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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

'Award'ing fellow bloggers...

I think out there, they call it 'Random Acts of Kindness', showing love for the bloggers whose blogs you follow and like so much that you feel like giving them some blogger awards! Personal opinion- this blog award thing is so cool! It helps you show your love and appreciation for other bloggers, apart from the usual following and commenting thing. They can proudly display your awards on their blogs and it's a great way to know other bloggers too! :)

I've never mentioned before, but I've received two awards for this blog already (kill me. Now!). The first award ever, was by Rachit (or as he prefers to be called, Leonardo) at Sentimientos. He very kindly gave me this award! 'One Lovely Blog Award'.
Thank you so much Rachit! :)

The next one I received was from Naresh Khoisnam at Blog De Naresh Khoisnam. Sunshine Award! Thanks so much Naresh! :)

And so, you know, I thought I'd start with good deeds and award those blogs I follow and those I really enjoy reading! But how to go about that? Do I have one award for many/all of them? Or should I give them different awards based on what their blog is about and how they blog? The latter seems a better option, as it would be much more meaningful than simply nominating blogs for a single award. So, the idea is, there will be one award for now, and I would nominate those blogs that seem in character with the award. Then, after a while (maybe a week or something), I'll come up with another award for suitable blogs. That way there wouldn't be feelings of guilt within me, that I couldn't link up some blog (just shows how selfish I am. I just care about how guilty I would feel :P). So, if you're a regular reader and if I follow your blog too, you bet you'd get an award, sooner or later. :) This first list is not exhaustive and includes only those blogs that deserve the award considering the kind of award it is. (Makes sense?)

The first award is:

Yes! The Kreative Blogger award! Before I tell you which bloggers I'm giving this award to (and why), let me tell you I'll also create these awards! Meaning, the above picture seems good, no? :) I had clicked a picture of raindrops on an iron railing in Shimla and that picture has been edited with to be turned into this award picture. By the way, is an amazing site for picture editing. I recently got to know about it and I feel it's just brilliant! (Thank you, Kathe for introducing this site to me!). So well, it's not just any copy pasted picture from other blogs! :D

Anyway, enough of blabbering! The bloggers/blogs that receive this award are: *tat-ta-da!*

1. Rachit Gupta (Leonardo!) at Sentimientos : I know I've already given an award to you, but that was from the web and I know apart from being inspiring, you're also very creative! :) You write some of the best poetry I've ever come across (and mind you, it especially feels awesome to me because I'm still incapable of writing any sort of poetry! :P)

2. Usama Sulaiman at Randomized : You can write fiction, reality, your thoughts on different and varied subjects, poems and little somethings (which are not really poems :P), so yes, I feel you're quite creative. And you write really, really well! As in omg-it's-worth-reading kind of well. :) And oh, you're like me when I say 'reject normalcy'! (not that I'm suggesting you're not normal! :P)

3. Abinaya at A Blog to Remember :) : Well, you're into simple-worded-yet-deeply-meaningful poetry, articles on a variety of relevant human psyche related topics, you make cards and stuff and you're also writing a book! Creativity at its best! :)

This is getting hard already, since most of the blogs I follow are book blogs, to which I'm linked through my book blog! :| As for other blogs, they seem to be falling in other categories, for which another kind of award is needed! 

I have more bloggers on my mind who fall into this 'creative' award category, but they also fall into some other, more-relevant category! Gosh, I thought this would be easy! :P

Anyway, congratulations to the three winners! Readers, please do drop by their 'Kreative' blogs and show your love by letting them know how much you like them! <3


  1. Thank you so very much Ashna. I love the way you bring out things, even if they are these awards. Every corner is teeming with expression and flow of words. ;)

    And you know what you're getting for this kind gesture. Right? :P

    1. Haha! You're welcome and you very much deserve it, too :)
      I honestly don't want anything, especially anything that can be shared :P

  2. Congrats for the awards dear :)

  3. Thank you sooo much Ashna!! :)
    How sweet is this! :)
    I love how much your blog is overflowing with positivity and hyperactivity (yes it's the right word! Don't kill me! :P)! Thanks again! :)

    1. Abinaya! You're welcome and it's well deserved :)

      Hyperactivity? LOL! My restlessness and the need to do something really shows, eh? :P

  4. Okay, let me tell you. My heart is still going like 'budum budum' like a drum, as if it'll jump out.
    I was scrolling very carefully, you know, half expecting something..and then there is was. My first ever award..yaaaaaaaay :D :))))

    I just can tell you how happy I am. Its like I've won some Olympic medal or something.. :P
    Thank you SO much Ashna. You are Awesomest. I am gonna fly whole day now. :P :D B)

    P.S: Okay let me go and read the rest of what you wrote after my name.. :P

    1. LOL Usama! I can understand the feeling. I went totally flustered with my first award (on the book blog yesterday), and I couldn't just help spreading the awesomeness to other awesome blogs!

      You-totally-deserve-this! :D Congratulations! :)

  5. Congratulations and celebrations!!

    And yes the winners truly deserve it - KUDOS to each one of them. They are really beyond normalcy , undoubtedly!


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