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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Poetic Realization!

Okayyyy.... Now that I've realized that there are actually a couple of people who read this blog (or according to a highly bad case of wishful thinking, a few more), I know it's a bad idea to write silly stuff here. But then again, why not? Who's stopping me from writing anything I want or blabbering about all those teeny weeny thoughts I have in my overfull head? But still, I'd like it if you don't think of me as a total nutcase and don't leave this blog either, after reading what I've written below. Pleaseo please? :)

Awed by some bloggers who write fantastic poems, and I mean really, really great ones, the likes of which I hadn't read on a blog before (and you guys, I feel thrilled that I know you at all!), I thought, why don't I try my hand at poetry too? I've written a couple of them before, but honestly, they're just 'article-written-as-a-poem' thingy, not the way it should be. And they were all written in the 'spur of the moment', in a go and I don't even remember why and when! :P 

Maybe it's bad timing that I tried it now? I'm in a very funny state, since I'm on a vacation and you'd think having absolutely nothing to do would be fun, but all I can do these days is read or be on Facebook or well, be in the midst of a raging battle with my sibling. At the same time I'm dreading the end of these holidays after which I'll be in a new college and all that nervousness is too much to bear, so I'm trying not to think about it. And I decided to write something and that something is a poem. What did I think I am? Robert Frost's lost great great-grand daughter? The answer is obviously no, if what I gather from my 'poem' is right. Here it is. Try not to think too harshly about me. After all, it's just poems that aren't my thing, I can otherwise do anything humans are capable of doing... including building a spaceship. Trust me. 

2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes pass,
I stare still blank
As the screen turned dark.

What could it be?
The thing I’d describe,
The object of my scrutiny?

12 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes pass,
I’m jolted as I taste blood
My bitten lips, a swollen mass.

Irritation, anger, confusion, remorse
Cloud my mind, cover up
All remnants of rational thought.

22 minutes, 25 minutes, 30 minutes pass,
Still wondering, how should I word this
Helpless feeling, breath all caught.

A final realization, it isn’t a need
But a desire, to be like them
Disguised as an undistinguished greed.

Why not forget, what I can’t do,
And enjoy to the fullest
Doing what I can really do.

Accepting my boundaries, I bow
To you, dear poetry
I’m so not into you.

Wellllll....? *Prod, prod* Still there? Don't you worry, I've kinda realized what I needed to know while writing this, so I wouldn't be posting idiotic stuff anymore. I mean, I'll sure try poems, because what a shame it'd be, that I can do anything but poems. Damn! But I'd keep them to myself till the day I know I can easily rise to power, with all weapons secure in my hands, all creatures bowing to my wishes and all enemies running into hiding. Err.... I mean till the time I come up with something good. So long!

PS- That bitten lips part is true. After knowing what blood tastes like, I don't think I fancy vampires that much.

PPS- Stop laughing already! 


  1. I loved the PS! :P

    And I believe you can write poems. Yes you can! Anybody can! I have read some of your poems and trust me, they're really good and soulful. 'Memories' still remains one of the best posts I have read on this blog. :)

    Leo says, Ashna can very well write a poem, all she needs to do, give it a real shot. :D

    1. Yea! A "real" shot is what is needed, you think? I hope that's true. Though, the more I read this, the more I think how defected I can be sometimes :P Maybe it's just bad timing!

      Thank you Leo... your encouragement is what brought this on! :D

  2. Ha ha ha! Okay I wasn't laughing actually, was just smiling until I read PPS. :D

    Its an awesome poem, given how you wrote this rhyming piece in a spur of the moment. :)

    I shall get my weapons out too, cause there's going to be poetic wars here.. ;) hahahahaaa

    Maybe I should stop laughing, like that cause its stupid and scary and...well I don't know.

    1. You know I really had to think of rhyming words? And I dislike thinking too much for too long :P

      Please keep your weapons with you, I'm not getting into war with anyone who writes great poetry and who inspire me. :)

      Haven't you started doing scary stuff a lot, recently? :P

    2. Well, it was worth the effort. And I second Rachit, on 'Memories'. You should really write poems more often, they are kind of pure and umm..radiant. :)

      Even I am scared of the scary stuff I am doing. Its time I open other doors too. :)

  3. m smiling....and I really liked the poem aashna....u must write more, we are there to read n encourage!! :-)
    am gonna read "memories" now which Leo talked about....:-)

  4. The best part about all your posts is the easy going flow of words. I like the honesty which reflects in your poem. Specially loved the last line 'I am so not into you'

    Ah Thank God you don't like vampires any more, Now I am hoping your Theandric Thursdays will not have them anymore ;)

    1. Thanks for reading and telling me what you think! :)

      Maybe the next one will, since I have to continue the story :P

    2. You know to be honest I have never been able to read that series completely till now. One of my cousins is also into it completely smitten like you so I know how it feels.

      No offence meant here, was just pulling your leg. I really look forward to your Theandric Thursdays as I love the way you mix fact with fiction there.

    3. No offence was taken! :) I disliked that series till the third book too. In fact, it was whole 5 months before I continued with it, I wasn't impressed by the first books. The last book hit the right note, it was just like what I like! I found that one wonderful and that's what made up for it. :) Besides, I had asked for the whole set on my birthday, so I had to read it anyway :P

      The point is, vampires don't mean Twilight. There are a lot of books based on those creatures well before Twilight. And since I'd been having vivid dreams related to them, they're just on my mind. :)

  5. First blood is drawn... ;-) let it keep flowing

  6. I didn't laugh till PS and PPS! :D
    You should give poetry a shot you know? Like an actual shot! :)
    So yeah I have a competitor! :D Bring it on :D ;P

    1. But you know? I love the last two stanza's. We should accept what we're good at and try to be good at what we're not yet good at. Okay, I just woke up. Am I making any sense!?

    2. Hehe... I'm not interested in competing with anyone :P
      Yes, it makes perfect sense! That's what that means, almost! :)

    3. Sorry for ditching the Thursday post. I haven't been well for a while; that's why no posts on my blog either.

    4. That is alright! You get better soon! :) I'm going to continue doing that till I feel exhausted, which isn't soon ;)

  7. hahaha..
    you are so cute Ashna.. :P

    After all the nagging (and a post dedicated to not being able to write poetry :p ), you finally did manage to write one.. :P

    The poem isn't that bad after all.. It portrays the predicament of a young girl who wishes to try her hand at poetry, and ends up realizing that she doesn't fancy vampires!!?!!??!! haha :P

    Super cute you are ! :D

    PS: the poem is cute too ;)
    PPS: sorry for the late reply.. was really stuck up ! :)

    1. Hehe.. your comment is cute too! ;)
      I actually started with a different sort of poem, describing a beautiful waterfall, but then, it was taking too much of my brain-power so I deleted that and wrote this instead :P

      Thank you! No worries about lateness. Surprise comments are even better ;)


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