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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let go.


Sophie fought hard to keep her eyes closed in concentration, picturing only her and keeping all else out of her mind, her hands clenched into fists so tight that it hurt. She didn't notice how her fingernails cut across her soft palms, sure to cause marks that wouldn't be going away anytime soon. Yes, she had the vision. Now all she had to do was pinpoint her negative energy in that direction and cause damage. Thanks to the Supreme Council, she had her powers promoted and it took just a mere thought (with a lot of focus, of course) to let her do things her way. 

Come on, she thought. Just a thought, is all it takes! However, a feeling crawled up her skin that was becoming quite a regular in her body. Guilt. When had she become like this? She wasn't accustomed to feeling such intense hatred, that too out of jealousy. Coupled with anger, helplessness and a pathetic kind of sadness, it was a horrible conflict of emotions which she couldn't fathom. In her confusion and a sudden surge of hot anger, she had decided to use her powers. To harm. And it was scary, as she was known to be a genial person. Non-violent. Why was she even bothered? It would only harm her soul, tarnish it with something she didn't deserve.

But then, what Sophie was getting, she didn't deserve that either. For all she knew, she was way better than many people, character wise. She couldn't think of deliberately hurting anyone, and she loved her friends deeply. Ugh, she thought. It's no use. Mentally cursing her fate, she wondered how it was so unfair. In all eternity of her being, she had to feel that way for someone, for the first time. No doubt it was a wonderful feeling, and they'd shared a lot of stuff as friends and she liked him. Fact. But lately, there was her. That little sticky cocklebur who never left any opportunity to latch herself onto him. Eww, Sophie. What are you thinking? Since when did you start thinking like this? 

If he clearly was good friends with her, she couldn't really do anything about it, right? No, she wasn't going to start "playing" any games or anything. She just had to learn to let go. Hadn't she read so many stories, most of which had underlying meanings that stressed on the power of love? The power of forgiveness? She was a person good at heart. She had to ignore the bad stuff, the dumb people, even more so the stupid things they unknowingly do. Immature. Or whatever.

Sophie opened her eyes to a hazy world and blinked rapidly to clear her vision. She became aware of a faint pain in her palms, and saw Gale stroking it comfortingly. 'Thank you', she murmured. Gale turned her to face him, remembering how stubborn she can be. Being her older brother, he knew her well. He took in a breath and spoke softly, as if willing his whisper to nudge her stubborn soul, " You are a great person, Sophie. But painfully loving. You can give all your love to those you care about, but you have to understand that the world doesn't work like that. You can't own people, you can't stop someone you like from liking someone else, unless you make it clear about how you feel, which you won't do. I know it hurts, it hurts real bad. But you have to understand that it's not the end of the world. There will be a million more things, that will strike you and make you feel discontented. You just have to work out which ones you can choose to ignore. There will still be some that you'll have to bear, it's just a part of what it is and you won't have a choice. Be strong. Still share your love, love so strongly that it overshadows your hurt. You never know when it'll help you drown out the sadness. Please Sophie. Don't taint your new powers with a negative spell. You know it'll permanently damage your soul too. Please, let go."

And believe it or not, she did.

This is one crappy piece. And you don't have to say it's not. I began with the aim of creating a story, with a well defined character and I suppose that character was going to get hurt real bad. But I realized I didn't want to do that (I mean, just because my mood was morose is no reason to hurt a poor character, right?). Hence, this something that's so incomplete. I hope I get the time to actually write what's in my mind and not random stuff like this :P

PS- ^ All that is a lie. I was reading a book where the protagonist was called Sophie and while reading, I envisioned this scene, feeling this is how it would turn out. But it didn't, and I liked this version too, so I decided to write it down! 


  1. Beautifully narrated, Loved Sophie's Character

    1. It's hastily written, and I'm glad you liked it. Thank you :)

  2. Not a crappy piece, but very well transcribed. There is a flow that is always required in any story. I can see you getting mature and facing some facts right through. There is a you in Sophie, there has to be! And you know what? Letting go is one of the toughest things to do in life. And if Sophie was able to do that, this means that she is a tough person. She really is! :)

    1. Thanks Rachit. What you think is important to me, and helps me clarify things, like this comment did. :D Thank you!

  3. was crappy! If that's what you term a beautiful narration. ;)

    Believe it or not..whatever you write, I am bound to like it. (And in case I don't, I never comment..and that's usually when I don't understand- a result of my undercreative mind!)

    Anyway, awesome as a fiction!

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  5. I would say - to pick up a character from some other book, envision the scene as you want it to be and write it down is far beyond "crappy". Yes, it does seem incomplete and confusing for the readers who do not know anything about the book, perhaps mentioning the book's name would make a difference :)


    1. Hmm... I deliberately didn't do that. Yes, I suppose it's incomplete. I'm glad that you still liked it. Thanks for your comment!! :)

  6. I wouldn't say it was crappy piece at all. I would say though that I expected a little more conflict towards the end. But then it's just me because I am one big-nosed critic, for others I am sure it would be perfectly okay.

    I liked your narration, a lot. The way you penned your thoughts about Sophie. I loved Sophie's character and I think, however weird it may sound, that Sophie did let go and decided not to hurt that person not because you as a writer thought that you shouldn't let a character get hurt just because your mood is bad, but because that's how deep down Sophie was. She was just not the hurting kind.
    Now I don't mean here the Sophie you read about in the book, but the Sophie you wrote. Because they could be different, right?

    P.S: Can you make out what all these lines I wrote above means, because I am reading them again and I am admiring the amount of crap I can produce. :P

    1. Well, I got it in the first go, I think because our thoughts match so much and this is precisely what I wanted someone to say. I can always count on you, right? ;) You got it right, each point. Thanks a million times! :D


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