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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vacation thingy: Crafting!

The last date of my year end exams was 18th May. I went to the library on 19th where I found an interesting book on papier mache, the fun craft we did when we were kids! I was so intrigued by those wonderful illustrations and the easy to understand guide to do everything related to papier mache (The Art and Craft of Papier Mache by Juliet Bawden), I decided to have fun with this craft this vacation! 

I guess I started on 20th May, with a basic experiment in mind. First I wanted to make sure if I could create something that's strong and sturdy, using the right materials and what kind of stuff I could make. So, I started with a shoe-box and used the layering method. Being the careful freak that I am, I used a generous 8 layers over four solid days (it takes time because each layer has to dry before we can apply the next. And oh, also because I'm a lazy bug who went on a 'reading' break after pasting each layer, with each break lasting longer than it should! :P). Then I left it to dry completely so that it gets really hard and unbreakable. Maybe a week more!

Then it was time to remove the shoe-box and have the solid paper in shape. Thankfully, the shoe-box came off easily, but the layers were so dry that the newspapers were peeling off! Not wanting to waste my ten days worth of time and effort, I put in glue wherever required and for good measure, added another layer, this time with light tissue paper and kept it to dry for another four days! I got around to the decoration part today, when the boredom seemed to be crossing its danger line, so I collected everything required and began with it. Three hours into it and here's the result! :D

The front view

The side view...

I'm very happy with this result, primarily because it's my own design! I mean, there wasn't a mention of a shoe-box in the whole book! I had the shape ready and solid, but didn't know what to do with it. What to make of a shoe-box shape? A tray? Nah! This idea just came from nowhere and I liked it. Initially it looked like this: 

Then, since I would have had to get up, switch on the laptop, then wire in the internet to look for a design, I  totally gave up the idea of Googling. All that effort for a design? When will my brain be of any use? I sketched a rough design in a notebook and went with it, not bothering with more designs to choose from (see how lazy I can get? :|) But then, I liked the idea of bold shapes and colors and a demonic face and it turned out so cool, so I forgive myself! Laziness can really bring out your creativity, right? ;).  

The design was made with a pencil, then colored with poster colors and this was the shoe-box-shaped-my-first-papier-mache-art-object-of-this-vacation!

It looked as if something was missing, so I added even more 'boldness' to it by outlining the features with a black felt tip marker! Then it was all done! :) Tell me what you think of it! And oh, if any of you decide to create something yourself, don't use tissue paper as the last layer, like I did, because it gets all crumpled up and the surface isn't smooth. But of course, if you're wanting something that will look good with a rough surface, use it! Though using markers would be tough too, because of the surface being uneven. I'll be using computer paper for the last layer next time. :)

Apart from the wall hanging thing, I thought it would suit me well. You know, bring out my personality if I wore this as a mask so that people know how I really am from the inside ;)

It was just fun! I had thought waiting for days to let it dry would leave me dry, but with so many books to read (yay vacation!) and the sense to start with another object for this craft, it didn't matter much. I love the end result so it's alright! :D


  1. That looks great! My observation: Since you're subtle person with a very subtle heart, your demon is also very subtle and can be befriended easily I guess. :P

    You are actually taking out time to make this gives me a surprise 'cause you're one devoted bibliophile I have seen around. And what's the best thing I see? Your brother is lucky. ;)

    You know what? You're awesome. :D

    1. You're too! :D

      I actually didn't want it to be messy do I had to remain subtle :P Yes, the demon's good. As for now it faces the bed so I'll know if it comes alive at night or something ;) As much as I'd love to, I've discovered I can't always read all day. Except when it's an awesome book I'm holding, of course! And I love the feeling of 'creation', so crafts is something I naturally enjoy! :)

      Thanks for your awesome comment Rachit! :)

  2. OoOoO.. that's really nice! I can see that you are doing something constructive (literally :P) in these vacations ;)

    I haven't done something like this in a very long time! I guess I need to catch up..

    Good Idea ;)

    1. Haha.. yes it can be fun! I would love to see what you do ;)

      Thanks! :)

  3. Back To yet Another Thursday,and you have a Surprise.
    Wish i also get so much time,i will also Catch my Passion back.

    Really this is looking Great,as Cute,as bright and shining.Creativity from the very Base.and for me without that Black Marker it was looking a bit dull.

    And ya those Poster colours, i remember used to be my favourite.
    This is so very pleasant seeing it all again.Lovely
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank YOU for your lovely comment! :)

      I know we usually don't just get the time for sun activities, so I want to make full use of this time. It was looking dull without the outlining, so yes, the marker's worked well. :)

  4. Wow, that looks so cool! I love doing crafts but I'm far too messy so I rarely get to do it! LOL :)

    New to your blog!
    Stephanie @ Stepping Out of the Page

    1. Hi Stephanie and welcome to my blog! :)
      Thanks for your comment :)

  5. Your post reminded me of my vacations when I used to try such things - it has been a long time since then. I guess I need to try my hand at something soon, am inspired after seeing your pics.

    Beautiful attempt I must say :)

    1. Thanks Me! It feels great to be doing something worthwhile during vacations. Hope you get to it too! :)

  6. That demon looks Okay, cool may not be the word for a demon but yours does look great. :D
    Great stuff you're engaged in. Patience pays well, they say. ;)

    1. Who would think of a demon as cool? Umm... us! :P It's hanging right on the wall in front of the foot of my bed. I try not to look at it closely at night :P

      I haven't even started with another yet. :/ *Patience* !

  7. LATE COMMENT! But really wanted to comment.

    It looks super-cool (does that fit a demon? *bangs head*)! I love craft and art. I enjoy getting my hands messy and get excited at the idea of painting. I've done two glass paintings till now and they were so much fun! Patience does exist in me *realisation* :D

    You know my papier mache stuff never end up as neat as yours. Not even half! Mainly cause I put all kinds of lame paper on the thing and finally it's far too messed up to be a 'creation'. :D

    Cool stuff! Keep it coming Ashna!

    1. Haha! Loved your comment! I've wanted to do glass paintings too! *wailing*, I hope I'll get to it soon! :)

      Since I was doing this out of instructions from a book, I guess that helped. Also the fact that I'd spent so many days waiting for it to dry, I didn't want it to end badly.

      Hope you get to try it too! :)


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