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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Random facts...

.... about me. I didn't think it was a good idea to include 'about me' in the title itself. Don't ask why. I don't know it myself yet! :P
It's just a random post, like one that comes up when you have a hundred important things to do but you still believe you don't need to and you feel so wella that you want to just type non-sense blog posts! Just skip reading if you have something better to do. Seriously. 

Fact # 10: I can get lost in my thoughts any time, any place. No exceptions. Sure, it leads to embarrassing situations sometimes, but seriously, who cares?

Fact # 9: It's against my nature to allow everything to go smoothly. Tripping, hurting my toes with furniture even while standing, making things fall, saying things that don't make sense, laughing when I should not, understanding things a bit too late... that's me, everything 'me'!

Fact # 8: I find Facebook pages for every book I read and see what other readers are like. Plus, if it's a book-that-inspired-a-movie, I'd sit all day and just look at pictures of characters, imagining them like they were in the book. 

Fact # 7: I love smelling books. The pages, I mean. FYI, Harry Potter smells best so far. Scholastic, Harper Collins and Penguin books smell great!

Fact # 6: I'm paranoid. If you cross my path more than once, know that I'll be keeping an eye on you. And my karate moves will be planned already! 

Fact # 5: I love my dreams and the fact that they're so vivid, making me experience new creatures, places and situations. I don't care if 'my brain isn't getting rest' and that 'we should have a dreamless sleep' or whatever science says. Mr. Science, can you make me fly on my own? Or help me jump over rocks a hundred feet away over the sea? Or make me live with vampires? Then don't interfere! 

Fact # 4: When I do my work (apart from studying, blogging or reading), like crafting or cleaning the cupboard/bookshelf, I prefer to keep the door closed and have Hannah Montana singing to me at full volume. If you happen to hear the songs, don't even dare open the door and spoil it for me. Or rather, for you!

Fact # 3: Things in my 'must-do' list include innumerable-times trekking, scuba diving, all kinds of adventure sports and a recent addition- sky diving! And I'd probably love you almost immediately if you do any of the above! :P

Fact # 2: I love the scent of fresh and scented air that comes from many trees and plants at one place, the one that comes from watering plants, rain-fed mud and the library! What am I? A smell elemental?

Fact # 1: I absolutely have no idea why I'm even writing this, when I have something really important to do. Know what this shows? I go with intuition and gut feeling, not common sense. I strongly believe I belong in some other, faerie-type world and I'm stuck here by some silly mistake! 

'Daemons, faeries, pixies, shifters
To you, this is my call
Rescue me and take me along
There where I belong'


  1. toh-tally lovable Ashna... :) I just adore the happy-go-lucky attitude that turns up in your writing. Even I can identify with some things you have put here. Especially, the scent of books... my friends think I'm crazy when I do that :)

    awesome post to read on a Sunday. The tone of casualness steals my heart every time... what a pity! I can't do trekking, scuba diving or sky diving ;)


    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Shivang! It was toh-tally ah-dorable! :)
      The reason it looks like the way it does (happy-go-lucky) is that, I believe, there are enough things in the world to make us crazy, but even more things that make us laugh and they aren't as much prominent as the bad ones. So, my blog is my 'happy' place where I like to write what makes me happy. I'm glad it percolates down to the readers too! :)

  2. Seriously a vella post (excuse me, that doesn’t mean I have nothing better to do,but its just that I too go with the gut feeling)

    Fact 10 and Fact 2 – Ditto me.

    And ya,I am always ready with my Karate moves.(no one has to cross my path for that…:P)

    1. Well, you're wella if you read it AND took had the time to comment :P Haha! Kidding, I appreciate your comment, thanks! :)

  3. I simply love the easy-go-feel-good feeling in all your posts. They never fail to bring a smile on my face :)

    Need less to add we do have a lot of similarities - 10,7,6 and 5 - though I do get stared at book shops when I am opening books and smelling them but as you said - WHO CARES!!

    1. Thanks for reading Me! :)

      I feel so happy to know about the similarities...dreams are the best, aren't they? And the book-smelling thing. Well, I do that after I purchase the book and I love it! And yeah, who cares? :P

  4. I imagined you smelling a book! And I guess you often choose books with the help of your smell. Is it? :P

    Fact #4 is just me. Except that the song choice is way different than yours! I once wrote here that Ashna, you're great, and today you proved it by writing this for us and for the last verse in this post: Loved it! :D

    And what I really liked about this post is the fact that it did not have any picture taken from Google, it just has you and your thoughts in words.
    Leo says: Being paranoid is good. It keeps you away from this crazy world and brings you closer to crazy people like someone who's writing this. ;)

    1. No, it's done after I've purchased it :P You try some from the publishers mentioned above and compare with the others.. you'd know the difference ;)

      I know your song choices.. I like those too, but I love the freedom, the courage, the ruthlessness singing a song at the top of your voice gives, hence, HM. :P You seriously like the verse? :O It'd be some accomplishment, though I have to say it was written in under a minute! Thanks! :D

      I guess it's good you know how paranoid I am. ;)

      Loved your comment! Thank you so very very much! :)

  5. A very very fun-to-read post Ashna :)

    It is strange how physical appearance bellies how a person really is.. this applies to your case are totally crazy without any such hint on your calm and serene looking face ! :P :P

