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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

If I could...

If I could, I'd tell you
What I mean, with just a smile
Without words to say, I'd take you
In my thoughts, deeper by a mile.

If I could, I'd never think 
Twice before envisioning myself
To be in that place of my dreams
Eluding 'practicality' itself.

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If I could, I'd leave every
Materialistic thing, just to be
With you in your hour of need
If only this is what you'd really see.

If I could, I'd make your anger
Your sadness, your irritation, vanish
With just a feather touch and fill in love
In your heart, where it was always banished.

If I could, I'd forget what I went through
All those times I didn't know the difference
Between a friend and a fake, who
Left me with no other chance.

If I could, I'd be all what I want to be
Without a care in the world, of what
Others might see. I'd be my true self
For me, for you, for everything I ever sought.

If I could, I'd believe in this
And nothing else, begin to live again
With that zest and vigour, no pessimism
Now I think.... Maybe I can.....

Hello people! I would not have been writing this at all, had I not been down with fever and advised bed rest by the great doctor! Wait, I don't want sympathy, you know why? Because I look at it this way: I'd been into a crazy schedule for almost a month now, calculating how many months more to go (it's 23, imagine!). Not that I don't like it at all, I do. I've learned a hell lot of things in just a month and I'm very happy about it, but, I'm more of an emotional person, someone who values thoughts, feelings, emotions, love and family beyond anything else. I needed a break, for heaven's sake! I could have spent these past two days lying down because of fever, worrying over what I'm missing, but I chose not to. Really, how does it matter? I'm actually feeling relieved, that there's still something called 'normalcy' in my life. That I can get up in the morning to the sound of Mom leaving for work, have breakfast peacefully when it's not a Sunday, sit in the veranda with awesome weather and read a book, not even look at my phone all day (I wish I never had one! I dislike them so much), read a week's worth of collected newspaper supplements and have something to write about on this blog! 

I do have homework, pending assignments and all, but I can at least have a day, right? Maybe it will result in 'inefficiency', 'less marks' and 'running behind schedule', but listen, I'm not a machine and I'm not going to work like one. I was thinking this over last night, that how bad it is that because of the so called 'important' things like 'work', we have to cut down on the time we want to spend with family. Like still going to school when someone at home is ill because you have a test, or leaving for work because of an important meeting? Why? Why can't we just do what we feel like doing? Maybe we can, if we decide to forgo these materialistic benchmarks we create for ourselves. I don't want this to happen in my life and I'd make sure I make it the way I want. Seems a bit too 'impractical', right? Okay, maybe I wouldn't get the highest score and lose that high paying job. Guess what? I couldn't care less. 


  1. Love the attitude you are beginning to develop after being deluged with work on a regular basis! This is the modern life where we all have to compete and to compete we have to prepare. In between all this hustle-bustle, most of the time, we let go of ourselves and welcome that veil which changes us. I'm glad you're that who is choosing to look through that veil and protect that Ashna which wants to be who she wants to be. And believe me, your efforts won't go in vain. You'll definitely get the best of both worlds. :)

    Get well soon and do take great care of yourself! :)

    1. Well, I just hate the idea of 'competing'. I believe that we should just focus on achieving what we want to do, but yeah, this "system" doesn't exactly make it easy. I just wish we all could have that strength to stick to our own dreams and beliefs. :) I loved your well worded comment! I'm feeling better already ;) Thank you :)

  2. See what 'bad' and 'unwanted' days do to 'creative minds'; They beget poetry :)

    Loved your poem Ashna.. Really happy to see you writing poetry :) Sorry for my prolonged absence from your blog, I'm trying to settle down! I promise to be more regular :)

    I totally agree with you. This busy life should be sprinkled with some fun, and nothing should be done at the cost of our peace of mind. But, I also don't deny, that tough times are equally important.

    There are some very important lessons of life, that come with difficulties. So while you slog and sweat, don't forget to pocket the wisdom hidden around.. :) ( i see that you are doing it already ;)

    All the best , and get well soon :)

    1. True that! I knew I'd get to read something practical in your comment ;) Totally love your point of learning things while you're at it. That's the thing that's keeping me going! :)

      I hope you too get used to your new schedule soon. Hope you're enjoying it! :)

      Thanks so much :)

  3. Lovely lines :o)

    These days even I am feeling bogged down with work and want to take a leave badly to do all that you just mentioned out there. Including the phone thing...and imagine my plight I have two. One official and one personal!!!

    But then sometimes I feel we are lucky to have so many things to keep ourselves busy that some free time feels like a blessing!

    And trust me a little bit of rest would cause much harm at all...

    1. Hi Me! I cannot imagine ever having two phones! :P I'm enjoying whatever I'm getting but sometimes I miss the old things... thanks for reading and for the comment :)

  4. Don't stress too much my dear. There are days when you need a break and when you get such days stop thinking about what you are missing. You are young and this is the time to enjoy, rest all things will keep happening :)

    Hope u r fully recovered now.

    1. Thank you ma'am, for your wise words. :) I read your Premium blogger article, very inspiring! I'll definitely take it as it comes and enjoy as well :)

  5. Ashna, if you ever utter that you cannot write poetry, I will go insane! :D
    Such beautiful lines. Amazing poem, Ashna! :)

    I hope you are feeling better and full of zest to take on what life has to offer. All of us need a break. Like you said, we're not machines and even machines run out of fuel. This break is like a fuel to your body and soul :) Use it well. And ofc, a few days break never killed anyone. :)

    And Ashna, a STANDING OVATION to that BRILLIANT attitude of yours! LOVE IT!! *stands and claps with enthusiasm* :)


    1. Haha! I actually get ideas for poems in my dreams now! :O Just a day ago I had one, where I was going to write on one topic, though when I tried recollecting it, desperately, I couldn't .. hence, 'If I could' ;)

      And thanks! I'm well rested now and back into the schedule ;) Thank you so much for the *lovely* comment, especially the last line! ;) Just stick to what you believe, and ta-daa! :D

  6. I fear I am extremely late in commenting, but I must praise with all my heart, this beautiful poem of yours. Serenity follows after reading it. I am never going to believe a word, if ever you say that you can't write poems.
    I guess the word 'insufficiency' wouldn't be of sufficient use if keep on with such wonderful attitude in your life. Ask me, it has it's own sort of practicality inside it. :)
    Hope you that sore throat is gone and you're gorging on ice-creams. :D

    1. Haha! Sometimes I so look forward to your comments. They're so 'straight-from-the-heart' and wonderful to read. :D
      Maybe the standards I set for myself are too high? This one, I just wrote it in a go, in a few minutes! But I'm glad you think it's good :D *thank you*
      Yeah, I guess it has. I just don't like being bogged down with unnecessary things and believe in doing what I feel like doing :)

      That sore throat is still sticking out like a sore thumb (see? It's even affected my brain :P), but I'm hoping it gets better soon. Thank you! :)

  7. mmmm...what to say, may be 200%.This much i relate to this one.
    I wish i could also go ahead and take break from my work after all these non stop working days,ahhh but how, i dont know.

    Very well Written.Great

    1. I'm glad you could relate to it so much :) Thanks!


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