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Friday, July 6, 2012

An update on Life!

Hi Guys! And Hi blog! I missed you so much! I'm hoping you haven't all left my blog (metaphorically, of course, since I can still see you as "Members"), considering pathetically low blog activity. Believe me, there isn't anyone as depressed as I am when I think of no activity on my blogs. I was being tortured busy with the new college this past week, what with all the horrible amounts of assignments and homework. Plus the classes that end at 3 (ha!) just a couple of days and at 5 almost all days (*wailing*) plus having classes even on Saturdays (*banging head on the wall*) plus well, let's just not get into it. I haven't read a book this past week (and I just remembered I am supposed to review "Poor Little Rich Slum" by Rashmi Bansal and Deepak Gandhi by Sunday and I haven't even started with it), I haven't been able to read any blog posts, commenting and replying to mails and stuff. Heck, I haven't even properly interacted with my family members this week. I mean, no sibling fight either. Now you know what I'm talking about. :| 

By the way, whichever idiot said that MBA would be easy, just get over that not-so-true notion. I'm just trying to desperately hold on to live life as normally as possible. Needless to say I need to work a lot in that aspect. It's nowhere near normal at the moment. *Controlling emotions* I'm getting carried away. I didn't plan to crib about it, but it's like that presently. And I'm a cribbing expert, so yeah, I'll say it. Thank you blog. And super duper friends who're reading this! You're awesome! And I feel like a tremendous load has been shifted much better now. Thanks! ;)

So now, cutting the rona dhona, I just wanted to tell you how much I'm missing this mindless posting, not that I would have anything intelligent to talk about anyway, what with having to use up all the portions of my tiny brain in classes and homework. There are so many posts I had lined up (just the ideas, I haven't written any) on both my blogs and I'm missing typing all this so much. Really God, I have never before appreciated a Sunday more than now. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I have so many unread books lying here and there, since I haven't even been able to set the small bookshelf or do anything human either.

Tell me, don't you hate it when you don't get the time to pursue your hobbies? When there are people who want to dictate how you should spend your time? I mean, that's the horribly horrible idiotically non-sensible worst part about it all. I absolutely loathe strict schedules, and that's what I'm getting. :'( At least the time when classes are over, I should get to do my own thing. But I get home at 6 (minimum) and then get busy with homework. When will I read? Or blog? Or write stories? Or learn French? Or learn about Mountaineering, which is something I want to do now. 

I've started cribbing again. Sorry for making this a sad, sorry post. I'm hoping I'll get used to it very soon and find out ways to multi-task or do some work on-the-go so that I'm able to get some "me" time. Like today, thank goodness! Even though I have loads to do, I couldn't just stop myself from much needed cribbing writing here and getting to know what you've been up to! Tello please! What have you been doing? If you've been through this stage, tell me, does it get better? I mean, I'm enjoying the tiniest bit at the moment, but I'm hoping it gets much better soon and I'm able to live the usual normal life, at least when I'm home. And *realization*, DU is the best! :P If you're there or in any under-graduation college, please enjoy to the fullest. It wouldn't be anything like it later. I swear.

Hoping for better days ahead.

Which reminds me of two quotes by Dumbledore (Harry Potter, people!), which are among my top favorites!

"It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more."

"Happiness can be found in the darkest of nights, if only one remembers to turn on the light."


[Adding this later: was listening to some songs I used to sing along a few years ago and realized that 'Every Part of Me' by Miley Cyrus is the one for me at the moment!]

Also, in case you haven't noticed, I was supposed to do the fourth Theandric Thursday post this Thursday (which was yesterday, in case you haven't noticed that either). I'll post it tomorrow or on Sunday and that is a promise, to myself and to you. :) And if you're interested in participating, you can do so any day this week. Check out the previous Theandric Thursday posts if you don't know what I'm talking about! (TT#1, TT#2, TT#3).

PS- Wish me luck!

PPS- Apologies for all the honesty felt words strike-throughs.


  1. Firstly yes I was waiting for your Theandric Thursday post and checked your blog so many times thinking I missed it by any chance :)

    Well I have been there and yes it does get better. It is only a matter of time when you will get used to your schedule and voila you will able to manage loads of time to do all the things you love. It is a tug of war between your passion and the other things you need to do. One you cannot ignore and for the other the stronger your passion the more you will be drawn to it....