    I loved reading this.. could absolutely relate to it, since I too end up doing nonsensical stuff when I have loads of important work to do.. :P
    I too love smelling my books :P
    I too have very very vivid dreams, which is quite rare.. and just like you, I love it :)

    I loved this absolutely wella post! ;) :D

    1. Heyy.... I am crazy and what can I do if it doesn't show? :P Though, the ones who're always with me know these facts! Ask Apoorva and she can add so much more to this list! :P

      Doing nonsensical stuff is fun and I think better than being tense most of the times. "Calmness" is what matters to me, not what people might think, so... ;)
      Yay on the smelling-books part! Though I read somewhere it's dangerous as the ink can do something.. blah.. blah. Science again! :|
      And YES! I LOVE dreams! See, now you know why I reach(ed) college late? I don't want to get up too soon :P

      I absolutely loved your not-so-wella comment! Thanks! :D

  6. Great to know about you from this post :)

    Like you even I love smelling books, it has its charm. The older the book the better they smell and that is why I am yet to buy an e-reader for myself :)

    And yes, even I am very accident prone :)

    1. Oh yes, how did I not mention it? Old books smell better ;)
      I don't have an e-reader yet, though I want it primarily for those freebies. I prefer real, paper books anytime! How can an e-reader fill out my bookshelf? :)

      Thanks for your comment! :)

  7. If going random can make for an interesting post like this, I think you should go random more often. Nice to know bit more about you. Just like how I love movies with happy endings, I love posts with happy feelings. Have a nice day ahead :)

    1. Oh thank you so much Sukku. I prefer happiness anytime and I'm glad you liked reading this. If readers react more on such random posts, I guess I should go random more often like you said. Thanks! ;) :)

  8. Replies
    1. :) :)
      *wiggling eyebrows* elaborate ? :P

    2. Oh! I forgot to write the P.S,

      P.S: I preparing for a plagiarism lawsuit for taking copyrighted facts and posting as your own here. You can take Fact#8 though, that's not my thing.
      All-right, you might as well take Miley Cyrus out of the picture too. Apart from that, I bet you don't have any defence.

      Cutting the nonsense, I think the posts you write on-the-fly come out among the best, because they reflect your true self in the brightest of light. Not that your other post doesn't reflect of you, but posts like these do it best.

      Let me tell you about a dream which I saw last year. It was unlike anything I ever saw in real or on screen or ever read or heard about. And it was so clear, and so detailed that I sometimes wish I knew painting because I know I would never be able to do justice to its stupefying beauty and vividness with the help of mere words. That's how awesome the dream was. :D :')

    3. Wow. You get an award for the best comment :P
      I haven't plagiarized anything... maybe we come from the same 'otherworldly' world? ;) I enjoy writing the random posts the best too :)

      About the dream, I know it would've been an exceptional experience! Seriously, I sometimes wish I could record the dreams, there should be some sort of answer to that! But thinking twice, I think it's better this way, or we won't have the thrill and expectations when we lie down to sleep. :)

  9. #10, #7, #3 and #1 is so me as well! :D
    I just absolutely understand when you say each book smells differently! You know when I'm out to buy books, I read the cover page and the back and then smell it :D People give me weird stares, but then who cares?
    I've missed the stop I have to get off from a bus so many times cause I'm so occupied with my thoughts. The only time my brain shuts out thinking about my world is when I'm reading and that's cause it is busy thinking about the protagonist's world! :D
    I want to do every extreme sport that exists, provided the safety measures are in place! I had a chance to try scuba diving, but chickened out when I found out that even sharks were there!! My friends all returned safe. And somehow though my friends and I visit that place every year to do scuba diving (that is them), I haven't summoned the courage to risk getting eaten by a shark. I know, I know, I have obsessive fears! :/
    Intuition and gut feelings are probably the basis of my existence. Though common sense tells me not to do a lot of things, I can't help but follow my gut. I guess life is all about taking risks and listening to your heart maybe? :) I have regretted this a couple of times though, but nothing so big that I couldn't fix it :) So intuition it is!

    Your random and I guess all of us are! I really liked this post! :)

    BTW, I too think Penguin smells best! Harper Collins follows, but I don't like the bleached chlorine smell in Scholastic books! :D

    And umm, I wrote a post instead of a comment! Sorry! :D


    1. Oh yes, I miss my station too, engrossed in my own thoughts! :P
      I wish I'd have been in your place for when you go for scuba diving! Seriously? Where do you go every year?

      Andd Harry Potter books are all Scholastic and I love them! :D

      Don't worry, I absolutely loved your long comment ;) :)

    2. I go to Mahabalipuram in Chennai every year after college finals. It's about a six kms from my college. And it's beautiful. :) It's along the ECR stretch. Scenic beauty. :)
      Actually, there were nine monolithic temples, out of which only five are now visible. The others have sunk due to rising sea levels and the tsunami, but when you go scuba diving during the summer, you can see the ruins of four temples. They haven't eroded yet, as they were carved from a single boulder! Oh, I love archeology *random fact* :) I've seen the photos of the sunk temples that my friends take with the waterproof camera they are provided with. Stunning and mind blowing! I really have to do it sometime. But the sunk temples will erode with time, won't they? I need to see them before that happens. :)
      Let me know if you ever happen to come to Chennai. You could do it sometime!

    3. Oh wow. It sounds so FASCINATING! I would love that, I'm sure.... what a history! :O Thanks for sharing! :)

    4. Your always welcome Ashna! :)


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