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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happiness unlimited!! :D

Life is insanely funny, not excluding the 'insane' part. I mean, just yesterday I was feeling so crappy, even a little bit in the morning, worried about a sweet friendship that means the world to me. I think God has finally decided my days of facing slash feeling crap should be over. Whatever test He was subjecting me to, I must have aced it. Beautifully. I had such an amazing day today! So many little things that made me so happy that right now I'm absolutely, positively, you-can't-piss-me-off-whatever-you-do giddy! *Giggles*

Alright, I have loads to say about the internship and so far I was just having an experience bordering average or maybe even boring. Seems like the barrier was crossed today and I'm so sure it's going to be good from now on. Maybe even better than expected. I'll be writing down the amazing little things that happened today in points. They may seem pretty much average to you, but ask someone like me who's oh-so trying to get over the depressing don't-know-why phase I was into recently. All this means a lot. :D

1. I was feeling cruddy because I had been pissed off without much of a reason the last night and hadn't talked to one of my best friends, just because of it. And.... well, I was feeling on edge till morning because I hate making those friends who're close to me, feel like I'm mental and fearing losing them. So I made an unconventional call and it managed to calm me down so well. I suppose that was the first ball in the make-my-day-happy court. The said friend is super sweet. If you're reading this, I guess you'll know and I treasure you truly. :)

2. While I was sitting in the blessed RTV that takes me, and some staff members back home comfortably (otherwise I would have been dragging myself, changing three modes of transport and two metro trains, no less!), I was listening to the three women talk, with whom I always sit during the evening ride. Two of them are English editors and one sweet lady who helped me since Day 1, what she does I don't know exactly. Anyway, I always sort of admired one of those two editors (not just because she's an editor, though my respect level automatically zooms up for such amazing people), who is a Kashmiri and she's lovely. Not just going by physical appearance. She's sweet when she talks, her 'Good morning's are always bright and actually seem to make your mornings 'good', her tone is so damn polite! Today was the first time I had proper interaction with those two, despite the fact that I sit facing them each day, the past two weeks. And I loved it. 

Just like always, ignoring the fact that my head is buzzing and my eyes in pain, I take out my book-for-today. (My reading speed has suspiciously increased, so that I'm now relishing off books no more than one-for-two-days-max). The non-Kashmiri one tells the other, 'She's really fond of reading books. Each day it is a different one, see?', recalling the conversation I had with her the previous day, when the Kash one was absent. Then we went on talking about books, the second conversation of the day. This one was different, as they both are readers too, and we were discussing what thriller writers are the best, how there are few kids who read so much, or read at all, how the Kash has her own library (I swear I felt like saying 'I love you!' but I supposed that would gross her out and cancel any chances I had of ever making a conversation with her again). We discussed the amazingness of Harry Potter and how she almost let a cooker blast because she was so engrossed in reading the book. I just controlled my drool. 

Anyway, so she encouraged me to pick up a few good Indian authors, whose books are there in the office library. I sadly recounted my experience the first day, where the cranky old librarian said, 'You're not permanent employees, so I'm not issuing you books', after which I did not venture even close. She asked me to meet her there tomorrow, she'll show me the good books and will get them issued- on her own card. God bless such souls. More on this later! :D

3. My dad came home-sweet-home after a four day official trip to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. That is awesome enough, but it was the happiness he was radiating that was so contagious! Amidst laughter and jokes, he recounted his experiences while practically glowing! This place is one superb, one of the most beautiful places he's ever seen! And trust me, he's seen many. I was awed by the pictures, by the little sweet nothings he described that make that place what it is. It's supposed to be a poor country, but it looks far from it. The people are generous and kind, they respect 'Hindustanis', have super cute dhabas where they serve choy with naan and fried fish and salad! *drooling* There is this river, Nurek which is actually sea green! SO pretty! I'm attaching pictures, so you can experience some of the awesomeness too.

All pictures here have been clicked by my dad! (Except the one with the kids!)

Snow mountains! So high!
Then, on the way back, the plane's route was such that they'd be flying over 'The Roof of the World', otherwise known as the Pamirs. It's the highest altitude plateau in the world and the surrounding mountains were SO high! You can imagine from these pictures. Amazing! There were other landmarks too, like the Somoni statue, the world's biggest library (yeah!) and the world's tallest free-standing flagpole. I'm too lazy to put in links, please Google. Or just stay khush with these pictures! ;) Oh yeah, I got these two jewelry items as a gift, as I have to have something from every country he visits. Keepsake and all, you know. I couldn't get my ear to look pretty, so the earrings don't make it to the blog. Here's this beautiful bracelet! *Drooling some more* Oh again, some chocolates too, and yes, a perfume as well! Thanks Dad! :D

Bracelet! :D
Nurek river. Look at the color!
Dad with cutie and excited Tajik kids!

The world's biggest library! I'll have to visit this someday!

4. One of my greatest friends has been selected in his dream university! Feeling super happy! :D Not just because I'm in for a scrumptious treat, but because I genuinely am too happy, like the amazing friend that I am. ;) 

I know, I have at least 3-4 friends right now, waiting to talk! I shouldn't type more! :P More later! Too happy to even type! :D 


  1. Bea-u-tiful post! I absolutely love it when you're frank and so open in a post. I cherish your flow and writing style Ashna! :D

    And wonderful places your dad visited! Any chance next time I can tag along? :P
    Loved reading it!

    PS: Life's insanely funny. Yeah it is.

    1. And I love and adore such comments ^_^
      If tagging along was an option, you think I'd have missed it? :P If I get the opportunity, you're the one I'm dragging along ;)

  2. Wow!! That was some post Ashna :)

    Your happiness passed onto through the words leaving me feeling glad inside. You are truly blessed and you know that - that is one thing we all need to learn to live with !

    Lovely pictures and it sure does seem a beautiful place to visit. I second Rachit - Can you please ask your Dad to take me along next time..puhleaseeee!! ;)

    Take care, keep smiling and writing more of such cute and adorable posts :D

    1. Thank you! I always look forward to your adorable comments :)
      Yep, just stay happy with all that you have! If it's possible, why not? ;) We three can have lots of fun!

      Love! <3

  3. This was one happy post with awesome pictures....
    Loved the bracelet!!!!
    stay happy and blessed :)

  4. Eeeeeeps I know I've missed three posts of yours :| Will read it soon. Have semester exams right now :(

    I wanted to give you an award.. Check it out at

    1. Whoa Abinaya! Another award! :D Thankyouu! ^_^
      All the best for your exams! (which I suppose, would already have been over, in which case good luck for your results! ;) )

  5. Awesomness oozing out of the post ^_^
    Oh man! I so want to visit Tajikistan now!
    And finally... you're having fun at work :P

    Keep the reading and stay ever-so-happy!

    1. Thanks Ruya for the equally awesome comment!! ^_^

  6. I so love posts like these. I so love them. You're happiness transcends distances and literally comes out of the screen and into your readers. :D

    The can't stop looking at the pictures, again and again. They are fueling my dreams. And I just got an idea looking at them. Will start on it today itself. :D

    P.S: Why didn't I read it on the day it was posted... I should have

    1. Haha! I can totally see the happiness :D
      I want to know what idea you got!! You will have to tell me!

      PS- That's okay. Unexpected comments like this feel awesome sometimes :D


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