometimes the lyrics just scream out our thoughts!

    Avril and taylor swift are a favourite.And the weekly idea is really good:)

    1. I'm glad you like them too and that you think along the same lines! :D I have so many friends, I see now, who love music! ^_^

  6. I really liked this post of yours. It's a very different post, for one and then it's about music. I won't say I am a very huge music buff, because firstly, I haven't even listened to many major bands ever, let alone lesser known but awesome bands. Secondly, even though I can listen to songs the whole day long, I seldom go out and look/explore music. I just listen to what I accidentally or on someone's suggestion, come around.
    And I too feel very lucky to have come around one such friend who literally showed me the world outside the music well that I lived in. All of his shares are beautiful songs, no matter which genre they come from. :)
    And I second Rachit. You should check out youtube sometime. It's a hidden world. People call it narnia of music. ;)

    1. Hi!!! Replying to your comment just now. I'm happy you liked reading it. Even I'm not the kind of person who "finds" music, and I mostly listen to it just like you do. Commenting this nearly two years later, I don't know how I feel about those songs now. They're not very exciting now. I've become (or am right now, in a phase) a depending-on-mood music listener. Sometimes I'd randomly want loud Punjabi music, while sometimes I'd want old songs I used to like, just because sometimes they make me feel nice. :)


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