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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Banging up and its benefits!

*Enthusiastic wave with both hands*

Hello readers! I'm finally back to my real, awesome self, back to being the girl who loves writing, specially here on this beloved blog, especially about my weird self and all the weirdness in the world. As of this moment, my face is in a unique contour, thanks to the overwhelming smile that's stuck there, making me look like a demented cousin of a baby seal. Trust me, you don't want to see what that looks like. Whoever says smiling always makes you look pretty has never seen me when I do it. Okay, maybe what I'm doing is an over-exaggerated version of what could be a smile, with all possible freaky add-ons, so that might not be wrong.

Yep. I'm back!
I do have those problems and minor irritations, but then, it's been quite a long time that I've been affected. I tried getting back by myself, but it wasn't working out. I wasn't even reading, imagine. But then! You know those times when you're so tired of trying, God finally takes mercy on you and bam! He's done something that benefits you in a way. Most of you might just think I'm nothing short of delusional to think what happened with me was good, but hey-ho, it is. ;) Yup, so on Thursday last week, for the first time in this college, we went through a think-like-a-kid bout and started playing a game we used to play as kids (I won't mention which one. It's actually very embarrassing to tell). In short, into the first game itself, my klutziness surfaced with full enthusiasm and while running I smashed into a big, cemented flower pot. Right next to the railing. On the third floor. And then people who saw me that time described it later as similar to a stunt as Superman might have performed, if that included getting your left leg hit the side of the pot and go flying over to the other side, rolling and sitting up, clutching your leg. That's what happened. Believe me, I'd love to go deeper into the details, but that's not the aim of this post. 

So I've been staying home since the past three days, thanks to my broken leg, because of which I can't walk straight (in the mornings? I can't even walk). I am supposing that this was God's way of shaking me, in a very literal sense! Because now that I think about it, this break was needed, the days I didn't go to college, stuff happened that I couldn't have handled had I been present and I got to know what amazing presence of mind and love my friends have for me! ^_^

Coming to the point (finally! :P ), I think whatever happens, we should look at the benefits. And trust me, getting banged up has its own share of advantages. Care to know? Read on!

1. You get to see the humane side of people, the side that's usually overshadowed by other unimportant stuff in our everyday lives. I got to know that whatever problems or tiffs people might have, they do feel concerned if someone's hurt. That's good to know! I was beginning to feel it's all about materialism, but humanity persists. Even if it's deep inside and hidden, it will surface sometime. You also know how amazing your friends are! (I've said that already, haven't I?). 

2. You get to be the pampered kid whose every whim and fancy would be adhered to. Not that I have any whims or fancies. I'm quite a sincere, obedient (ahem), oh-don't-do-so-much-for-me kind of a person and I do not like people looking at me with pity. But still, it sometimes feels good to be the center of attention, specially when it's your family and friends who're going out of their way (really) to make you feel better (even though you've told them a million times you're okay). 

3. You suddenly become popular among your rishtedaars who specially call to check on you and see how you're doing. So much so that by the time you realize who's on the line, you're already about the end the convo and hand over the phone to your parents. Did I mention I have phonophobia? The fear of having to talk over the phone. With anyone. I. Just. Can't. Thank God I can write at least, or else I'd have been a social outcast by now, what with not talking to anyone at all! Still, I can say 'Hello' and 'Thank you for your concern' and 'Mom wants to talk to you' (even when she's violently shaking her head, mouthing a big "Noo"). And it's always nice to revise who all you have as relatives and where they live. Just in case.

4. Teachers aren't too hard on you for homework and classes and all. Maybe they'll overburden me later when I'm okay, but what's wrong with enjoying this small privilege till the time it's available? Also, it must feel nice to having everyone (okay, most of them) take special care when they're around you, just in case you get hurt. Even if it's one percent, you have to admit, you do get special treatment. ;)

5. Since you can't do many physical activities, you get to sit comfortably all day in those warm, fuzzy blankets wearing the track suit which ironically, you wear on your morning/evening walks, with your laptop and the internet! As your plans of going to the World Book Fair were doomed (and believe me, to a book lover, it's devastating, specially as it looks so amazing this time and you know many more amazing books you wanted to look at), you're allowed to make online purchases for a few books! (Yayy!

6. Even though you're missing out on a lot of work in college, you don't feel like worrying over it and hence you take to doing fun stuff you had been missing. I'm back to reading and jotting down random stuff in my random-stuff-notebook (where else?), thinking of all the things I wish to have, all the places I want to go, all the fun stuff I want to do! 

7. Your Mom wouldn't ask you to do the usual chores. Anyone with a familiarity with the way our home functions would get the idea that I'm such a hypocrite and a liar. Because okay, I'm anyway not asked to do many chores because of the clumsiness thing and all-told you being a klutz is good-but still. Not having even to peep inside the kitchen, or being asked to pick up the landline, or to go over and switch on/off lights and stuff? Feels great! ;)

There are other benefits too, the little things like asking for chocolate and getting it in an instant (whoa!), getting an extra number of hugs (which I louvee) in a day, having little kids come to you for help in their homework (tuition!) and gingerly staying away from the hurt leg so as not to hurt you further. They're just so cute! ^_^ You are on your own most of the time (other people do have work, remember?) and that gives you ample time to daydream, listen to music, think about life and having philosophical thoughts (which I've been doing quite a lot lately. And it's fun). Oh yes, since I spent a lot of time online, I got to know another blogger Ruya Preetika, better. She is one amazing person, just 17 and managed to make my thought process on a very confused topic, clearer than it earlier was. Do hop on to her blog! I'm sure you'd love the chirpiness and candidness with which she blogs! She's also very kindly awarded this blog with a Liebster Award, the post for which I'd be making soon! :) 