    Wish you all the best and hoping to see you back in form soon :)

    1. Oh thank you so much! I really hope what you say comes true really soon! :)

      I'll definitely be up to it pretty soon. :)

  2. Is it me or it is in reality that you never made the reader feel negative all through this post? I mean, you continuously swiped the negative feelings and apologized that I felt Ashna is not all negative and probably knows the right thing to do here. :)

    MBA is the first step to enter the corporate world, hence calls for indefatigable hard-work and many many sleepless nights. :/
    At least the first year is so pain inducing! Nonetheless, I'm sure you're gonna manage everything efficiently. Ashna hai tu! :P

    I absolutely loved the picture! It's so so true.
    And by the way, I love your blog. I'm staying here forever. :D

    1. I hope so too :) You know I can get a bit dramatic :P

      Thanks! :D I know I can always count on you. :)

  3. Chill my dear girl chill. Give some space to yoruself. OK you have not vbeen able to update this space as regularly as you would want it to be so what? It was just for some time na? BTW MBA isn't tough, it is just that it will be a little hecticnothing else :)

    Take care, smile & stop cribbing, enjoy life :)

    1. Just loved your comment ma'am! Thank you so much :)

      I guess I've been over thinking, it's really okay... something new that I should be liking. I'l do my best to live the way I like it, with all the work too!

      Thank you, really. Made me smile :)

  4. haha..
    Calm down Ashna! :p As i read through, it felt as though you have 'written' it all in one breath :P haha

    All the best for the new, post DDUC, life :P

    PS: Your strike-throughs were so awesome :P

    1. Haha! Where else can I say it all? ;)
      I'm hoping for betterment too. Thanks! DDUC is the best! :D

  5. I'm scared. somewhere back of the mind, I wish to pursue MBA only after I am through with CA.
    But still, have patience. Its gonna be all gud..
    All the best. Cheers to the new tomorrow.
    P.S just stumbled upon ur blog. First timer here. :)

    1. Hey, don't be scared! These are the ramblings of a scared-with-sudden-work mind.. it's gonna be good in a while :)

      Thank you so much for 'stumbling' here and being kind enough to comment on this non sense post! :P I'm sorry for this post being the one you read first time. :P

      Hoping to see you here more often! :)

  6. Seems, it's quite a rigorous schedule for you these days.. But,the way you still cling on to your passion is inspiring.. Maintaining studies and pursuing a much loved hobby at the same time can be challenging at times.. and you have been maintaining both for so long and so well that I'm sure that despite the hectic schedule and monotony, you'll get time for attending to your blog and reading all the books you want to...
    Best wishes :)
    P.S: I always look forward to your posts.. :)

    1. Aww Thanks Rinku! :) You totally made me smile! :)
      I'm sure we can get the time, we have to, if we want to be happy! I look forward to your sweet comments, too! Thanks a ton! :D

  7. Well, it will be over soon. This phase of anxiety. But you'll have to think of ways to keep your passion for your hobbies alive because even though you'll get used to it, you might get entangled(and tired) with the busy schedule to take out time for it.

    It sounds like I am trying to scare you but trust me, it will help to know beforehand, so you could plan(cause I know those classes-till-5 timetable, and I hate it). :/

    But I know you'll handle it just right. After all you're born genius. ;)

    Wish you all the luck. :D

    P.S: Apologies for too much gyan at the start.

    1. Haha! Your gyaan actually made me smile. :)
      In fact, it's awesome to have friends who tell you the truth. I'm getting into the rhythm already (thank God!) and finding ways to take out time to read or blog and I guess it'll be alright after all. :)
      Rather, I should apologize for the drama :P

      Thank you x 100 for the wishes! :)

  8. haha...Seriously when you dont get the time for the stuff you love,its bound to happen.
    But Trust me, its like the same in almost all fields, whether you are doing MBA, B.TECH, or a job.
    Me too get very less free time.
    Seems SBPPSE is dancing over your head these days...:P

    1. Maybe ;) and thanks for the reality check :P
      As for now, I've found a few quick fix ideas, hope they work :)


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