See ya! ^_^
Now I think I'll go back to actually doing some homework (we have a hectic week next week :|) and as much as I loathe doing homework, I need to do it. And oh yes, that dreaded election is over and I'm now the new (and umm.. first) 'Literary Head' in the Student Council. *Takes a Bow* Thank you, Thank you. As much as I'd initially thought I'd just be adding on to my already unbalanced workload, I've still done it. Really, I can't even convince myself to not do anything I didn't want to do. But still, maybe it won't be that bad. Maybe I can actually have fun. For a change. *Hoping for the best!*

PS- That's Rapunzel in the two pictures. I love her. Ever since I know her as a kid! More so because my mom lovingly calls me Rapunzel too! (I've got long hair! :D )


  1. Bangs! Oh can't tell you how much I love them :D
    Just faced a stuntful one today but sadly the pain vanished much soon. Just in case I sound like a psycho, I love it just for the attention I get ;)
    All that concern! feels like a queen (flying kisses) :D

    yeah..but get well soon :)
    good to see you back in action and big congratulations for the lit. head post!

    PS: I too love Rapunzel...for her long hairs ^_^

    1. Haha! Aren't we all such attention-seekers? ;)
      Thank you so much for all your wishes! :D
      Lots of love from another Rapunzel fan ;)

  2. Looks like the fall benefited you in more ways than you can ask for :)
    Congrats on the Literary Head post!
    Hope your leg is better girl :)
    & don't worry too much, if something's not going too well, know for sure that it WILL All FALL IN ITS PLACE EVENTUALLY. So smile like you always do :)

  3. Glad to see you back in form :-)

    All the best :-) and do take care !!!

  4. Replies
    1. @ Anisha: :) Yep, they do! Thank you so much! :D

      @ Green Speck and Smita: Thanks :)

  5. OMG!! OMG!! Ashna is back with a BANG! :P
    Gawd, I'm gonna sound a total psycho when I say this, but I have this weird "wish"(?) of getting a bone broken o.O Okay, ha-ha, I love getting pampered, that's why :P Everyone does, right?? Plus, the clumsy thing? Totally me :)

    You mentioned me in your blog?? I'm on the verge of crying!!! Matlab, crying with joy :D It was so sweet of you!! Thank you Ashna :)

    P.S. At a lot of places, this post had me laughing like a maniac :D specially the baby seal part and whatever-strange-game you were playing :D Rapunzel! That's so cute :)

    1. Oh one of my aunts told me a similar story, what happened when they used to wish for a broken bone, just to get attention ;) You don't want to listen, so stop wishing for such things! :P

      You deserved the mention and a lot more things :)

      Thank you! ^_^

  6. Ashna tu na ek chhoti si and cute si bachi hai..and I love you for being that! :D

    This post again refurbishes the very fact that you still have that bright glowing childhood inside you and you still think a thousand things at one instance. Does this count as one thing that attaches me to you?

    I'm waiting for that time when you'd call me up for a bicycle race, or maybe any kind of race! 'Cause as they say on this promise day, friends don't need promises, they're just for forever! :D

    PS: Thoda kam likha kar :/ :P

    1. Hehaha!! Thanks Rachitu! :D

      Bachi hi sahi, I'm like this like this only :P As usual, I love your comments best :D

  7. Your posts are always a delight to make me smile. Aww and poor you...hope your leg gets better...but hey atleast it got Ashna the blogger back (wink)!!
    Me too going through a phase where I dont feel myself...I cant even read...I start a book and leave it mid-way...was writing a post about this and left that half way too!!! Maybe I too need a fall... ;-)

    1. Hehe. That's what! Look at the good side of things, right? I hope you do get out of your phase without such a fall! As much as you're being attended to, it's painful as well! :|

  8. Hey Ashna girl, your blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award. For more details go to

  9. First, congratulation for the literary post. I didn't know elections over ho bhi gaye.. :P by the way, does this coveted post have delicious perks on offer?
    Those benefits you mentioned, seemed like you travelled all the way back to school days... the 'better' part of school days :P

    P.S: You're very much like Rapunzel and dunno why, but that first pic keeps making me think that that's how you'd have grabbed your hair(okay, they're not that long, but still), focused your eyes on that pot and thought 'okay, that is where my target is.. let's get to it' and ran towards it.

    1. @ Anisha: Ohh cool! Thankyou! ^_^

      @ Usama: I still have to tell you the election story -_- that's why you don't know :P

      I loved your PS, however silly it might be :P Thank you! :D

  10. Loved the Rishtedaar's point :D..and hey why not over phone, haan???okay m not dominating but its good (ofcourse not with rishtedaar's :P)
    I hope you are better now....But still keep enjoying for as long as you can ;) hehe.

  11. Ok so I have been reading your posts from the little screen of my outdated phone, while i'm traveling, or whenever I have time.. but unfortunately, the usefulness of my phone is restricted to reading your lovely posts (which is a good thing, I can read them atleast :D), it causes problems when I try to comment.. so finally I thought of freeing you of the feeling that you have lost a reader.. ;)

    Congratulations for becoming the literary head! that's so bloody cool :D
    i so wish to go back to college..
    and i hope you have recovered from your injury.. :)
    I read your newer posts too..
    I think i too sometimes feel that im that white stone, in the midst of those dark black ones.. after reading 'Divergent', I started feeling it was about me.. :P
    which means.. you are not 'confused' or '(in)sane' alone.. you have company ;)
    keep writing.. I always loouuvveee it :D
    Love you!


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